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If the CSA closed a case, can they re-open it?

My husband was paying maintenance through csa for his son. csa case closed as a mutual agreement was met. payments continued “mutually”.This was 2009.son now reached 18.June 2013. He stoped the direct debit.

She is trying to re-engage with csa to get him to pay. she says he has gone to college.

As csa closed the case – are they allowed to re-open it. What rights has my husband got as she signed a letter to state she no longer wanted csa involvement.

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  1. Hi.
    She can re-open the case whenever she wants. However, as the case is closed, your husband can open a new case where he will be the case owner and he’ll have full control over it so to speak.
    Unfortunately, a letter of mutual agreement means nothing, whereas a court order for child maintenance means the world and does over power the CSA.
    Has she provided proof that the child is now going into further education?

  2. Hi Jayne – unfortunately child maintenance age is now 20 (from 10 December 2012) so even if the CSA closed the case, his ex is entitled to open a new case (which will begin from the date the CSA contacted your partner).

    Your partner can open and close a CSA case, however the benefit of using the CSA is in favour of the PWC (your partners ex), there is absolutely no advantage to your ex to involve the the CSA, your partner should try to come to a private agreement with her…

    the system is 100% unfair and is bias towards the PWC! the NRP’s are treated as banks and made out to be criminals….

    If you have any reason to believe the PWC is lying about the child being in education, he can contact the college and/or as the CSA if the PWC is still claiming child benefit… if the child is working (more than 24 hours per week – I think!?) then the PWC will be fraudulently claiming child maintenance

  3. Sally,even if the pwc is claiming fraudulently the CSA told us their only criteria is that the pwc is CLAIMING ch/ben if she is- the nrp still has to pay !It’s wrong really but nothing can be done about it they say & you wont get any back even if is was PROVED she was claiming ch/ben falsely as they only go from the date they are given that she stops getting ch/ben by the relevant authority.It’s very wrong isn’t it ?

  4. @ carrie… It’s bl@@dy ridiculous… I read your story and cannot believe what you have gone throu… I couldn’t have coped… We are supposed to survive on fresh air while the greedy, lying PWC’s live in luxury and the scabs that work for the CSA spend the bonuses they make by abusing NRPs…. It really does make me sick…

    I read something interesting on the NACSA website the other day…. I’ll try to find it but it was something about CSA staff lying about cb owner is automatically considered PWC…

    I don’t have any problems with the CSA now that we have all assets in my name and my partner is a student, but I don’t trust them as far as I could throw them… 🙁

  5. I have become aware that these useless CSA scumbags may enforce payment to 20 for the one remaining child.

    However, I raised one on my own and his mother didn’t pay until 20, so I am seeking a legal challenge regarding discrimination, I will also be seeking a judicial review. A child at 20 that is f—ing ridiculous!

  6. Thanks Sally, for your support ,I have read your contributions on this subject with interest. You must be so relieved its nearly all over & you have made the best of the situation .Good of you to still take an interest in helping people with their CSA problems. Over the past year we have been struggling to cope with what the CSA have left us with! We have cut back all expenses,grown some of our own food,cut our own hair ,learned to love carboot sales for clothes & things we have had to buy,cooked from scratch ,walked everywhere etc etc Luckily we have a strong marriage ,my husband knows & appreciates what I did- having his children every weekend & looking after them with him,taking them on holiday- just camping but it was all we could afford after paying the pwc! She seems to have a very short memory about all this !! No she has alienated them from us & their young brother. I have been looking at all the comments from people especially distraught nrp’s not being believed.They(CSA) should look at the history of the case & decide who is telling the truth by looking at the evidence not believing carte blanche everything the pwc tells them ! Would she have left it 8 years to contact CSA is she wasn’t receiving regularly monthly payments from us ? .No ,I think not !
    John,it is 20 years of age since 10/12/12 that you have to pay till if they are in full time education.It went up just before Christmas.Not good for people with mesher orders waiting till the children leave college to sell the marital home!

  7. Paying until 20 is not acceptable!

    On whose authority and upon what legal basis is maintenance payable for an ADULT aged beyond 19 years.

    There has to be way of legally challenging this. Not through a rigged tribunal, but through the courts to the Supreme court where necessary.

    Once again we see the CSA and Politicians moving the goalposts, to suit their own needs, with total disregard for the nrp.

    As you post suggests, the CSA are re-opening cases. What is that all about, because you will NEVER be rid of these self serving scumbags, until somebody takes a stance, either as an individual or a group.

    It’s plain and simple. The nrp is a cash machine for their ex, and the politicians and CSA are just bleeding the nrp dry….and it goes on, and on and on and on.

    Time to stand against this lot and fight to close them down.

  8. If the CSA close my account with effect from 2004 because the parent with care (and child), no longer live in the UK, what happens to all the money that has been paid since 2004?

    Does if get given back to the absent parent?

    Kind regards.


  9. My partner has been paying child support. But he is not sure the child belongs to him so he went to court to have a dna test and the mother refused. The court then sent a letter of non parentage to get the case closed. The csa are dragging their feet and not closing the case. My partner recieved a call from the csa saying that the letter may not be enough.
    Can they refuse to close the case and continue to take payments even though it has been to court. And the courts decided to award a letter of non paentage.

  10. I had a case closed in 2005 and the mother of my child waivered the csa bill. In 2016 the new agency has reopened the case and said that my sons mum wants this money. He is now 26 and this is a joke that someone can come after me after almost 12 years! Do i have any rights ?

  11. Can I ‘re open a c.s.a case even though my daughter is 26,her absent father lied about being a property developer and said he was a window cleaner,he only paid £5 per week and even told c.s.a he paid £20 per week on child care,when I have his only child!.very clear his accountant lied to.many thanks.karen

  12. No Karen. For gods sake. Get a grip. Your daughter is 26 This the problem with women like you . Money hungry . This is why men like my husband are sick to death of ex partners bleeding them dry .

  13. Very sad that you need money to support a 26 year old. That’s why this whole system of child maintenance is a big scam and open to abuse. If both parents are the biological parents of a child, the law should give them automatic 50% shared rights and responsibilities with some exceptions in certain cases such as if one of the parent is not around etc. Otherwise, what is happening is that NRPs are being financially abused by the PWCs. Also, the maximum age should be 16 years of age end of. More incentive for PWCs to allow child contact with NRPs. It takes two to bring a child into the World and one should not be allowed to benefit financially as a result at the mercy of the other. The laws in this Country are seriously outdated and flawed. NRPs who want to be actively involved in a child’s life are being prevented by narcissistic PWCs who don’t really care about the child’s best interest but just money for personal gain. What a sad lot of PWCs – get a life you scruffs.

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