CSA took my ex’s word for it and ignored me

June 14, 2016

Hi, Just like all the absent parents I have paid every month over and above what the CSA suggested I paid then I had a call from them out of the blue 8 years ago.

The fact that when they did get involved my payments actually reduced which obviously didn’t please my Ex.. They contacted me again suggesting that they pay in month in advance and I confirmed to them I did also of which they agreed. They then contacted me a week later and informed me that I had to pay them an additional months money as my Ex had Read more

I’ve been paying for a year and 12 weeks too long

November 18, 2014

I am a widow with a 12 year old son. Before my wife was cremated the CSA got in touch with me stating i will have to pay £33.41 for my 18 year old son from my first wife. They started taking it straight away out of my wage. As soon as my son started university I rang the CSA to ask if my payments would stop. On the phone I got ahlady how said thay it would not stop till he is 20 years old and that was that .

I new it would stop at the end of august two months before his 20th . So wones a gen I rang the CSA and asked why the payments had not stopped they said I was not on the list for payments to stop he didn’t now why so he said he will check why and said it will tack a while all the checks can be made now it as been 12weeks and I have not herd nothing I have phoned CSA 4 times in the 12weeks and thay say the same thing I will have towait till they received a letter from his mother and the benefits office.

During this time i was looking at the CSA web page according to them wones a child going to university all payments should stopstop i am not 12 weeks late i am a year and 12 weeks late. Can eney one help me . Thanks

CSA tells me I am £25,000 in arrears but can’t explain why

October 16, 2014

I have a debt collection agreement to pay arrears originally £11000 which is now £8000. I am unaware of how these arrears came about so contacted the CSA in April, 2014.

After months of contact and getting my MP involved I have today received a letter with no breakdown but now my arrears are £25752 ????? I spoke to a lady at the CSA who had dealt with the complaint and had sent the letter but she couldn’t explain how the arrears were no so much nor was she aware of the debt collection agency.

How on earth can we deal with these people it is a shambles. should I go to a solicitor ?

A complete nightmare!

October 11, 2014

My ex was advised he was 2000 in erears which he paid extra 100 month to clear .once it was paid they re calc it and i was given the new scedule i received the first payment last month at new amount and only half this month.

When i called to query this tday i was advised they were holding the balance as account on query and it looks like they iverpaid me by guess how much 2000 .im at a loss with this now its a complete nightmare and i rely on them doing job right.what can i do

You couldn’t track him down

August 24, 2014

My relationship with my 2 sons father ended nearly 5 years ago, we were married for 15 years and still married to this day, we did go to go and he was told to pay £125 per child per month. To this date nearly 5 years later I haven’t received a penny. I tried the csa a few years ago you couldn’t help me because you couldn’t track him down, how do I stand now?

I will have paid off the arrears within 400 odd years

March 1, 2014

I have been waiting years for the CSA to sort out my case. In 2010 I had a DEO for £150.48 per month. This amount is deducted from my NHS Injury Benefit which I have received since 1994 when I was pensioned out of the ambulance service.

I claim no benefits and survive on my pension and what’s left of my Injury benefit. The Nice lady at the CSA informed me today that they have treated me as self employed! My arrears according to the CSA are £30,000 so my £150.48 is £87.91 for child and £62.55 off arrears. So good news is I will have paid off the arrears within 400 odd years! Bonus!

The nice lady promised that she will ring me tomorrow. As I pointed out that CSA’s own website says that they don’t class injury benefit as income. They won’t ring back as they haven’t done for the last four years. But I will continue to ring them weekly to check progress on my case!

I have to pay £400 a month because of their mistake

January 31, 2014

Hi I broke up with my ex in April 2013 cause she was cheating on me again . And then two months after that I received a letter from csa saying to pay regular payments which I don’t have a problem with I have a 2 year old son, as I looked through the letter I contacted csa for further advise and they told me how to pay and what way I could do ect, all I had to do is wait for a calculation and when it would be set up so I waited a few month I had nothing back from them so I contacted them again and they said the paper work is still in Peterborough

So I waited an waited they never contacted me and then I called them again because I was getting so much grief off the ex saying I can’t see my son till I start paying so I contacted them yet again it was now December 2013 I spoke to a woman an she said they made a mistake an she also said it’s all back dated and I will have to pay 400 a month to catch up. So now I can’t pay my rent And on the verge of losing my job because of there mistake is there any help please

CSA computing error meant no Christmas money

January 7, 2014

I informed the csa that my ex husband was working from 1st june 2013. months of repeated phone calls andmisinformation followed. for some reason even though I was promised payment last week of the £230 that the csa received on the 20th December through a computing error the money cannot be released to me this is the final straw of such incompetence as to merit me going to the press. One very helpful gentleman called neil spoke with me on Saturday but I fear that I will not receive what my children are entitled to for some considerable is not the csa,s money this is my childrens. I write this email in the vain hope that someone in your organisation knows what they are doing

Admin mistake after admin mistake

January 6, 2014

Crikey, when I put in my last entry I wasnt expecting the abuse I got from Andrew Jones! I wish I hadn’t bothered now. But I must answer some of it.I DO WORK! and I go without pretty much anything quite happily to make sure my sons are catered for.

The ARP has ‘fallen off the face of the earth according to the CSA,who have done nothing but make admin mistake after admin mistake.The ARP hasnt been in touch since babydom although I have kept in touch with grandparents,who incidentally are estranged from him too.So please don’t beat me up.If you knew me you would see that I do not deserve it!

I am over £14,000 down because of the CSA

January 4, 2014

Well what can I say, I have had 20 years of total maladministration (which the csa have admitted to me!)and am over £14,000.00 down because of it.

I have had a couple of small payments over the years, one was supposed to be sent to a subsequent daughter of the father of my son whom we knew nothing of until then.(The csa said at the time oh dont worry about it we wont be asking for it back!!!!!)basically my story is full to the rim of mess-up upon mess-up on the csa’s part with the usual incompetence.They even managed to ‘put to storage’ (hide amongst other paperwork) a court granted liability order for eight years,of course when it had then expired.

I made sure that they got another court granted liability order straight away but so far still nothing.Oh there are too many ridiculous mistakes made by the csa to mention in this one statement but I have gone through every emotion possible,etc etc

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