January 23, 2024

I have always paid towards our children. But their mother seems to want blood. They want £550 a month out of me. Once I have paid rent, fuel, food etc (essentials), I’ll be in a deficit every month.
My job is location specific so I can’t move to a cheaper area, and the SE is expensive. If I leave my job my earning will plummet massively. I can’t get an equivalent job unless I am extremely lucky.
Is there anything I can do? If I can’t afford this, I also can’t afford to pick our children up for contact. So I would have to sacrifice my relationship with them just because of this. I’m in a hole and I don;t see any way out.

Operation Westminster

January 23, 2024

Dear Sirs
I am writing to highlight various injustices, criminal, contract, espionage and for these purposes, family law.
I have been the subject of an abusive relationship where the resident parent has taken steps to, find, contact and bring to court an ex girfriend to attempt to say that I am unreasonable (Judge threw her out of court). She also engaged in covert telephone conversations with my fathers new wife and both of which, failed to mention this, until it came out in court at a family hearing (2010). She has now emailed me to confirm that she has made various statements to the police to have me convicted.
It has transpired that my ex girlfriend (who had been found) was herself the daughter of a West Midlands Police Officer, inserted to discover all I knew of a criminal cases of murder, named Operation Westminster.
All of which can be read in my nonfiction book trilogy, the first of which, named: Operation Westminster – In The Blood.
If you would like to know more and how I am still defending a false calculation of maintenance at £37,000+ due for court in February 2024 as the CSA had evidence of my earnings as HMRC refused to give my ‘real earnings’ to the CSA (says the CSA).
The CSA then (intentionally) and (incorrectly) calculated my ‘estimated earnings’ at £270,270 across two years attributing 12% (plus charges) for payment when the actual payment should be circa £13,000 according to evidence I have recently obtained from HMRC, which was available to the CSA at the time.
My book also tells the story of related injustices and those in the establishment and police who continue to hide their acts of malfeasance.

Operation Westminster – In The Blood available on 11th March 2024. The link to my book will be available on my website from then.

All proceeds are going to support Fathers Need Justice and other similar organisations, working hard to balance fairness to families and the children who actually suffer as a direct consequence.


January 22, 2024

Csa took 9000 from my account just before Xmas left me 400 pound to live on.I have been fighting this error they made for years but they don’t listen I have always paid my child. maintenance to my 3 kids from when I left the family home but the CSA reckon I am earning treble to what I have said and now came up with a figure I owe them ,56000 I have sent ally bank statements tax returns letter of declaration of my earnings but there still investigating if they should give me back my money it’s absolutely disgusting that they get away with this and am suffering with mental health.,,I need help with this as I don’t know what else to do anymore.

No response from the CMS or FIU

January 22, 2024

WHY is the CMS the only government service that refuses to communicate in writing or email. It is now beyond belief that even after a fraud investigation confirming there is significant false info supplied by the PP to HMRC, the CMS still do nothing