Inconsistent CMS believes lies of partner’s ex who scam the system themselves

November 30, 2015

My husband was made redundant in March 2014 and has since earned very little. HIs ex is now on the new, improved(?!) CMS which is even worse than the CSA! The CMS are trying to take his wage earned before he was made redundant, never mind the pittance he is now earning. He can’t get through to them that he doesn’t earn enough to pay what they say he should give her.  We have always had problems with her, she stopped the girls coming over and then complained that she should get more money off him because he didn’t want the girls, utter lies and yet they believe every word. They immediately took money out of his wages despite him having always been compliant but her husband hasn’t paid his ex in years and they do nothing! that’s what really irritates us about the set up, the are soo inconsistent.

Polish courts have upped my payments even though kids are over 18

November 29, 2015

I live in UK for over 14 years and all that time I pay child support to my children in Poland. My payments monthly are around 300 per month for 2 “kids”.

Now my first wife took me to the court in Poland and she wants lift up monthly installments to almost 550 pounds per month. I’d like mention my daughter is 21 and son over 18. They both are still in full time education. 550 monthly is definitely too much and I am not able to pay such big sum. Please let me know what can I do. I paid regularly all 14 years and I do not want to fall into debt now.

Why is CSA telling me to pay more than I should be?

November 28, 2015

I av been receiving letters from use telling me I av to pay £57 a week I am a single parent with too kids living with me full time my weekly earnings are £250 to £268 aweek ive just looked on the csa calculater and it says my weekly payment I shud b paying is £26 I was getting too c my daughter 2nights aweek but coz I refused to pay £57 aweek she as stopped me seeing my daughter I dont mind paying £26 aweek aslong as I get too c my daughter but £57 aweek is rediculous ive been t citizens advice and they say £57 is far too much especially with me having full care of 2of my children.

Ex has been paying CSA for years but I’ve not been receiving it!

November 27, 2015

I recently learnt from my daughter that my ex husband has been paying the csa money for the 2 children he has with me, for years.  My daughter and son are now 26 and 29yrs old. I was on benefits at the time. I had an agreement with their dad that he had them weekends, holidays, etc, and he always bought them things such as uniforms, clothes. I was happy with the arrangement.  However, he has not spoken to me for years and I now realise it is because he thinks I had all of the money he was paying in. I have never received any payment or indeed any letter from the csa.  Where has all this money been paid to?  why was I never offered it?  What can I do?

CSA have wrongly set the bailiffs on me despite knowing my complicated situation

November 26, 2015

I write to see if you can assist with some advice with my current and urgent difficulties based around my personal story over last 8 years.

My story is based around my only little boy who has just turned 7.  When he was two months old in January 2009, he was abducted by his Italian mum, my then wife, to Palermo with the assistance of her father, a senior Italian barrister. I fought an expensive legal battle to bring my son back to the UK.  After one year the mother was found guilty of child abduction and I succeeded in getting my son returned to the UK under the international Child Abduction Hague Convention treaty; his mum voluntarily followed. She then also tried to illegally divorce me in Italy and also attempt to throw me out of the UK family home which she had abandoned for Italy more than a year previously. Italy had no jurisdiction over these matters, however her father, a barrister should have know this.  Her father represented his own daughter in all the court hearings in Italy, however I won all these three court cases in Italy and I divorced her back in the UK.

Soon after this I was diagnosed with cancer and have fought it for the last 5 years with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It turned out that I actually had the cancer approximately 5 years before its diagnosis in 2011, but I was misdiagnosed on multiple occasions under the NHS.  In fact I was given the all-clear by the NHS less than 4 weeks before I was diagnosed privately. Primarily because of these issues I have been unable to work since before my son was born. However in spite of my health, I have progressively been given increased care of my son and two years ago was given 50/50 shared care by the high court just before he went to school.

Although I have discussed my situation with the CSA, they have wrongfully calculated that I owe them approx £20,000, even though I have not worked over the last 8 years and have borrowed around £250,000 from friends and family to keep my head above water, to pay the legal bills of £150,000, for basic living and pay much and more than my fair share for my son.

My situation has worsened when I had the high court bailiffs visit me on 21st November 2015 attempting to enforce the CSA’s wrongful position. This is causing me enormous stress and anxiety and impacting my health further, in particular because they will start proceedings to enforce a sale on my home, my final asset which is heavily mortgages and the remaining equity is collateral against my outstanding personal debts to friends and family of approx £130,000.  My son’s mum could put a stop to this insane situation, but she is very bitter and revengeful.

I do need to deal with this situation urgently as it is escalating out of control. I literally have days before the bailiffs will take action. Some days I feel that I have given all I can give to be a dad, a single dad, to my boy and worry that I will run out of steam while the pressures just continue.

I wondered if you would be interested to hear more of my story and be able to provide some practical advice.

CSA lose our records then slap us with a huge bill

November 25, 2015

My husband and I have paid csa for his daughter from his first marram since 2001. We have a good relationship with his ex and it comes out of his wage direct so no problems. My step daughter is now 19 an working so we contacted csa to find out what happens next. They told us her mum would complete paperwork our payments would then stop and we would be refunded any over payments.  So far so good. We were refunded 160 and we’re just waiting for our letter to confirm payments had stopped when instead we received a bill for 35000 pounds with immediate effect and a court summons.

When we contacted them they claim they only have records going back to 2009 and we now have to prove we have made other payments. The staff are rude and unhelpful. My husband was told three times that “we’ll if you had paid” he couldn’t get them to listen that he had paid and was treat like a deadbeat dad. We have now had to pay 25 pounds to get copies of my husbands payslips going back to 2001 and in the meantime they are increasing our payments from 160 to 518 pounds per month. Though they have ‘generously’ stopped the court action. My husband has been having chest pains with the stress this is causing. He phoned today there times and was refused to be put through to disputes or data protection even though disputes are dealing with his complint.  How can you deal with an issue if you won’t even allow you to speak to the same person twice. Each time he has to spend half an hour explaining to the new person on the end of the phone who looks on their system and tells him it’s not there. We know it’s not there that’s the problem. They have lost our data and nine years of payments why is it our job to fix it.

Does CSA take into account money tied up in business?

November 24, 2015

I have just had the new csa info through the post. I am currently on benefits and want to pay direct as I have been for the last year when I was working.and I was upto date then I signed on. But I was reading through the new paper work and it’s talkin about if u are a director of a Ltd company they can take the gross income of the business as how they work out what you owe and they don’t deduct for capex or corporate entertainment.

In the industry I have my Ltd company I need to hold business dinners and entertainment to get contracts for work and I also need to buy tools and equipment. Also I need to keep money in the business for the business. I only take a small amount from the business and money’s coming in could be months in between.I could work 3 or 4 months a year. If this is the case I will have to pay csa for money that is not mine and it will cripple my business. Have I understood this correctly and what are my options. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ex is trying to get around CSA and they won’t investigate

November 23, 2015

The CSA have told me that my ex HAS to be believed when he says he earns less than £100 a week so therefore can only pay me £5 per week. My ex started his won business last October and is Director. He works every day, employing his dad on a cash in hand basis to help out. He pays my sons dinner money at around £15 a week. He has just booked a holiday to Egypt but claims his wife pays for everything. he has a mortgage and a child with his wife. He runs a car and a van and a motorbike. He paid for 3 school trips recently and on one occasion gave my son £50 cash to spend on one trip. Last year he sent me a text telling me if I cancelled the CSA he would give me a £150 a month but if I didnt, I would get nothing. The CSA said they would only look at the text if they got their fraud team involved. Yet after giving the CSA this information they say they will not reinvestigate but also tell me I can appeal. Everyone I have spoken to at the CSA has given me different information.

Ex says child might not be mine and continues to claim CSA from me

November 22, 2015

I have 1 child from an ex. i am now in a relationship and have two children. my ex has told me that i may not be the father. they refuse dna as she has already had one with another bloke and i am on birth certificute. she was going to stop the claim intill she found out i have a job csa want over 36pound of me a week with out including my working taxcredits that is. how am i going to afford my rent and children at this kind of rate. i dont get to see my child as she says csa will make me pay more if i dont see him.

Ex abandons kids and now threatens to take them away from me

November 21, 2015

My ex and i have two children, 3 and 8 months. he has just abandoned and left us and has gone to live in spain with his mum (his mum left him when he was a child and have only been in contact for the last month and already has gone to live with her!) he said to begin with he needed space etc, now things are getting nasty and he says how he will fight for them and have them live out there with him. i am very scared about this, first of he has done nothing for either child i am the one that does everything, he never pays anything except buy pointless toys now and again. he is also on police record for physical abuse to me and has a caution. for someone to leave their kids like this and treat me in the way he did how does he stand?

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