Inconsistent CMS believes lies of partner’s ex who scam the system themselves

November 30, 2015

My husband was made redundant in March 2014 and has since earned very little. HIs ex is now on the new, improved(?!) CMS which is even worse than the CSA! The CMS are trying to take his wage earned before he was made redundant, never mind the pittance he is now earning. He can’t get through to them that he doesn’t earn enough to pay what they say he should give her.  We have always had problems with her, she stopped the girls coming over and then complained that she should get more money off him because he didn’t want the girls, utter lies and yet they believe every word. They immediately took money out of his wages despite him having always been compliant but her husband hasn’t paid his ex in years and they do nothing! that’s what really irritates us about the set up, the are soo inconsistent.


  • Lisa says:

    You need to ask.for a mandatory reconsideration this will then able to the idiots to ask you for wage slips to show the actual earnings! Under the new system they use hmrc earnings which sometimes can be wrong! So always use the terms they do, join child support agency ripoffs on Facebook we can help.further from there if you need it

  • Laura says:

    They will do a mandatory reassessment, however – this will not change the amount due unless it differs from what HMRC sent them by 25%. It’s unfair whichever way round it is.

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