How are we supposed to live with CSA taking so much?

November 10, 2015

I don’t know if anyone is in a similar situation to me?

firstly I had a short fling 6 years ago 100 miles away, 9 months later my only child was born.

The mother is a stalker money grabbing benefit hound. She took me to the CSA when I got access rights, even though I was paying the whole time… Never has contributed anything for a 400 (now 500) mile round trip and the CSA never takes mileage into account.

Now this isn’t why I’m here this time round anyway lol!

I’ve moved in with my girlfriend who has a son…

We earn the same wage… However, however I lose half of mine to access and CSA, I can pay my way with the bills (just about), but thats it!

Now her wage gets topped up by Child Tax Credits, child maintenance and child benefit…

The bottom line is that she cannot understand why I’m skint all the time and has started being far from understanding on the matter.

But bottom line is that she gets an extra 30% on her wage when I get 50% of mine stripped, this is how society is these days. However the view is that men should be supporting the house?

Can anyone relate to this?

I can’t afford to pay but CSA won’t listen

November 9, 2015

The csa are taking 500 out my wages every month they have not written to me nothing they said they rang me december but they didnt. Ive tried ringing them but when you explain your sitiuation they dnt listen i cant even afford to pay my rent or get petrol for work. Ive written to them but nothing back when you ask the question they tel me its being processed. I have a new baby on the way and im struggling to cope can anyone help me please.

Will I have to pay maintenance?

November 8, 2015

I have just received a letter for CSA for my two children who do not live with me…I moved in with my new partner around a year ago…I was on ESA however i dont get no money due to my partner working full time. I have since found a job and am now working 32 hrs a week, however i remain on ESA will i have to pay maintenance??

Moving abroad to free myself from CSA and horrid ex wife

November 7, 2015

Quick update on my post from June. Im actually moving in 3 weeks. The Ex wife is aware but actually believes that this is just an elaborate ploy of blackmail to get to see my daughter again.

She will be getting the shock of her life when the payments stop at the end of November and the huge house I am paying for her to live in is no longer affordable.


Im expecting to get abuse from all you greedy mothers on here but TBH I do not care anymore!

I appear to have just paid for my Fat Cow of an ex wife to move into a 4 bed detatched house as a result of her withholding my 12 yr old daughter! I already have a shared residence order and this means NOTHING in the eyes of the law it would seem … my daughters mind has been thoroughly poisoned against me & my partner and I have not seen her since last August!

Well we have decided to move abroad! I will work self employed doing the same job as I am now but based in malta where that thieving, greedy excuse of a human being cannot get her filthy hands on my hard earned cash again!

The CSA will be informed of this just before we move so that they cannot chase me – if Im not working and not claiming then I cannot be assessed!

‘But you should be paying for your child …’ I hear all you money hungry women shouting … well yes! And I will. I have set up a bank account for my daughter and she will be getting a monthly payment from me of which she will receive once she has realised how evil her mother is and becomes my child again!

Is this a victory? In my eyes YES! Although I may not be able to see my child, I will be able to Not have contact somewhere nice and warm with no danger of my hard earned cash paying for my fat tw*t of an ex to eat cake!

Bring on the abuse – I really don’t care anymore! I have finally won!

Am I wrong to demand being paid by ex?

November 6, 2015

I have two children aged 7 and one to ex partner. We split 4 months and he was giving me 50 each week. He has suddenly stopped it saying that he will buy them stuff when he has them. He works 30 hours or more a week and earns 250 pound each week. I am on income support and receive child tax credit. Am I wrong to demand the money.

I pay CSA but have no access to my daughter

November 5, 2015

Paying csa on time but every now and than, I can not see my daughter.
sometimes it’s few weeks, sometimes it’s few months.
I am not supposed to call, text nor come over.
Arrangements are being changed, on the spot. I am being that if not happy, I am not going to see my kid.
My plans do not matter, even if I let her know few months before…
I don’t even know my daughter any more.

My CSA complaints are finally getting somewhere

November 4, 2015

My Csa claim has been going on for 8 years now…… 14 thousand pounds owing from my ex, Csa are basically rubbish, all they do is lie and make up excuses, all they’ve done is go round in circles, they took my ex to court once for a liability order of £1,800 of which he had to pay £25 a week then when that was paid he stopped paying it, so the weekly payments were still being added- reason for the amount of the arrears now, I wrote that many complaint letters that it’s finally gone to ICE……. I’m not sure how this will end up but it’s worth a try…. Any body else had ICE sort their Csa out? Any info will be great xx

I have nowhere to turn thanks to the CSA

November 3, 2015

You moan and groan about the csa but what is really done they say to there only doing what the law says but to britian can rot lost my house my possesian my job all I have left is the clothes I wear and the threat to be put into homeless unit with the jakeys police Scotland are a waste of space citizens advice did nothing for me the government will not help but they help the illegal immergrants so weres my friend gone weres my help its a joke I have no money as I have now where to live manythanks csa weres karma?

CMS increases my payments without warning all the time

November 2, 2015

I work full time 40 hours , the child maintenance service want me to £154 a week , I only earn £280 a week my original payment was £74 a week how can they jump my payment by £80 I have had to acquire an i.v.a for my debts as I cannot afford to pay them , each correspondence received from child maintenance service the amount I have to pay increases??? can anyone shed light on this? I am paying for 2 daughters and a son.

I can’t afford to pay the CSA. What do I do?

November 1, 2015

I have a debt with the CSa of approx 6000 pounds that I have struggled to keep up with. The CSa has now sent the bailiffs. Can someone advise me as to my options, shall I contact the CSa and continue making payments. I understand they will just tell me the case is now in the hands of the bailiffs but I don’t fancy trying to negotiate with them ( I’ve tried and they refuse my offer of paying over two years). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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