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Why is CSA telling me to pay more than I should be?

I av been receiving letters from use telling me I av to pay £57 a week I am a single parent with too kids living with me full time my weekly earnings are £250 to £268 aweek ive just looked on the csa calculater and it says my weekly payment I shud b paying is £26 I was getting too c my daughter 2nights aweek but coz I refused to pay £57 aweek she as stopped me seeing my daughter I dont mind paying £26 aweek aslong as I get too c my daughter but £57 aweek is rediculous ive been t citizens advice and they say £57 is far too much especially with me having full care of 2of my children.

One thought on “Why is CSA telling me to pay more than I should be?

  1. Ask for mandatory reconsideration and tell.them you have your kids 2 nights a week, I’m betting your ex has said you dont have so they want the maximum amount from you of 20% and if you have fictitious arrears it could be upto 40% of your pay! Join child support agency ripoffs on Facebook for more help and support

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