CSA Complaints

Ex is trying to get around CSA and they won’t investigate

The CSA have told me that my ex HAS to be believed when he says he earns less than £100 a week so therefore can only pay me £5 per week. My ex started his won business last October and is Director. He works every day, employing his dad on a cash in hand basis to help out. He pays my sons dinner money at around £15 a week. He has just booked a holiday to Egypt but claims his wife pays for everything. he has a mortgage and a child with his wife. He runs a car and a van and a motorbike. He paid for 3 school trips recently and on one occasion gave my son £50 cash to spend on one trip. Last year he sent me a text telling me if I cancelled the CSA he would give me a £150 a month but if I didnt, I would get nothing. The CSA said they would only look at the text if they got their fraud team involved. Yet after giving the CSA this information they say they will not reinvestigate but also tell me I can appeal. Everyone I have spoken to at the CSA has given me different information.

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