Should I be paying CSA now that my daughter is a mum?

November 20, 2015

I have a daughter of 16 and i have not been able to see her since she was 3 years old(not by my choice)at 3 i broke up with her mother and was paying her £30 pounds a week cash in hand.then wee fell out and she got in touch with the csa.I had no proof that i had been paying for my child so csa now deduct £48 pounds from my wages every weeK £24 for her and the rest for arrers witch they say is £9000 .my daughter is now 16 and i have just found out that she has had a child of her own.i have told the csa this and they have said they will investigate this but that was 4 months ago and i still have not heard back from them.Should i still be paying for my daughter?

Ex gets away without paying CSA because of a loophole in the system

November 19, 2015

My ex paid csa whilst he was employed, he took his redundancy and moved to Cornwall. He has started his own business, but does not declare tax, I can prove this as he advertises on Yellow Pages and whenever my child visits he is at work.  However we get no help as CSA say untill he declares tax they cannot help..  It seems there is a big loophole in the system and those that don;t want to pay get away with it.  I do now get £5 a week as I advised the CSA that if he was on the dole he would pay, so thats what I get now. Its so unfair, we are struggling whilst he lives the life of riley.

Ex keeps quitting job each time I try to claim CSA

November 18, 2015

I have on several times tried to claim CSA, i have given them all the details of my ex partner on several occasions his work details and everything but soon as they get in touch with him he gives up his job. This as happened about 6 times so they should be prossecuting my ex partner. I would be greatful if you could open my case again for me to claim. Once again my ex has his own business with his partner and i have told CSA this but i have never heard anything back and this was about 8 months ago. please can you help?

Can the CSA really be so unorganised and heartless?

November 17, 2015

I had not heard from the csa for 5 or 6 years and for at least 3 of those years I had been paying for the children out of the halifax My ex had suggested the above and as I thought it only fair I agreed at this time we had been devorced about 9 years In 2011.

I started seeing my now wife as soon as my ex got wind I was engaged she started blackmailing me saying she would go to the csa she would stop me seeing the girls etc She persisted with her threats so I took advice fro cab I’m not well paid and they told me I would be nil assessment and I should ignore her threats and pay a nominal amount if I could afford.

I married in may 2014 this made the situation worse In September 2014 I received a letter from the csa basically saying I hadn’t ever bothered with my girls and I had never contributed I rang them they were not helpful and said they didn’t believe what I was saying I imediately wrote to the recorded delivery with the copies of my bank statements I waited and heard nothing at the end of the 2nd week I rang them they said if I had written it was be prossessd I was fobbed of 2 weeks later I rang again with much the response except this time was told my case worker was off I kept on ringing with no succsess Then in November 2014 I received a letter saying they were taking me to magistrates court for an enforcement order for 16000.

I got my bank statement and went to court I was nt listened to it was a done deal The enforcement order was granted I then rang the csa and agreed a payment plan I tried to resolve all the above by writing a letter of complaint they did a knowledge that I’d paid and knocked it of the there fictisous debt they also a knowledge that they had replied or agreed that they had received my bank statements So they offered me 25 pounds compensation Which as yer I have not yet received.

In the meantime in June 2015 they put the bailiffs onto me I had not missed a payment and without notice they do this I contacted the bailiffs they were not good to deal with they wanted all the monies outstanding no payment plan no negotiations So I went to court to stay the baliff I’ve had 6 visits to court On the last the csa solicitors overuled the district judge who had looked at my finances and agreed I could only afford 40 pounds pcm The case is now rescheduled for early January any help would be grateful.

Despite being told, CSA still choose to ignore my circumstances

November 16, 2015

I’m a mum separated from my children who live with their dad all because my council would not provide me with accommodation for me n my children, sad but true! Anyway in the 4 years of being separated I have had to pay csa at the cost of seeing my kids, 140 a month and ex takes kids 200 miles away to live ,so now csa are having 140 per mth it costs 133 in travel to go see my children so I couldn’t afford it. I’ve always let csa know when I’ve started or ended work always kept upto date.

Basically I want to pay csa when I can afford it. SO HERE’S LAST MONTH’S EPISODE. After getting my p45 on 1/1/15 great start to 2015 I have worked for agency and done 3 was work in the last 9 mths. My ex had stopped csa claim last year as we were doing it through ourselves, once my work stopped in January I have had constant he’ll off my ex and eventually in June he contact csa and put new claim in…..?? Didn’t believe I wasn’t working! ! So csa rang did all the usual business on phone blah blah, told em not working, they checked with HMRC which confirmed and also wanted in writing off me, they sent wrong letter to me but I wrote my own confirm I live off partners wage and I do not work at present. Csa say they didn’t receive it and although confirmed by HMRC went ahead and made an award of £277 per month for me to pay with first payment in 4 days time????

Prior to making decision the worker asks me do I want pay weekly or monthly and if monthly what date of month??? I don’t work so can’t answer those questions.  After explaining my ex partner will cause stress to my children telling them I don’t want give them anything and I don’t want to give them money for things (manipulation ) it’s nog fare on children to listen to that more me have earache off my ex when he thinks he’s getting money he’s not…..I offered send another letter via fax if I walk 4 mile to shop or send recorded delivery bit no went ahead and made descion based on he had waited 14 days for my first letter although he only informed me on 14 day he mot received it……I think this is wrong way to do things…as a result of his actions my ex did exactly what I said he would and now out of my 3 children I speak to one as the elder 2 think I don’t care about them! I have put formal complaint in and got a call today trying to just apologise and close complaint as complaints have looked into it and said there is no complaint to be had? ?? Anyway I’ve told them..I am not happy so want it debt with its cost me my relationship with my children which could have been avoided.

CSA can’t even get simple admin tasks right

November 15, 2015

Csa have been taking my tax credit info from 2011, the amount has dramatically changed since then.

For the past year I have called them 7 times, sometimes the phone call would last 45mins.

Each time I ask them which year they are taking my tax credits from, each time 2011, each time no it’s changed, each time time ‘we will recalculate’ and ‘call you in 2 weeks’

Each time they do not call me I called up 2 weeks ago and asked the man to look up the notes from my calls. I asked shouldn’t this have been changed? he says ‘yes’ why hasn’t it bee changed he says ‘I don’t know’ I will change it and call you within 2 weeks.

Here I am 2 weeks later, no call or anything, worse than this I have changed my job and I want to tell them, but what will happen this info???

CSA doesn’t care about the welfare of my partner or his kids

November 14, 2015

My partner’s ex is now allowed to use the csa as a weapon to destroy our lives she has tried everything she can to split us up and now she has a new way using the csa she tells them lies and they just believe her and mess us about now they have taken over £200 that they shouldn’t have this they admit and told my partner he must ask his ex for this money back something we can not do as she is crazy and the last time she was asked to stop using my partner’s phone number (they have been split for 3 yrs by that point due to her cheating) she had an harassment warning served on him claiming to be scared for her life and he was told to stay so many yards away from her or risk jail which he did but a month or 2 into it she moved right beside us well within these yards he had to stay away from her after he told the csa this they said ok they will send a mediator to her home to meet and make the real arrangements and get the money back.

we have 2 weeks of the month to go and no money at all due to this over payment and bills to pay that have bounced and incurred charges so this evening as arranged but the mediator didnt show and his ex had they man she lives with (guy she cheated with) come to the door tell my partner that she wouldn’t give him a penny back to and get lost this is disgusting not only did they do this now but i was made redundant last year and got jsa the csa took money from my jsa to give his ex for children that are nothing to do with me why do the csa take the mothers side and allow the bitter woman to use them to mess up peoples lives without this money he cant work so will lose his job which means she wont get any money but the csa do not care they just make out my partner is dodging paying for his kids which isnt the case he just wants the kids to benefit from the money not his ex as the kids wear holy bleach stained clothes and she buys herself £50 shoes and nights out while my partner and i have nothing this has gone on for 8 months now till it erupted today after months of calls which got nowhere due to them claiming the security questions were wrong (they weren’t) they would call ask questions then say well check with his ex and get back which they never did.

now they claim he owes years of arrears for the years they had a home made agreement which he paid.

they people from the csa are so rude and seem to be mainly bitter angry woman who feel that we should be happy to lose our home and his job as long as his ex is happy were so confused, angry and just cant take any more.

now the kids will now have to go without christmas presents so the kids lose out again the csa should be there to help situations like ours not make them worse my partner and me are starting to crack under the stress of this.

CSA trying everything to get money out of me!

November 13, 2015

Hi, everyone I wanted to share my story hada 1 night stand 10 years ago then 2 years ago the csa started taking 5 pound per week out of my dole without my knowledge for this child who is suppose to be mine il go for dna but cant aford it atm.

I started work last year an csa have wrote to me last week saying I owe over 2 grand in arrears plus 31 pound without adjustments. I have another child who I get over night everyweekend an spend money on him an help my ex with uniforms ect… csa are not taken into consideration that I have another child unless my ex goes through them. Csa have contacted my boss looking him to pay derect outa my wages. This girl from 10 years ago is rubing her hands together I offered her 10 pound per week if the child is mine an her except words were why should I take 10 pound when csa are going to pay me 30 pound. I am homeless an have finance to pay for my car I have credit cards , insurance to pay an struggle already as it is.

My question is can csa make me sell my car to pay arears ? Everytime I phone them they say that my case has been sent to a enforcement agency an they will notify me when I have to pay. I work only 30 hours per week it will become the stage that I will be better on benefits . Who said your better of working legally! !!

CSA are making me pay for a child that isn’t mine thanks to ex’s MP father

November 12, 2015

I was married to a MP’s Daughter for 7 years during our marriage it was found I could not father child so we decided to go for Sperm Donor and I signed the paperwork agreeing to the treatment, during treatment we sepurated as my wife was caught having an affair, several months later I was told she was pregnant and it was the Sperm Donor Child so we got back together for approx one year before she got caught again….

I have a letter from a guy to my ex wife saying he had been told he was the father to the child as it was him she was having the affair at the time.

My Ex Wife went to the CSA and even though the DNA has proved the child is not mine and I have this letter from this other guy I have been forced to pay CSA, the child is now 19 not 18 and I have just received a letter to state what I was told by their college over the phone that I did not have to pay after his 18th Birthday but infact they have extended it a extra 11 months.

The CSA have taken thousends of pounds. I told the CSA he was not in full time education from the age of 17 as he was living with his GFriend but they didn’t believe me they said I had to give proof, I said he don’t live with me but they didn’t care as my ex’s Daddy gets everything done to help his daughter to Claim Claim Claim, My Ex has been done for Fraud and attempted murder but Daddy gets her Record Cleaned and she gets top jobs.

I have had to pay full CSA I had a well paid job but the CSA took loads for a child not mine, I took them to Court but my Ex’s Dad come to court in all his MP Medals and his followers and I had no chance because my Ex Wife still has this letter where I signed for this sperm donor agreement even though she has told me on several occasions the child is another guys.

The CSA does not help innocent people like me, if its not hard enough to know I cant have a child but to pay for a child who has had no contact with me and pay csa full time makes my blood boil.

Mate paying CSA despite not knowing if it’s his child

November 11, 2015

My mate is paying through the CSA even though he is not named on the birth certificate and has no proof the child is his. The CSA contacted his 3 years ago to ask if the child was his and he said I suppose so as the mother said he is! This conversation was over the telephone while he was going through chemotherapy for testicular cancer, so he was in no fit state to have such a important conversation and seemed to have been cohearsd into saying yes, this should not have happened especially as he would never be able to have kids due to the cancer. He has since had money taken from his benefits ( depression due to cancer & CSA) and seems to have no way to turn! He did try seeking help from your forum and was totally bombarded with nasty emails saying he was a dead beat dad!! I really hope you can help him as I am worried his depression may have a tragic end.

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