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CSA have wrongly set the bailiffs on me despite knowing my complicated situation

I write to see if you can assist with some advice with my current and urgent difficulties based around my personal story over last 8 years.

My story is based around my only little boy who has just turned 7.  When he was two months old in January 2009, he was abducted by his Italian mum, my then wife, to Palermo with the assistance of her father, a senior Italian barrister. I fought an expensive legal battle to bring my son back to the UK.  After one year the mother was found guilty of child abduction and I succeeded in getting my son returned to the UK under the international Child Abduction Hague Convention treaty; his mum voluntarily followed. She then also tried to illegally divorce me in Italy and also attempt to throw me out of the UK family home which she had abandoned for Italy more than a year previously. Italy had no jurisdiction over these matters, however her father, a barrister should have know this.  Her father represented his own daughter in all the court hearings in Italy, however I won all these three court cases in Italy and I divorced her back in the UK.

Soon after this I was diagnosed with cancer and have fought it for the last 5 years with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It turned out that I actually had the cancer approximately 5 years before its diagnosis in 2011, but I was misdiagnosed on multiple occasions under the NHS.  In fact I was given the all-clear by the NHS less than 4 weeks before I was diagnosed privately. Primarily because of these issues I have been unable to work since before my son was born. However in spite of my health, I have progressively been given increased care of my son and two years ago was given 50/50 shared care by the high court just before he went to school.

Although I have discussed my situation with the CSA, they have wrongfully calculated that I owe them approx £20,000, even though I have not worked over the last 8 years and have borrowed around £250,000 from friends and family to keep my head above water, to pay the legal bills of £150,000, for basic living and pay much and more than my fair share for my son.

My situation has worsened when I had the high court bailiffs visit me on 21st November 2015 attempting to enforce the CSA’s wrongful position. This is causing me enormous stress and anxiety and impacting my health further, in particular because they will start proceedings to enforce a sale on my home, my final asset which is heavily mortgages and the remaining equity is collateral against my outstanding personal debts to friends and family of approx £130,000.  My son’s mum could put a stop to this insane situation, but she is very bitter and revengeful.

I do need to deal with this situation urgently as it is escalating out of control. I literally have days before the bailiffs will take action. Some days I feel that I have given all I can give to be a dad, a single dad, to my boy and worry that I will run out of steam while the pressures just continue.

I wondered if you would be interested to hear more of my story and be able to provide some practical advice.

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