CSA lose our records then slap us with a huge bill

November 25, 2015

My husband and I have paid csa for his daughter from his first marram since 2001. We have a good relationship with his ex and it comes out of his wage direct so no problems. My step daughter is now 19 an working so we contacted csa to find out what happens next. They told us her mum would complete paperwork our payments would then stop and we would be refunded any over payments.  So far so good. We were refunded 160 and we’re just waiting for our letter to confirm payments had stopped when instead we received a bill for 35000 pounds with immediate effect and a court summons.

When we contacted them they claim they only have records going back to 2009 and we now have to prove we have made other payments. The staff are rude and unhelpful. My husband was told three times that “we’ll if you had paid” he couldn’t get them to listen that he had paid and was treat like a deadbeat dad. We have now had to pay 25 pounds to get copies of my husbands payslips going back to 2001 and in the meantime they are increasing our payments from 160 to 518 pounds per month. Though they have ‘generously’ stopped the court action. My husband has been having chest pains with the stress this is causing. He phoned today there times and was refused to be put through to disputes or data protection even though disputes are dealing with his complint.  How can you deal with an issue if you won’t even allow you to speak to the same person twice. Each time he has to spend half an hour explaining to the new person on the end of the phone who looks on their system and tells him it’s not there. We know it’s not there that’s the problem. They have lost our data and nine years of payments why is it our job to fix it.