Should my ex still be paying CSA even if my son refuses to see him?

July 31, 2014

My ex left me and my son for someone else and she is having his baby.

My son has refused to see him and i was wandering if he should still be paying csa to my son who is turning 14.

How can the CSA be so bad at its job?

July 31, 2014

Where do I start? 16 years dealing wit the CSA and still I get mistake after mistake after mistake!!

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have had to tell them how to do their job.

Every one or two years I get a call or letter telling me I have thousands in arrears (anywhere from £1000-£3000) and every time I have to tell them that this is a “glitch” on their system dating back to when my case was phased from old rules to new rules, and that if they look on the notes on my file, it says to ignore these arrears, as they don’t actually exist.

I then get told I’ve overpaid, then a year later I’ve underpaid!

My Liability is hopefully ending in September, but at the moment I’ve just been informed that my payments are about to double as I have arrears (dating back to the phasing in period).

Why would they cancel my case against my will?

July 31, 2014

The CSA have just cancelled my case (im the mum claiming.) I got a letter a few weeks ago saying that my case was being closed if I did not reply – so straight away I got on the phone and said No don’t cancel.

I then replied on the letter saying not to cancel my case. Next thing 3 weeks later I get a letter saying my case is cancelled as I asked them to!!

Instantily phoned and got passed round and round to be told nothing can happen for 12 weeks as my case is cancelled and I have to open a new one and pay them £20. I couldnt re open my case as it has to be cancelled for 12 weeks even though its in era.

The only good part is the £3000 areas is not being cancelled and they are going to try and get it. I dont know where my ex lives work etc as he has moved house and jobs so often to get rid of CSA.

I have never had regular payments (about 6 payments in 7 years claiming.)I phone every few months asking what is going on and they always say nothing. But Now looks like they are changing names means they want cases like mine that are in debt etc thewy want rid so the statistics look better

I have lost all faith in the CSA

July 30, 2014

I was told in 2013 I had overpaid maintenance in 2011/12, by 2,500 pounds, and the csa would put the situation right.

It took them 7 months to stop 3 payments, to put the situation right, I am now told I have UNDERPAID. AND I OWE THEM 900 POUNDS, WHICH I HAVE DISPUTED WITH THEM.

I have spoken to the complaints resolution team on more than 20 occasions since 2013, and I asked them last week to tell me where my money was going, as there are two parents in the case, they told me they could not tell me day to client confidentiality.

When I spoke to the csa today, they told me that was incorrect, as they CAN give me this information, I also asked last week for a statement for all payments made by me to them in the last year, and they have not sent this to me.

They have made so many mistakes, I have lost ALL faith in them, do you know how I can escalate this, as they now want to deduct 932 pounds off me next month, for underpaying, which I completely dispute.and I explained to them today, I would be unable to pay my rent if they take this money off me.

How can I help my friend to realise what she is doing?

July 30, 2014

My friend was married for 14 years and had three Bristol kids with her husband.

Things wen’t easy for them, the husband worked really hard and my friend worked less but down too much and on and off work, she would sleep the afternoon and when the husband came home the kitchen will be I such a state that he had no choise but clean after work.

This carried on untill the husband got fed up and moved out.Within six months my friend met someone and they been living with her for the last year and her ex husband pays child maintainance of £200 for each child.

My friend had an arrangement that kids see their dad every other weekend, and this was in place for the last 2yrs,my friend said to me l want more money , l asked from were?and she said l will stop contact between kids and their dad then l can get more money, this is because her boy friend could not coupe with her and he left, now his stopped contact .

The kids love and adore their dad, he takes them out and when they got back they had lots to tell, she won’t let them even talk to their dad an our friendship is being damaged because l have been trying to say let kids see their dad.

Last week she got an email from her ex, he was asking if he can talk to her youngest , his daughter he’s was speaking to his daughter and she asked him if he can take her out so the dad agreed then on the day my friend would not allow the daughter to meet her her dad, she’s made a claim for more money because she says the dad has no contact.

How much evil can one be , how do l tell her go nasty and evil what she’s, doing and is this how the Csa operates making innocent people out there suffer.

How should I handle the CSA now that I’m moving abroad?

July 30, 2014

Firstly, I am moving abroad for a teaching job. What should I do with CSA?

Secondly, I have moved from a bank where I had the DSA standing order to another bank. The other bank was supposed to move automatically all my direct debt and standing orders.

I found that after 3 months month from the movement that DSA was not included however my son is not 19 yet. What should I do?

CSA seems to enjoy causing me pain

July 29, 2014

The CSA wrote to me in January saying they were putting my maintenance up from £156 a month to £265. I protested this and they agreed to reduce it to £88 a month for six months as I was (and still am) suffering financial hardship.

This wasn’t implemented for a couple of months with the result that I have only had three months pay where the lower amount has been deducted, the CSA assured me that the amended order would last for six months from when the lower amount was deducted then the other day I received a letter saying they are putting the amount up to £285 from the 28/08.

I contacted them to chase it up and they said because my ex hasn’t contacted them back they have to do this and yet I have a letter from them in May saying they would do this. I am waiting for them to contact me back but they don’t have a good record of keeping in touch with me so I envisage writing them a complaint at the end of this week when I haven’t heard back from them and copying it to my MP.

I have informed them that I have several serious health problems and this ongoing fiasco with them exacerbates it and they seem delighted to carry it on anyhow.

Why don’t we band together to fight the CSA?

July 29, 2014

Just received a letter confirming my payments. I have been keeping up with them – but the letter contained a strongly worded threat of legal action if I don’t keep up with them.

I was outraged – I won’t be spoken to like that for no reason. But what can 1 man do about it. Its seems they can at the moment.

You guys are probably best placed to form a CSA NRP union – a power rebalance would be a good thing. 1000’s on non resident parents acting together in harmony could cause huge problems for them.

Imagine if we all cancelled our debits, but made card payments and then set debits back up. Actions like that aren’t illegal and ensure payments are still made – but would cause them a cost/admin nightmare. This is just one example. United we stand, divided they bully us individually without any kind of fear.

Why is it always the guy that suffers?

July 29, 2014

I work 30hrs per week and have 2 girls I have to pay for to which csa take 65 pound per week.

I have been left in 9000 debt by there mother as we got a new car so she wouldnt keep breaking down n then she decided to cheat on me which caused us to split up n she jumped straight onto csa.

Long story short cause I dnt work that many hours I cant afford to live in a flat or house n have to sleep in a scrap car I bought dor 40pound so I have somewwr to sleep as when the debts paid each week I have nothing left leaving me going hungry n cold.

So why is it that the father of the children suffers. I have been hosplitalised 6 times since january with hypothermia n suffered frostbite. This is a jke. We pay tax to cover all different types of payments for ppl that don’t work.

Fathers that pay csa shouldn’t pay tax as ppl in my posistion wont suffer as smuch n can feed themselves.

Also the mother ov my girls has a new partner and is claiming benefits while working cash in hand and also has her new partners income aswell. This country is a fuckin joke and its always the guys that suffer.

What will happen to me now?

July 28, 2014

My ex wife has remarried and my wages have not changed that much since we split in 2005. I have paid maintenance since we split.

My kids are 19 in feb, dhe is in her last year of college and my youngest is 14 in April, will my payments alter?

When we split I signed the house over to her and she promised she wouldnt go to the csa (bet youve heard this before).

Please give me some advice!!!!!

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