What you need to know when dealing with the CSA

February 28, 2011

Most people who first encounter the CSA do so with a wide eyed optimism, ignorant of the horror that they are about to endure. This applies to you whether you are a NRP (non resident parent) being asked for money, or whether you’re a PWC (parent with care) making a claim for the first time.

The CSA is a government run organisation staffed with civil servants, so you would (quite innocently and rightly) assume that you’ll be dealt with fairly, and in a civil manner (if you pardon the pun). This is of course untrue. No matter who you are, no matter what your circumstances, you will find that you cannot trust the CSA.

They will, for example, lie to you about documents received, what was said and what was agreed. They will Read more

Adopted child returns to birth mother who is claiming CSA from us

February 28, 2011

Our adopted daughter left home last year after and extremely violent outburst and social servcies took her to live with her birth mother. As she was under 16 at the time I assumed SS had taken parental responsibility fromus. In September 2010 they put a claim in for CSA which she then stopped when I said our adopted daughter must return home then.

She has now put another claim in. She always claims in her pre-adoption name so we repsond ot CSA that we are not the parent. This is so unfair this allowed to happen.

Social Services made terrible mistakes here, it is appalling.

Child Support Agency collections above £1.4 million for 2010

February 28, 2011

Statics recently released by the Child Support Agency show that its enforcement procedures have been continuing to increase its performance – a trend that has been kept up since 2006.

In 2010, over 1.4 million was collected by the CSA from parents who otherwise would not have contributed to child maintenance payments. This is an improvement over the previous year, where 1.135 million was collected by the agency.

In addition to this, just under 700 properties owned by parents who owed child maintenance payments have been targeted by the Child Support Agency. Although only around 100 properties have been given orders to be sold, these measures have Read more

CSA keeps making up arrears because we pay

February 28, 2011

Where to start? i am the partner of someone who has to pay for his child. I agree with this, you have children you pay, but CSA are making our life hell. My partner has a 7 yaer old child which he has to pay for. We have 2 children of our own. It wasn’t till our first child was 4 months old they told my partner he was in arrears. This was £5000 which they wanted.

We did not understand as my partner was pay through deductions from earnings, so how did this happen?

After complaining, an independant case examiner we find out that the CSA messed up which they admitted to, but we have to pay for their mistakes. We also find out that they did not set payments up when asked so my partner was paying CSA, £250 direct debit to his ex plus anoth £100 checks as she said this was not working. At this time my Read more

I’m going after the CSA

February 27, 2011

I was asked to send in my payslips and bank details to the csa in october 2004 which i did.

A few weeks later all the papers came back to me with no letter or cover note. 3 months went by with out hearing anything so i phoned them up and asked what i had to pay the answer was if you have anything to pay we will let you know.

A month went by six months then 2 years then a letter demanding £17500 arrears over the last 2 years. After first laughing about an obvious mistake i took the letter to my accountant who told me my earning were £240 per week over the last 2 years and csa Read more

CSA wants me to repay them within two years

February 27, 2011

I have been paying off arrears as well as my normal payments with great difficulty for the last 2 years, my eldest of 2 children turned 19, so i foolishly thought my payments would drop. on phoning the CSA many times to get them to re-scheldule my payments, I was told I must pay ALL my arrears within 2 years and my payments were to rise to £800 per month.

I have never missed a payment and have regular contact with my 2 older boys.

My previous arrangement was manageable, but 2 days before xmas we were given notice to leave our rented property, we found another but rent increased by£225 a month, they wont take this into consideration..

Partner had heart attack because of CSA stress

February 26, 2011

Hi can anyone help? My partner has just suffered a heart attack and is recovering from surgery. I am trying to alleviate his stress by dealing with his mail. This has uncovered the probable cause for his poor health..debt letters, which is is unable to pay due to him paying enough CSA to feed a 3rd world country let alone a 16 year old child!

Can anyone tell me where i can find the ins and outs of CSA1 and its rules? He is under  the old rules (CSA1) and cant get re-assessed. I am helping him by trying to research this but have hit a brick wall…are there any sites where the rules and regulations of CSA1 are explained in full so that i can establish if there is any way of getting the payments down.

I have tried CSA web site without success.

Please help as i feel another heart attack looming!


The CSA have not got a clue what they are doing

February 26, 2011

I have always paid for my children since we split at christmas 2003. My ex wife has remarried after 8 months may i add. I made regular monthly payments of £387.78 per month bit of a struggle i admit but never the less i made my payments. Then in Feb 2008 i asked if i could possibly get a reduction? To this the CSA contacted my ex who by the way wont speak to me as it upsets her so my daughter tells me. She refused to give a reduction and to give the CSA there dues they did try to bargin with her on my behalf.

Any way what happend is she put in for more money so the good old CSA contacted my Read more

Lied, Manipulated, Cheated now forced to pay – no negotiations

February 25, 2011

A few years ago in a dark part of my life which I would prefer not to remember I was unfortunate to meet a certain female that took my fragile state of mind and twist it to suit them.

In basics, I was 18 recovering from depression and anger which I experienced through my school years I was trying to make a go of my life working hard and a friend of a friend just started to flirt and make there way into my life, before I knew it, it was more than a flirt completely casual and protection was always taken.

as time went on this person began to treat me well, you know look after me, gave me what felt like a family, housed me etc.

it wasn’t long after this that they started borrowing money, she and I had joint accounts (my account) she had a phone I paid for and I was always lending money I almost felt completely comfortable about the money I earnt was “our” money.

As time went on the favours wanted of me kept rolling in and it became a bit of a strain on me, as I tried to distance Read more

Will the CSA let me starve to death?

February 25, 2011

Well, it is now my 4 month of waiting for the re-assessment of my ex’s income to be done. There is no reason for the delay.. the wage slips and everything they need is sat there collecting dust.. I complained so bitterly they now refuse to take any phone calls and even refuse a representative to talk about my case?! WTF!!

I said in my complaints me and my son are going to starve to death considering once the calculation is done there will be £££’s of arrears, and its not like my ex wont pay either. he will, but understandably he wants to wait for the CSA to do the maths and send him the letter so it is all above board so to say and I can see it from my ex’s point of view – I wouldn’t just keep giving hundreds to my Read more

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