CSA considers my train fair to work as disposable income

January 31, 2013

My wife ditched me last April for another man.

I have three kids, aged between eight and twelve, who I love dearly and will gladly pay child maintenance for.

But I live in Kent and hold down a job in London. My train fare of £4,000 a year is considered to be disposeable income and has not been taken into account in my payment assessment thingy.

This means that I have no disposeable income at all. Everything is going on bills and my CSA maintenance payments of nearly £500 per month. I can’t actually afford to buy food and am having to go to a food bank, even though I’m on a pretty good salary.

CSA are refusing to acknowledge cost of my season ticket as an overhead. I work in customer services, so am not in a position to work from home. They’re refusing to look into my case and keep saying ‘travel to work costs’ are part of my disposeable income, even though I work 45 miles away, don’t drive, have no other form of transport at my disposal.

Have been to citizen’s advice and they couldn’t advise me on what to do.

Please help.

Ex lives in filth with my son yet I still owe £15,000 according to CSA

January 31, 2013

My son was born in 1998, unfortunately not long after that his mum and I split up. From there on in I religiously visited him at his mums twice a week without fail, his mum and I got on reasonably well although obviously it did get at my new partner quite a bit but we plodded on!

My new partner however had other plans which has led to me pretty much having to declare myself bankrupt, and should’ve done years ago.

In the meantime the CSA had taken direct from earnings £52.22 per week up until January the 6th last year, in total in excess of £13000!!

Now for the last 7-8 years his mum has not been too well, she suffers from bad depression and I try to help her as much as I can. Her depression however means she Read more

Cannot get maintenance from my ex husband

January 31, 2013

I have tried for over 3 years now to get maintenance from ex husband without any joy. He kept changing jobs and is now self employed and apparently little if any pressure is put on him apart from phone calls which he avoids, so it is so frustrating as it is obviously deliberate and calculated behaviour.

There is supposed to be a liability order being implemented but only when I complained and it is doubtful if i will see any money at the end of it.

He stands to get 40 % of house when sold and I pay mortgage, what a man !

Im at a loss knowing what to do apart from court and more sol fees im supporting his 4 kids and working all the bloody time just to keep mortgage going so angry atvsystem and craty useless men

How can the CSA expect me to survive on what they leave me with?

January 30, 2013

I have been split from my ex wife for 5 years next month, and had an agreement to pay her maintenance direct which i did.I also paid off all outstanding bills and the mortgage for the first 6 months. We used the CSA calculator to ease her mind that i was paying the going rate which i did. In May 2011 i was made redundant and had to accept a job paying £10000 a year less.

I went on the CSA calculator and filled in all the details faithfully and my monthly payment came out at £177.50 again which i paid.

In July last year, somehow the CSA slapped a deductions of earnings order on me for over £500 a month completely Read more

Please help, what right of appeal do we have?

January 30, 2013

We have just received a CSA ‘agreement’ stating that over the next 14months we have to pay off arrears of £4400.00. We have been in debate over the last year as the ‘children’ in question have been working and aged 17 & 18. Because their mother PWC has been claiming child benefit for them – my husband is still liable!

So basically she can defruad the benefit system, get money from us she is not entitledtoo and we are the ones suffering.

To add insult to injury my husbands earning halved and the CSA wont reassess as they say they were not notified in time. The majority of the high wage he earned was overtime as he started a new job. But this is not an excuse, we just want to be able to live. My husband has protected earnings (assessed by CSA) over £1500.00 monthly and anything over taken. This has now been dropped to £950.00 monthly. The exact cost of our mortgage/ so what do we live on? We have always paid for his children but this is taking the biscuit.

Please anyone advise what we can do with no right of appeal

I was one of the first to feel the evil of the CSA

January 30, 2013

I’ve been paying my payments for years. I was one of the first to get done buy these shots. I was all ready paying my wife but then they step in.

They upped my payments from £30 a week to £176 a week this left me with £20 to live on a week I told them to stop taking payment from or I would give up my job,they then stopped taking the payment.

When I move jobs they got back in contact with me I was then paying about £8000 a year this was including the arrears I played this for 10yrs I then add a accident in work i am now disabled because of this accident the accident they then stopped taking the payment from me because I was given a disabled pensioned,they have how got back in contact with me after 12yrs and now want me to pay £2,756.11p.I am now on a pension of £12,000 a year my wife can not get any work at this time,also I’ve got a 7year old little girl to look after, things are very hard for us for at this time.also when the court set up my payments I made a clean break I give my x wife the house we had.

But the CSA did not look at this when it came to them taking payment for me.ware do I stand with the house can I claim half the house back now.

Thanks very much for the help.

All the very best
Alan Samuel.

CSA staff are calling me a liar

January 29, 2013

£7,500 taken from my savings account out of the blue for money I dispute owing.

Briefly, 2 children, this started when they were 16 & 13. The children have lived at whichever house they choose since they were around 2.

It has very much been a 50/50 thing. As the parent who earns the most I have always paid for most of the clothes, holidays, gadgets, school trips etc. Basically my children are in my life every day.

Son has lived with me 24/7since he was 16. The CSA expect me to pay maintenance for him between Apr – Sep 2010, my son has sent a letter stating that he lives here full time. Ignored.

They have assessed my income incorrectly at £49,000 when it’s much lower. I have provided an accountants letter to prove Read more

Husband made redundant and still we’re paying CSA

January 29, 2013

My husband has been through courts to try and stop paying maintainance for his son, as we believed when he started university aged 19 years and 7 months we should no longer be paying.

His mum lives in Doncaster and son lives in Leeds near uni, he works, his girlfriend having baby soon, but courts saying we should still pay.

Just before Xmas my husband was made redundant, and still we paying! Rang csa to take over case as husband was unemployed but they wouldn’t even take details as they say NO-ONE pays once child is 19, so because son 21 next month they won’t help us.

Son be 23 and half when he finishes THIS course. How long can this go on?

Struggling for Money and in Need of Quick Cash?

January 29, 2013

This is a guest post written by Ian, of SellYourCarToday.org.uk

It’s a scenario lots of us have been through; the CSA is taking a ridiculous amount of your earnings straight from your wages, or you’ve had to reluctantly setup a direct debit, if you’re that lucky.

Basically, it’s as good as money you’ve never had and there’s nothing you can do about it. The Government doesn’t care about your welfare and you need to pay the rent, the utility bills or council tax.

Well, there are number of things you can do in a desperate situation when you’re struggling for money and in need of quick cash, and we’ll outline a few ideas for you that will hopefully tide you over until next pay day.

Pawn unused items

Pawning unused or unwanted household items has never been so popular. With several pawnshops in any major town or city, you shouldn’t have trouble Read more

I phone the CSA every day and get fobbed off

January 29, 2013

I have had nothing but trouble with CSS since I started dealing with them, latest one is my payments have gone onto their manual payment system because of a fault of there’s-now not only do I have to chase them to get my payments on time from my Xs employers, now I’m told I have to wait 10-15 days for them to get my money sent out to me!! When they already have in in there accounts!!!!

Would they like there wages paid two weeks late every month?

No, not at all but I’m expected to wait and get my child’s money into the next month two weeks late then the whole bloody process starts again-I’m phoning every day as I’m fed up of being fobbed of with “system” crap and just how many others money is in there account waiting to be sent out?

And no doubt gaining interest!!! I think enough of us should make a Stand with newspapers outlining this “system” error resulting in plenty of people waiting for goodness knows how long to get what is there money because of incompetence on there part and in the process we lose out…it’s.

Bloody ridiculas….

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