CSA: total rubbish!

November 22, 2021

They are total scams they take money and make up there own rules! As a paying father for 3 kids on doe I give them my years salary and they take the money. Then half way down the line in the year they want to double my payment and say your payment have changed because a low and increase has happened. Yes it has I not been well for 4 months due to my mental illness and health now they want to charge me double the amount I was paying before.

This is an absolute joke every child no matter what job or what you earn should get the same but if I was on benefits I’d have to pay 7 pound a week, but no I have to pay 800 a month and can’t do nothing about it unless I got self employed.

Please read to stop CMS corruption!

November 18, 2021

Guy’s further to my comment above. Please read article and follow and contact Brian Hudson who is campaigning to reform the CMS. He also has a pre-written letter to send to your local MPs. Guy’s we really need to take action in order to change the CMS with us coming together with significant numbers and persistently campaigning anything is possible.

Brian Hudson highlights the suicides the CMS are responsible for and the amount of money collected since 2015 till now through collect and pay which has increased from over a million to over 40 million. This agency is a corrupt govt agency to fleece non-resident parents, collect additional tax from us and drive us to suicide. Please read article and check out Brian Hudson and share letter with MP: https://www.stopcmsdrivingsuicide.org/read-full-report

This institution needs looking at!

November 16, 2021

My partner ex went with CSA so she can get more money off him even though she knew we will have kid so and we siad we go e £50 a week she went 5 year ego and we need to pay 100 a week for 2 kids, my partner can’t afford paying this because ;

Rent all bills and all food clothes and petrol his and hers dept she left him with 25k and she never paid a penny off it. His out going is over 2.500 a mouth but CSA won’t look on his outgoing. She bought house 2 cars got married 2 holiday each year and lot savings then she having her nephew fostering 2 disbllity benefits 2 maintenance one off them is CSA universal credit tax credit ect and now she work she won’t addmit she got Saving but he need to struggle she don’t need 500 a mouth off him.

Those 100 Go on her spending and her going out to pubs this is such not fair CSA need looking into dad outgoing not just income !!!!

Let’s band together and reform the CMS!

November 2, 2021

Guy’s we are all in the same boat and i believe all if not most of us are decent loving parents who just want to support our children and be able to live reasonably.

My gross income has been inflated by over £7k and that’s what my calculations have been based on which is totally unfair and my evil son’s mother is trying to punish and financially cripple me by using the collect and pay service. We all need to come together and find ways we can either act by civil protest or collectively push for the CMS to be fairly reformed we can’t sit here just complaining we must take some form of action.

Here’s my email whoever is with me please email and let’s get together to change this. Otherwise, we’ve all got a life sentence of being extorted and living a miserable life of depression life is way too short and I’m sure we all want to be able to create beautiful memories with our children but we can’t where we are living on the breadline and under constant pressure of enforcement action due to missed payments or threats of being evicted or having our homes repossessed.