Does CSA have to take my annual bonus into account?

June 30, 2016

I currently pay csa, I get a yearly bonus which can can be anything from 5k to 10k. I don’t mind paying csa but I don’t think I should have to be giving my hard earned bonus. Would rather be using it to give thing to my child direct for myself. Thing is that csa take all my bonus in to account when doing an annual review. Do you think if I showed csa several wage slips showing my normal monthly wage they would recalculate it using those figures?

Ex is being difficult and I’m the one made to pay for it

June 29, 2016

See I’m in the situation where I have a child on the way with an ex. She is refusing to let me have anything to do with it, won’t put me on the birth certificate, but still feels she is entitled to cash. Now I’m not saying the kid isn’t mine, just I want a DNA test, and if it is mine I want access and parental rights. The system is geared soley to benefit mothers, if DNA proves its yours then you should get automatic parental responsibilities, not just so the woman can take money and do whatever she wishes. It’s also unfair that the father must pay for DNA testing, shouldn’t in this day in age that be split equally?

Contradictive CSA taking too much from my son

June 27, 2016

mysonpaysmaintenance thru cma for 1 child and has 2 more children whome he pays direct to he as a new job which is on fourteen and half hours contract a week minium pay he as always paid maintenance so cutting it short they are taking 308 pounds a month direct from his wage but when he received a breakdown of payments it was for all 3 children but was paid to the one who went thru csa and still had to pay direct for his other 2 children.

csa keep saying they have not received all information asked for even tho they sent all paperwork back thanking him so they are taking money from wages that he was earning in 2012 which he was earning 350 a week but now he doesn’t get much more a month so they take 308 pounds every month leaving him with not enough to pay rent gas elec council tax or food so we got the mp involved as no one is listening to him so needles to say he is getting deeper in debt I help him as much as I can but I am only on a pension its a nightmare been fighting with them since dec 2015.

CSA demanding a payment way higher than partner’s income

June 24, 2016

My partner was in a relationship where two children were born. A girl and a boy, the relationship broke down and he walked away,, when they were quite small., leaving her with the house. She was supposed to pay him £15000’to buy him out of the mortgage but could only afford £7000.

He thought the best thing was to not have contact with the children as she developed a new relationship.

Sadly the son became very ill and my partner was told by a family friend that his son was in hospital, so he managed to get there just before his son sadly died.

The daughter now is 17, and the CSA have sent him a letter demanding £1600 a month saying he owes £23000 for last year. He is not earning anywhere near this figure.

They have been taking £80 a week from him which is acceptable, but changing it to £2000 for a first payment is now making us both ill with worry.

Who can we ask for advise and help.

I’ve made overpayments and CSA avoid telling me how to get money back!

June 23, 2016

I’ve never argued any payment to the csa, but in April last year (2015) my daughter told me she’d dropped out of college. In June 2015 I called csa to inform them, they weren’t interested as child benefit still bring paid. I called again every month but no one was interested. I asked for a manager to call me, this didn’t happen.  In January 2016 I called again, this time I made a complaint. I spoke to a case worker and offered the information and contact details so they could find out for themselves she wasn’t in college, she refused to take the information as apparently they cannot contact colleges?! We never had a call back with regards to the complaint and in April I called again (a long time I know, my wife was seriously ill and in and out of hospital) and spoke to a team leader who told me he’d never heard of the problems we were having before!! He confirmed finally that the child benefit had stopped in December 2015! It only took them 4 months to tell me and I rang them!! I said I was stopping payment, which he agreed but I got the usual save the money just in case! He said he’d find out what had gone wrong with this case, he said more should of been done sooner and he would find the exact date child benefit stopped, he’d get the case closed, work out the over payment, and go to her or get a repayment secures and he promised to call me every other Tuesday to keep me updated. What a fool I was I believed him! Never got a call back! ? On 16th June I called AGAIN, I had to go through the story for the millionth time and was told that they acknowledged the over payment, they would check policy and call the ex to request repayment. I was told I would get a call back with an update 2 days later at the latest.

7:45 tonight the phone rings and after going through the story again I was told to go to the small claims court to get my money back as it was direct payments they are not liable. My wife then took the phone and said no way. You knew the dates benefit stopped and yet even though we called nobody told us. She also told them that they had broken their own policy by not responding to our complaint within 15 working days. She told him she was going to the press, his response was don’t get upset about what I’ve said tonight, just let it fly!!!! Big time back tracking knowing he’s being recorded on the phone! It got to 8:10pm and he said he had to go as people were waiting to go home and lock up. He assured us he would call us tomorrow after trying to call the ex and discussing it with a couple of people, my wife suggested he read the file before he called. Anyone got any ideas to get my money back. It’s now a thing of principle and my phone bill!!

CSA and its tools are all inconsistent

June 22, 2016

My partner has had nothing but hassel using CSA your calculater say’s my partner should be getting £60.00 per week yet she’s been offered £43 and thats with back payment, what a joke! the childs father is on a rate of £10p/h or more! and has his child once a week and has no other siblings! now why is your calculater saying one thing and your staff on the phone saying another, not happy at all!

Heartless CSA always makes things difficult

June 21, 2016

My partner is on the 2003 scheme which we hoped would end in August 2016 when his daughter will be 18, as she is staying at college he has to keep paying for at least another year. she can get a part time job and her mother can still take the £700 a month off him. He has never seen his daughter since she was 2, he has taken her to court, she slept around whilst he looked after his daughter and her other 3 kids to other fathers. the system does not take into account any other outgoings and he is at rock bottom having to pay a possible further 2 years. If he at least went onto the new system he would pay at least half of what he does now but how can he get them to do this as they are heartless people and not willing to listen.  I am frightened for him and feel he may do something stupid.  I have 4 children and get nothing from their father as he is self employed and can therefore cheat the system – how is this a fair system??

CSA told me to pay or go back to my own country!

June 20, 2016

Im a father I have very Sad story with CHild support agency.

My child was remove in Sweden without my consent and brought to the UK by force by my EX. I come in the UK in 2009 to fight in court to bring my son back to Sweden where he was born, after court taking long I did not go the benefit I decide to look for job to survive and keep my case going with a lawyer I FIND A JOB a  share service centre in Manchester earning after Tax 1026 GBP a month when my EX hear that I was working she contact CSA to claim child maintenance despite several letter send to them to explain the issue , Swedish authority have send letter to confirm the situation but yet this people find opportunity to take 386.25 per month from my wage , I have rent to paid council, tax, 2 others child to look after.

when I contact them and complain I spoke with one rude lady I remember her name Mrs Carole she said her name was , I was intears when she told me that if im not happy with the UK law I can GO BACK TO MY COUNTRY I was in shocks , I those people as so much power to tell some one to leave the country? the they have so  much power to treat anyone the way the want to? I have try to take my live twice because of them the did not stop calling me every day even when am at work is that the right way to treat some one? having a kids in the UK is that a criminal offence? I will really be happy to join the fight that this institution who don’t respect the basic Human right been close every one need to be treat with respect fairly and equally this tape of organisation don’t have place in country with a strong Human right believe.

Ex has everything while I have nothing

June 19, 2016

I was unemployed for a time and when i started work the csa aid i was in arrears because of this so i started the case in arrears they didnt tell me till i started back at work . And then wanted extra money off me because i was unemployed now my arrears has built up because i have changed jobs again and they dont take into account the debt ive got because of my ex wife .

While she has a caravan goes away on holidays has a lovely house and a car i have a one bedroom flat and a misserable life why cant this be fair?

How is the CSA allowed to ruin someone’s life like this?

June 18, 2016

I’m writing on behalf of a long standing company employee.

He has worked for the company since late 2003 and the 1st piece of paperwork we have on record from the CSA dates back to early 2004.

He says he has paid monies out of his wages even prior to employment with our company but whether or not he can find these is besides the main issue.

The real issue starts here, in 2014 his liability was cancelled. Presumably because the child reached the age/circumstances where he no longer needed to pay this money.

In mid 2015 he began receiving phone calls stating that he owed money. He tried to deal with this situation but he got Read more

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