CSA deducted money from me for days I did not work!

June 30, 2012

I have suffered at the hands of the CSA for many years now and recently the trouble has started again. During the Queen’s jubilee I did not work the 4th of June and was ill on the 5th, as a PAYE employee I didn’t earn a crust for those two days off work but did work the following three days up until the 8th of June. The CSA deducted £30.69 from my earnings that week to cover those three worked days.

Recently to my horror the CSA deducted £100 from me on the 22nd of June 2012 stating it was to cover the shortfall during the week ending the 8th of June 2012, my usual Read more

Would be nice if the CSA would actually call me back

June 30, 2012

Have been in contact with the CSA since 5th January 2012 to claim money for my son who came to live with me on 19th december 2011. To-date (27/06/12) my case has still not been resolved.

Everytome I call I speak to someone different in a different location. I live in Kent, my case has travelled from Hastings, to Lichfield, to Belfast via Newcastle to Falkirk. It has now gone “clerical” due to techical problems.

Would be nice if CSA would call me back instead of me having to call the 0845 numbers which cost a fortune. Have been treated appallingly, get told a different story everytime I call.

Will my earnings affect what the CSA will pay me?

June 30, 2012

I have two children from a relationship with my ex partner. At present he pays 150 per month collectively for both children.

He also has a son from a previous relationship to which he pays 150 per month or so I’m led to believe. He now lives with someone who has 3 children of her own. Whether she is claiming CSA I do not know but my ex has now told me he would prefer to go through CSA with regards to child payment. He is self employed.

When making such claims is my income relevant and will the children to his current relationship (which are not his) affect what I will get? Am I correct in thinking he would pay 15% of his annual net profit per child for the year?

Sorry so many question. Help?

Why does the world hate men?

June 29, 2012

Can’t men tell that most of the the world is anti-male hating society. It introduces such things as the CSA, noting that women do not pay it when the men are left holding the kids.

Men are paying CSA for ENTRAPMENT CASES noting this is how my Daughter was born because the MOTHER lied to me stating she was on the pill and thus trapping me into becoming a Father to a kid I did not want.I don’t give a damn whether my daughter reads this ;or the CSA as the CSA are making me pay for a LIVING LIE and the funny part is ENTRAPMENT is A CRIMINAL OFFENCE. So while I’m paying for a “living lie” I feel I am entitled to speak my bloody mind and tell everyone about the “other family”.

Her Step-father is a drunk, violent man and they was told by one of my relatives where I lived, what i was doing and to date (2012) they still are being told of my PERSONAL BUSINESS what right have they got to know of my personal business including possibly receiving my personal mail where i do not live with Read more

Supported ex’s kids for years

June 29, 2012

I have supported my husbands kids for 15 years! Now the oldest is a 19 yeaer old university drop out despite getting his fees for free!! He is 19 never had a job (part time) thinks everything will be given to him! This is because we paid £600 a month for two children! He got EMA £30 a week never had to work! Failed A levels but single parent family got on to a university course and now it’s oh I have to work cos he has dropped out!

Everything he had was due to CSA!! Our children will have to get a job at 16 to stay on at school! Thats fine we are 2 working parents but leads me to believe CSA continues feeding the benefit cuklture. He didnt have to work as Mother got all the money tax free, now she panics as we wont pay!!!

CSA just encourages people to stay on benefits for as long as they can!

Trying to secure child maintenance from my ex husbands

June 29, 2012

It is with great regret that I am finding it necessary to have to write to you regarding the incompetence of the CSA and the way I have been treated during my fifteen year battle in trying to obtain and secure child maintenance from my former husbands.

I am a single mother currently on benefits with four children living below the poverty line with debts being owed to me in excess of £32,000 in child maintenance arrears.

I have two children with David Kelman Young, my first husband. The last payment I received was on the 5th October 1998 for £38.00. In May 2002 I requested MP Bill Wiggin to represent me in regards to the CSA and he duly did so. On the 26th June 2002 I received a copy of the Midland Business Unit Managers report into investigations of my case which concludes an attachment of earnings order being placed on Mr Young and payments Read more

Write to your MP over and over

June 28, 2012

If you are not receiving payments but an assessment is in place then the current policy of the child maintenance and enforcement commission states: Where wilful and culpable neglect of a child can be proven in court, they have an opportunity to take the case to court for commital.

I suggest you write to your MP as much as possible. They can push a complaint through far quicker. For twelve years I have contacted Inland Revenue, Council Tax Offices, and the DWP, constantly updating them with my ex husbands addresses, my MP received up to six letters Read more

Am I entitled to money from my ex for our four children?

June 28, 2012

I have four children to my ex husband. They are now 10 yrs, 12yrs, 18yrs and 19 yrs old. We have been seperated since febuary 2007. I agreed that he could pay me maintanance every month for all four at 400 one month and 300 the next month am not sure when this started to be paid.

The children would all stay with him on avarage 2 nights a week. This continued untill early 2009 when the eldest two children stopped staying over at his house and it has been like that since.

The two youngest children still stay over on avarage two Read more

Child maintenance payments are unfair

June 28, 2012

My story concerns the unfairness of the assesment of child maintenace payments and how the CSA only use a limited number of parameters.

My ex wife and I separated some 4 years a go. I gave her a lump sum of monay, but surprise the CSA telephoned the next month to arrange maintenance payments. The payments were agreed and paid, with the necessary adjustments for when my child came and stayed the night, and then when my new partner and I had a new child together.

Whilst paying was not an issue, my daughter decided (even though the divorce papers say she is meant to come 4 nights a fortnight), not to come. In addition shortly after we split, I had to get an IVA to Read more

Ex lied to CSA so I pay more than I should

June 27, 2012

I have been paying more than my fair share of child support due to the fact my ex lied on the D.R.A. form stating she makes min. wage. How many home health care nurses do you know that work for min wage? i was injured on the job a little over a year ago and have a case pending settlement C.S.A. is going after.

I asked for a support review over a year ago and finally got it reduced problem is its based on a min wage job I still have no income and cant afford an attourney they refuse to go back and recalculate from the beginning even though she has lied all along I do not mind paying what i owe but i want a fair settlement and now they are going to take most if not all of the settlement for an un fair back child support amount they say i owe.

It would be nice to hear from a christian attourney that would work on payment after settlement as i have no income at this time i have also filed for disability.

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