Arrears letter from CSA – Had private agreement from day one

September 30, 2011

My ex wife and I split 17 years ago. Initially the CSA were contacted, but we decided to have a private agreement in place. So from day one I have always paid me ex every month on the dot.

Yesterday, completely out of the blue I receive a letter saying I owe £500 arrears. I phoned the CSA immediately and explained that I had a private agreement. They told me that the £500 was due to the fact that the ex had claimed benefits at the beginning and that I am now being sent the bill for it!! Surely that’s not right? I’ve paid every single month without fail the agreed amount.

No amount of arguing this point would get through to the woman from the CSA.

Why am I being sent this bill?

My boyfriend’s ex is not a very nice person

September 30, 2011

I’m so frustrated and angry and upset He has Three children to a woman who ran off with his brother and had children to him my fella was unbelievably hurt by this,She has now put a claim in to CSA. My fella gives his kids anything they want including love and attention games and clothes while she sits on her arse and does not work just has more kids to not work.

How can this be fair? we are trying to start off a new life to better ourselves and to not be on benefits but maybe to survive he might have to go on benefits. How can all this be fair and I want children I love them but i wouldn’t bring a child into the world without money. I’ve worked all my life and i have spent hundreds of hours working in the community it hasnt been easy either and it seems that some other woman who had an affair with her brother inlaw is wrecking my future with my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend so much too as he help me get out of a very very violent relationship so I wouldn’t leave him to pursue my dreams im just so upset i could cry. ;-(

Claim for Child support for two children

September 29, 2011

14 Months ago i contacted the CSA for advice. I had recently seperated and needed to know if i would benefit from child support, as my ex partner was already paying child support for three other children. They advised me that the child support that my ex paid would be divided equally between five children. They also advised me that it would possibly take 12 weeks to completed and that i would recieve the amount backdated from the date my claim was made.

14 months later, i’ve been advised there will be no payment backdated, as there are another family on the case, i have been told that i will receive different amounts monthly and i still dont know what i am going to receive. i have appealed!

The CSA have played a huge part in the deterioration of an amicable seperation.

This is not a fair system!

Can I set up a standing order for the CSA?

September 29, 2011

I am in the process of setting up CSA payments, i want to start a standing order instead of a direct debit so im in control of what goes out.

CSA agents have said i cant do this and i need to send them information of why and any literature that says i can do a standing order.

Has anyone ever read that a standing order is a acceptable means to pay.

Can anyone send me links to help me find this information.

Also can they backdate the first payment to when they first contacted me? or should payments be from the date its setup?

16 years of hell with the CSA

September 28, 2011

My ex left me with 2 children 8-10, a new baby and a bankrupcy. I fought and managed to pay off his debts and keep the house. Throughout the 16 years he has been gone he has lied, diverted income, paid not paid and generally been a miserable father. He was once earning £45000 per year but declaring £16000. I told the CSA and they askeed to prove it with wage slips? How? He did not pay once for 6 months because “his USA holiday was more expensive then he thought” and all the CSA did was put in in the arrears.

Finally when it got to over £8000 I asked for a departure to prove he lived beyond his his life style. The CSA asked me for proof of his household expenses-how do I know, we are divorced. He opened a new business and so I told the CSA that his circumstances have changed, they said they have no notification he had left his old job and he has not informed them he has changed address and now co-habitates. I said, “but I am telling you now so you can write to him and ask him to confirm or deny and their response was-“yes but you can lie!”.

So here I am No money for 6 months, £7000 arrears, and having to find PROOF from 200 miles away.He lives in a 4 bedroom town house in a marina, own business, foreign holidays and declares his income is zero. And guess what, the CSA belief that!!!!!!!

Absolutely useless

The CSA refuses to confirm how much we should pay

September 28, 2011

My partner has been using the CSA for the last 2 years to pay his ex for his 2 children. In march 2011 he finished work to go self employed, for a period he was claiming job seekers allowance as the self employment fell thorough, in early May he contacted CSA to tell them that he had started working and the rates he was getting paid, and asked them to re calculate the amount he should be paying.

However now September 16th its still not sorted. We have no idea where to turn, he’s speaking to them on average 3 times a week, requesting manager call backs to find out why its taking so long to sort out, but still as of a phone call at 13.30 no one at the CSA knows how much he should be paying every month.

I’m really confused as hes not earning some massive amount, hes on minimum wage @ 36 hours a week. We can find out how much he should be paying via the online calculator, and all we’ve asked for is for written confirmation of this.

Don’t know where to turn at the moment.

Ex CSA employee offering advice

September 27, 2011

I worked for the CSA for 2 months as a caseworker and have come on here to try and shed some light as to how they work. Now before I go on I feel i must tell you I never obtained money off an NRP or completed a case so that money would be taken, as simply I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I went there geniunely and niavely believing I could make a positive difference to both the PWC and the NRP but that simply was not the case. I quit 4 weeks after my training for the purely because I couldn’t bring myself to destroy peoples lives. I would love to be help everyone on here with advice or tips but I have a very limited knowledge of child maintenece law.

I knew nothing about child maintnence then and alomst as much now, you will find thats the case with most caseworkers as most come from either Customer Service or Credit Control backgrounds which is why you’ll find caseworkers being Read more

Am I entitled to money from my father?

September 27, 2011

I am a 23 year old woman.

My dad left my mum and I when i was 21 months old. He never paid any form of maintenance what so ever for me. We struggled for years whilst he sat back and had another child with someone else, who once he left them, he paid for them.

He recently got in touch with me over facebook and i want to know if i am entitled to any of the maintenance money he owes my mother and I. I do not want to get to know my father but we struggled for years because he just couldn’t be bothered to pay.

Many Thanks
Gemma Wingrove

Our tax credits used for ex’s children

September 26, 2011

Me and my husband have 3 children living with us, two from my ex one child together. However we have been paying for my husband’s 3 children through csa and now they have reassessed the case and are now taking our tax credits, not working tax credits, we get for our household now in to account.

How is this when the case were assessed two months ago and it was never taken in to account then?

This is not fair as we get the credits to help with our household. The children’s parents get their tax credits for their household so its like they are getting double as they dont have to tell anyone what csa they get.

We are strugling to get by and i feel it’s our children (the nrp getting done over) they are now going to get a extra 750.00 a year from our family’s tax credits.


CSA applying for order of sale

September 26, 2011

My husband has always supported his first son and his ex partner has never wanted to go through the CSA as she was happy with this arrangement, but now he is 18 they are trying to get my husband to pay £19.000 and they are getting an order of sale on our family home where we live with our other 4 children.

I’m very worried about this and how it will affect my children if we have to move out. I can’t believe that they can do this as its half my house and its something that i thought would be split into 5 for the children in the future to help them in life, but it seems like the government want to create more people claiming housing and benefits as a result of them allowing these ‘orders of sale’ on peoples properties.

It’s very upsetting and it seems like know one cares. I have even asked the local MP for help he did ask the CSA for a full explanation of the situation and got a reply and said he could not do any more!

We will never be able to get a home like this that we have worked hard to get for our family if we are forced out 🙁

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