CSA have rinsed me and I’m determined to fight back!

July 29, 2017

For the last 7 years the CSA have rinsed my earnings and even when I was out of work and received no benefits the CSA have been still charging me for my two children and my eldest is 19 and the CSA are still taking money for her, I pay for my children but the CSA have no write to still take money for her as she is not in further education and is old enough to work.

My other child who is 13 now I pay for to but he is in education and my youngest child is 3 and I find it hard to even take them places due to the CSA and there charges, we’ll I do know that the manner from the CSA is of a bullying manner to intimidate and scare parents and just rinsing there earnings.

I have rang the CSA to discuss my case only for the staff to tell me that they can take what they want and there’s nothing I can or could do about it hmmmm beating in mind that all calls are recorded and monitored but here’s the thing the calls don’t get monitored at all and staff are untrained rude and very front with there ways of dealing with us, I have called them at least 158 times and every time it’s the same they say well your wages is our bank account and we will rinse u, and I say to that look here CSA I’m human with rights and I will fight back and in reflection to the mental health act of 1998 which is there to protect people’s well being and no government body or figure may not use there power in such a manner to inflict or obtain any wealth from another public body, the CSA are private run and not by the.gov the CSA are only linked to the. Government, the CSA staff on a commission based pay so thats why they will not reason with a person coz they only see the £££££££££££££££. I no longer feel the need to live tbh and that hurts real bad so I only have one choice and that’s to fight back.

CSA made me homeless and are still chasing me for money!

July 28, 2017

The CSA since 2010 have had there clutches into my earnings when I was only earning £135 per week and they were leaving me with 35 pounds a week to live on which in turn has caused me to be ill for the last 7 years, and there charges are outrages and they put me under lots of stress which caused me to loose my family and home, I have therefore been homeless since, them scoundrels have distroyed my life to a point where life has no meaning anymore and they are now expecting me to pay £75 per week and I cannot afford this, but I think the CSA have useless staff who only care about money.

CSA have let me down by not getting my ex to pay

July 27, 2017

I have been let down by the child support agency. I am a single mother of 2 kids under 10. I work up to 50 hours a week and struggle to financially support my kids, when my daughter was 2 and my son was 5 I decided to go through the child support agency as there father refused to contribute. They decided he should contribute £120 a month and even thoigh it did not cover my childcare fees at least it was something. For 6 months he paid it then stopped paying telling me I would never get any money from him. csa called me at work to ask me if I still wanted the money, which I replied yes, so they said they will attempt to receive payment.

1 year late I cal them to ask about the case and they were shocked that I had not received anymore money. Thye then decided that as he was a self employed electrician who was a director of a company that I should receive more. 5 years later and child support arrears of over 10,000, they ask me again if I want them to claim for the money I again reply yes. I am then informed by them that I most lokely will not get a penny but they will try. I then receive a letter saying that I will need to write them a letter detailing why they should try and claim for the monies. I am not entitled to any benefits and housing support, I have a boy and a girl and can only afford a 2 bedroom, which is costing me 1100 a month exclusive of any bills and I am in >10,000 pounds in debt. I am still awaiting a response from them. What was the point? I feel they need to be more stricter with these selfish parents and support parents who are trying. I am just so tired of fighting tbh.

CSA can’t see that my son is being taken advantage of!

July 26, 2017

my son split from his girlfriend 3 yrs ago after she was having an affair they had a child together and my son was left devastated when she asked him to leave.

he had his daughter when it was convenient to his ex ( you know when seeing her new fella having her hair done out for meals period pains weekends away etc.)we made an agreement for me to pay £100 per month on the basis he has his little girl every weekend pays for her food and days out and buys her clothes(no big deal) madam then gets a mortgage gets married has a baby and hey ho csa call my son and says he has to pay £196 a month which he cannot afford and his daughter will now suffer as he can not afford to take her out or buy her clothes how is this justice sounds like madam needs more money to live the life she has become use to but sounds like my son is paying for it why can csa not see what she is doing and can he appeal the decision.

I’m paying maintenance but not allowed to see my daughter

July 25, 2017

Ok, so hi im James and here is my story,okay, so about 13 years ago,the girl i was dating got preagnat,in tunica ms,we found out,she was living with her dad abusive home,her mom and dad divorced,she stayed with her dad until,i begged her to go live with her mom,in fresno ca,because i didnt wamt the baby to get hurt,ok we stayd in contact mabee,3 months,then *poof* nothing,okay here is the kicker,i took a dna test when my babys momma,moved back to ms,and in the same town,i have begged,and begged,just to see my daughter,well i dont know what to do,i dont have money for a lawyer,i have payed ,(and Never have got to claim her on taxes ,nothing,ita clear she doesnt want me in her life, ok i get that,but why must i pay and pay and nothing,any advice can help.

It should be a crime to abandon your children!

July 24, 2017

The CSA used to send me a letter of statement every year telling me how much my ex ‘should’ pay me for child maintenance which used to ‘upset’ me as they could never find him unless he was paying tax (which he hardly ever did) or if he was claiming a benefit which he did briefly. He was traced briefly and an arrangement was set but after 2 or 3 payments were taken from his earnings he ‘moved on’ and was untraceable again…this was very frustrating as they wrote to me saying they couldn’t enforce anything as he moved abroad, they were discontinuing my case.

He now lives a good life, has a wonderful income and 3 expensive cars and a jet ski! I and our children suffered great emotional and financial hardship. I believe that avoiding the responsibility to ‘support’ your children should be a criminal offence. My ex husband was ‘allowed’ a divorce and wouldn’t even pay my solicitors fees without sorting any child maintenance arrears and ‘got away’ with not helping me raise the children emotionally & financially. I find it very sad. Our lives could’ve and should’ve been less stressful. ‘I’ had a very hard time and suffered a breakdown. The children saw my pain and indeed suffer their own ‘pain’. He ‘disserted’ us and as I had no money I stood no chance of ‘fair play’/justice/support. ‘If’ he was ‘poor’ I could ‘understand’ if he was struggling but he was said to be earning around £60.000 a year..and I couldn’t ‘understand’ why he didn’t ever ask me ‘if’ we were ok. It’s just not good enough that the CSA can only trace law abiding people. It’s a crime to ‘make’ children and abandon responsibility.

Am I entitled to more?

July 12, 2017

I am looking for some advice on a situation with my daughters dad (ex partner) he has been paying regular amounts of £180 per month towards the upkeep of our daughter. He has made comments about reducing this amount and I’m wondering how I work out how much I’m entitled to.

CSA admit I overpaid but won’t refund me and continue to take payments

July 7, 2017

the CSA calculated my payments wrong and were taking almost double what they should have been. Its been 9 months since my case was closed and they admitted to the mistake, and my Son now lives with me full time. Yet they refuse to refund me my monies owed, almost £4000 and yet they even continue to take money direct from my wages each month! Every single time I call (over 40 phone calls) I’m told a call back with be arranged within 24 hours, I have received 1(one) call back in 9 months. the system is a disgrace and many of the staff that work there are nothing but blatant liars.

Do I still need to pay CSA if daughter applies to college after 19?

July 6, 2017

A bit of advice if anyone knows.

It’s regarding college.

My daughter has finished college this week. She has to apply for next year at college, 2year of a two year course.

The csa Web site states that the child has to be accepted before they are 19. She is 19 and has just applied.

Does this mean that csa stops as she has not been accepted yet?

Advice from CSA was to sell my house and pay!

July 5, 2017

Me and my ex have a agreement in place snice 2005 so I pay 260pcm now that am married she want 381pcm as she has a man and a child with him wild still getting everything off government but still want more I told cms I can’t give what I don’t have I have my own family to look after as I fly when I can to see my daughter and buy everything she want online and send to her the response I got was ok sell your house and car and pay your child maintenance what a silly old fat cow I told her get off your ass and get a real job stop trying to take everything a man works for to better himself she like we’ll she is your daughter I say no way your lieing I have been paying snice 2005 when she was born and your just telling me that now what a fucking fat old cow.

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