Incompetent idiots started to get abusive when I challenged their lies

July 29, 2016

Before my case landed with these rude and incompetent individuals it was handled in Scotland. There is wages arrestment in place with a date of no later than 19 the of month to receive payment. These idiots denied this was a legal order and started yelling at me over the phone when I challenged this. A manager hung up when he too realised I wouldn’t be lied to accusing g me of having a bad attitude and being abusive. If that is a bad attitude and abuse for challenging blatant lies then I’m guilty but they think they can treat people like crap and lie to cover up their incompetence. I hope one of their family have the misfortune of needing to deal with these idiots.

Mixed messages from CSA could cost me everything

July 28, 2016

About 10 years ago I received a letter from the CSA stating I owed £19000 in arrears but if I paid £880 now to them this would be the end of the matter. I paid the mother direct with a private agreement until my daughter was out of education and in full time employment. (Now 20 Yrs old)

Over the past 4 weeks I have had 1 letter saying that my case was closed and my daughter is now longer entiltled to maitainance. then followed by 3 letters stating I owe £19000 and pay it now with the threat of DOE for £500 per month. No means test nothing. This will cost me my House and leave me with nothing to live on.

Any help would be useful.

DWP brings up old files and ex sees opportunity to get more money

July 27, 2016

Old file has popped up to the dwp and they contactacted ex who run with 1 of 3 children 14 years ago and 2800 shows up as unresolved the poisenous dwarw sees cherries and tells dwp to get it for her i paid 1800 into account october 2002 she stole 1000 on my mbna card which is quits in my calculator  she admits to having the monies but is saying its her settlement and maintainence is still owed.

I won my battle with CSA thanks to persistence and my local MP!

July 26, 2016

I wrote in this forum a few months ago about a CSA debt from 20 years ago which was enforced via an earnings order without any discussion or information being given to me!  I immediately wrote to my local MP when the CSA told me I could not lodge a complaint.

However my MP’s complaint was acceptable.

The CSA have now audited my account and rather than enforcing the debt of £3,400 from 20 years ago they have found that I have actually over paid in the pervious 20 years and therefore am owed £1000.

Goes to show you must complain and just not take no for an answer.  I do have another question though.  The discrepancy is £4,300, how can the CSA make such a mistake and be allowed to get away with it?  If I hadn’t pushed and pushed and just given in as they told me too, I would have paid the £3,400 and they would then have owed me a total of £4,300.  It’s highly unlikely they would have paid me the money back.  In private industry if you made such an error you would be for the high jump.  Therefore again how do they get away with such things!

If they do this to you. Go straight to your MP and get to the truth!!!

CSA say I owe arrears but my calculations say they owe me!

July 25, 2016

Csa are saying i owe arrears , they said they was using the gross income of £0.00 and said i had to pay £72.00 awk. they had my income upto the annual review id earned nearly £4,000 in the year 2014/2015. 2015/2016 i earned 16,000  and have to pay £62.00 aweek , im not disputing this years but how can i owe arrears if id only earned 4,000 in that tax year and there saying i owe £1,900 in arrears, ive been paying £65 aweek since june 2015. ive been disputing this since 2014 and just getting nowhere ,when ive done the maths its them that owe me because ive over paid.

Ex only using me for money and won’t let me see my child

July 23, 2016

This is why my angry is so strong.

Friend said infertile. Gets me drunk. One incident later pregnant? I am not happy. She is angry because of this. After lost off abuse, name calling etc. i gave her hundreds of pounds worth of stuff for coming child. Then i was locked off. didnt see again till child was a few days old back at her mums. Fell out again coz im self employed and she took me csa when she wouldnt allow me to see child and i stop aid.

They ask for 120 per week based on my earnings 2014. I am self emplyed and work a few month at a time.The gap between can not be know so I need a float to keep my company going. Recent she contacted me on the correct path. Sorted out all the things missing and more. Spent near £2000.00 while paying her 100 ever 2 weeks. In mean time she got csa asking me for £120 per week. Now our son is kitted out again. I cant see him. Got to sort it with csa tho she said she was cancelling it? Im not on birth cerf tho the name i suggested are. I called police on her to make it stop the abuse on one occasion.

My account sent a letter advising the wage im on out company earnings to keep thing nice till i get a long contract, but it has been ignored. So to stay focused ive been ignoring them back. Paying that would shut me down. 2014 was 2 years ago. And they keep asking tho I have told them I am not even to that level or even at all now. Feeling like a dna is needed be anything else. Why would I not be wanted on cert but yet expected to pay. on paper there is no dad by the mothers hand???? So i have no parental rights. Kid goes to the mum b4 me. How is this possible. The stress it causes is best ignored till court.

I’m not receiving CSA because they keep adding it to ex’s arrears

July 22, 2016

I have had nothing but trouble with the CSA, payments not being collected then just adding them on to arrears, so weeks i would go without any child support then when they final spoke to my ex husband and get him to pay they would just add them on to arrears, my youngest child is now 20 so no support is being collected, it is just now my arrears of years of missed payments, the total arrears are £4,124.89 to which the CSA has agreed with my ex to pay back £100 amonth..which is a joke and even this is not being paid over to me, at the rate of £100 amonth it is going to take over nearly four years to collect all the arrears, yet it does state on their web site that they clear arrears within 2 years! please can someone help me with this?

Do I need to pay CSA to my daughter for my son?

July 21, 2016

My wife passed away 7 weeks ago , my son is 17 and has not stayed in full time education , he has now enrolled himself on to a college course for mechanical engineering starting end of August , I got a letter from the CSA claiming my daughter who is 23 has put in a claim for my son to get CSA money from me , am I correct in saying he hasn’t stayed in full time education and is now going to a college course , do I still have to make a payment to my Daughter for my son , confusing and getting treated like scum by the CSA women in Newcastle , they wont listen to my side at all.

Ex rejected direct payments once she lied to CSA

July 19, 2016

Ive got a child with a ex.and was giving her money till i had open heart surgery then.lost my job my house everything.then my ex told csa i neva given anything to her and now ive got to pay £3500 back she found out im going back to work and i said ill give u £25 aweek she said no and took me to csa cuz the more money i earn she gets more for example if i earn £300 before tax i have to pay £36 aweek.even i got kids living with me but if i earn £600 aweek before tax then got to pay £62.but my ex got 3other kids a partner that works.

but ive got to pay £100 rent gas eletric water council tax kids football dancing hospital as my little 1 got problems due to being 13weeks early.for example.£600 take tax leaves me £480 aweek take bills = £100 rent eletric £30 aweek.gas £30 water £15 council tax £30 van insurance £25 petrol £50 plus £5 footy for my son footy and £5 aweek dancing my daughter  that leaves me with £180 and still got to get kids to scholl food dinners and days out if they be good.but csa dont see that.if there was no csa and told the mother to deal with the father then there would be 100% fathers who can see there kids and buy there kids stuff not pay for the mothers luxury life.if the father has to pay the mother then the mother should lose that amount out of there benefits.and i bet u the mother wouldnt go csa cuz there will lose there benfits money.

Loop hole means my ex doesn’t have to pay CSA

July 18, 2016

Csa said they had no jurisdiction on getting my sons father to pay because he works in private security earning a whopping 4500 per month and tax free but due to the loop hole in the English law system this is how dads get away with paying anything at all including tax.

Please help me get this loop hole closed so that all dads and mums who work out of the country but hold a uk passport and are from here legally have to pay so their children can have shoes that fit their little growing feet. Clothes that fit their growing bodies. Be warm. Have food in the fridge that helps them grow and learn and have the life they deserve.

From a hard working mum to a beautiful growing boy

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