I’m not receiving CSA because they keep adding it to ex’s arrears

July 22, 2016

I have had nothing but trouble with the CSA, payments not being collected then just adding them on to arrears, so weeks i would go without any child support then when they final spoke to my ex husband and get him to pay they would just add them on to arrears, my youngest child is now 20 so no support is being collected, it is just now my arrears of years of missed payments, the total arrears are £4,124.89 to which the CSA has agreed with my ex to pay back £100 amonth..which is a joke and even this is not being paid over to me, at the rate of £100 amonth it is going to take over nearly four years to collect all the arrears, yet it does state on their web site that they clear arrears within 2 years! please can someone help me with this?


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