CSA chase me for 3 years and I am NOT the father

June 30, 2009

Today was the court case. after 3 years of hell from the csa and the woman who accused me of being the father of her twins. This woman was spurned by me and found a more than willing ally in the form of the csa.

With her insistance i ended up with a ccj, a 2nd charge on my property,a liabilty order for 16k,several bailiff threatening letters and all the stress of a broken relationship on top of that with my partner (not the twins mother) and all this because at the time i couldn’t afford the dna test fee. three years on after seeking legal advice i paid and had the test done.

It came back that i was not the father. Three years of crap for a womans word and no proof.

To add insult to injury even tough it says on thier web site that you get the money back for the test fee if you are found not to be the father they will not refund it as i was soposed to ask for it in court. this they told me after the court case had ended!

Is there no end to the depths the csa will stoop to get one over on some one? Is it right a man can be persecuted for three years on a scorned womans word? surely the csa could of worked this woman out? she even named the boy ‘luke stuart green’

Ex refuses to tell CSA we have paid her

June 29, 2009

my boyfriend has a one year old son with his ex partner, he began working in april and had been giving his ex £50 week until recently, although he never got receipts off her. she has now gone to the csa and he sent off 5 payslips on particulary good wage weeks so im sure the average they have worked out is wrong. they have also said that as he started work in april he needs to pay £550 back pay even though he has tried explaining she has had money.

we are now panicking how they are going to take this money off him as £55 is already going to be coming off his wage and much more than that we are really going to be struggling. do you have any ideas how they go about getting these lump sums???

thanks in advance for your help

Vicki phelps

CSA contacting my employer for DEO

June 28, 2009

i have paid for my sons (twins) with no default , up until the point of there 16th birthdays , however although they both left school 2 mnths before that & both did not go to college and took up employment working togethor with the same employer , i have constantly been harrased by the csa over non payment , to which i have been passed from pillar to post.

Each time after explaining my case , and always the same outcome , you owe us money. My case is closed and still no better off , all because my ex continued to claim even though they were working. One of my sons wrote to them backing up my claims but to no avail , they keep telling me we will sort it out , but then after a few months i get a phone call & its back to square one , they do not seem to be interested in the facts of this case from my side , only that i owe them and they want paying.

Now im scared they will arrest my wage or even freeze my bank , and i do not think that i should have to pay this , as my ex was clearly pulling the wool over there (csa) eyes. I have a new baby and commitments , and cannot afford to pay this but im hitting my head against the wall , cause they will not listen.

One of my boys even left home during this period so was no longer under parentil control , but the csa were never informed of this or even the fact they both were working was never declared. How can she get away with this , and i can be penilised for her lies?

Not receiving money from the CSA

June 28, 2009

My son was 4 last week and I have only ever received approx 6 payments in this time. Yes his dad is making it difficult for the agency, but at the same time they are not using common sense or doing all in their power to aid the situation.

At first they claimed they could not trace his dad despite me giving them the last known address and family address. All trace action came back as untraceable, then low and behold I stumbled upon him in his uniform in his work place. Still this wasn’t plain sailing and took an absolute age to set up a deduction of earnings order. The agency now claim he isn’t full time employed and hence the lack of consistency in payments. Surely common sense would make you realise he must have another income or how on earth is he surviving, the agency have confirmed he is not in receipt of any income related benefits. I played detective yet again and facebook come up trumps with him advertising his second cash in hand income. The agency have failed to do anything with this information and again my son is going without.

The agency does hold a liability order that is now two years old, but have failed to collect anything through this. I have exhausted complaining through the Independent Case Examiner’s office and my local MP, I feel like jumping on the nearest cliff. The only thing stopping me is my son, but no one can give me any answers and every week is yet another struggle to feed and clothe my son. Please help I cannot continue living like this!

With the whole expenditure thing being so heavily publicised, is it not possible for the agency to have a fund to pay parents with care and reclaim from the non resident parent. I am sure if it was the governments money the agency were trying to collect they would be a lot more efficient and have more options available to them. Like I said everyday is a struggle and I do not know how much longer I can hold out for a magical answer!!

CSE force a DEO one me despite my ex earning more than me

June 27, 2009

Hi i’m a father of 3 and have just been hit with a CSA paymnet for my oldest child who i have been stopped from seeing for the last 15 years by her mother.

No claim as ever been made previous by her due to her having another relationship however due to this breaking down and the child going onto further education i have been hit with a DEO of £350 per month.

Now i have never been contacted by CSA and their excuse is i should have told them my address my answer WHY when i have never had any claim against me before.

My other 2 children who i see regular i pay for with a agreement with their mothers – no problems with this since i set them up but now they are under the threat of me being unable to afford due to the DEO from CSA – do they listen not really they will take some of this into consideration SOME i pay all off it so why some!!!

to do my job i have to drive and use a mobile my expenses are what i already have to pay out and claim back i am no better off so why can they take these into consideration – they can say CSA.

my first deduction for this is going to be on the 15th July and i have to pay £942 out of my salary – i am going to be unable to pay my bills etc do they care NO – when asked about my iving costs they are not taken into consideration so i can live in a cardboard box then????

i have no problems paying for my children however i have not seen this child since she was 1 year old her mother stopped me by hitting me with court orders and threats it far to late now to form a relationship with her as she has been brain wahsed by her mother that i am the bad guy!!!

My feelings in all this is why should i have to pay she doesnt feel like my child i wanted her to be and was stopped – the mother is a midwife at a hospital on nights and earns far more than i do but again this not takne into consideration – how do i feel now to be honest like packing my job in and to be honest my life what is the point anymore CSA are jst jumped up jobworths and i have never campaigned for anything in my life but if anyone out there knows of any groups etc i can join or has any advice for me please let me know?


CSA even get my child’s name wrong

June 27, 2009

I have a hearing in few days. The last one, also for a Liability Order was for two children who aren`t mine!

I konw that the way things stand, I cannot prevent a Liability Order being granted. The application is for my children, however, one of the childrens surnames on the summons is incorrect.

If I can just get this deferred for a few months, this may allow me to save some money. I will have to take out a loan,if I can, to avoid the house being sold, or even baliffs attending, and possibly taking items from my (other)children, 17 and 19.

I have requested all my file notes and I believe they are overestimating the debt.Although, I probably owe something. The problem is that I have had problems with the CSA and their mistakes since 1996. They just grind you down. Instead of listening to me, they just say It`s my fault or computer says. They are useless.

Anyway, if you have advice on how to, at least defer the hearing, I will be very grateful.

Not received a penny in 9 years from the CSA

June 26, 2009

My ex husband despite having a 50/50 split of assets decided he did not want to pay towards the upbringing of his two children, so after five years of no money whatsoever, when i went to university full time and worked i decided i really did need the support from him and it was about time he paid something.

This is the biggest mistake i ever made. The csa were rude to me, and to call them totally hopeless has to be an understatement. Despite taking him to court and a ruling made he had to pay arrears, he again continued to ignore them, and never paid a penny. In the end i had a huge student overdraft, which was less than he owed in arrears, and now have a charge against my property for this amount which i have to pay back, or i loose my home.

As his children are no longer dependents, yes after nine years the csa never managed to get a penny, i have just totally given up with them. It is just not worth the hassle, because they are totally useless. So in my experience if you ignore the forms, work self employed, and ignore them, you never have to pay. This is just not on, but most importantly not fair on the children.

Persecuted by the CSA for 10 Years

June 25, 2009

I had been a Police Officer (soft target) for 12 years until I was medically retired, due to depression, in  September 2008, brought on in no small part by the persecution I have suffered from the CSA for 10 years or so. I blame my ex wife for half this problem because she would not allow me to pay voluntarily and insisted on using the CSA as some kind of legalised harassment tool. When we divorced, she was given 2 of our 4 houses (rented out properties for our old age), one was sold to pay debts and I was given one with very little equity. In 10 years, i have paid her almost £40,000 in child maintenance payments.

Bearing in mind I have had the same job for 12 years, I was re-assessed some 57 times and paid child support direct from my earnings all this before the CSA came up up with an arrears amount of £6,500. They froze my bank account and took me to court to remove the small amount of savings I had in my account but on the final court appearance the judge, who was genuinly appaulled at my treatment, told the CSA representative to go and get her facts straight, you are not having this mans savings! Unfortunately, he didn’t dismiss the arrears amount and I’ve been paying this off for the last 6 years or so.

After my second nervous breakdown, I could take no more and was medically retired from the Police and given a small pension of £100 per month. I told the CSA last September and thought that was the end of them. I scrape by on my pension and small amount of saving.

Two weeks ago I received a letter from the CSA demanding £10,500 arrears! They are taking £200 of my pension and have told me if I don’t pay the £10,500 in one lump, they might put me in prison! They say that my protected level of income is now £395 per month (my mortgage is £450).

I have worked hard to re build my life and was doing ok, I re married recently and i’m supporting my wife and her disabled daughter on my pension and savings but now i don’t know what to do.


How can we avoid paying the CSA?

June 25, 2009

My husbands son is 17 and stopped attending college in Feb 09 (that we know about).
He stopped payments in Mar 09.

The child’s mother has told the CSA that he is still in full-time education- a lie.

How can we not pay for him and his mother to sit on their ba****des without causing a world war??

The CSA are harrassing my husband for his employment details and want us to prove that his son is not in education. They are also saying we have to pay if son is working less than 20 hours a week.

I am so angry that we both work and pay tax and NI, and were paying CSA when it was due but are expected to pay for her to benefit fraud and work illegally!!!

Also angry that son can be “let away” with having no motivation to do anything…

Also son only comes to see us when he feels like it and we pay for him and his girlfriend to come to see us and pay for all their activities and want us to buy them stuff.

Neither of us got this from our parents and have paid our own way since early teenage years!!

CSA Lose my Payments

June 24, 2009

After five years of arguements, missed and late payments, lies about income, money deducted by my ex for petrol, halving the monthly payment as he had him for three nights and basically a lot of stress caused by my ex I phoned the CSA and asked them to take over.

Now its 6 months on Ive only had two payments the amount has changed four times, they have taken money from his wages for the last two months and now they tell me they have lost it?????

Ive phoned, my ex has phoned and all we get told is someone is trying to find it and sort it out.

It is ridiculous I involved them as I thought it would be easier, I thougt I would get whatever the amount on time and regularly. I thought it would ease the stress but now instead of arguing with my ex Im argueing with the CSA.

Now I get a letter saying his payments are being reduced by 25% because he has moved in with a woman who has three kids. They dont take into account her wages, they dont take into account that she gets payments for her kids from their fathers or that she gets tax credits without telling them that he lives there! They live in a nice big council house which is half the rent I pay, driving a nice car…EACH!
He buys her a brand new Wii console and games for her birthday and yet his son has to wait three weeks for a present that cost less than the birthday cake (£20) I wouldnt mind if they were his kids but there not! Why should my son get less?

Meanwhile I had to move into cheaper accomadation, Im still paying out for clothes, shoes, food, pocket money having to say no to school clubs because I cant afford it. I tell tax credits that I have a partner that lives with me and works (minimum wage)and get my money reduced I go by the law and yet My son and I are made to wait.

All I want is to know what I am entitled to and to have it paid into my account they however are holding onto £1000 of money that belongs to my son when will I get it??? It depends when someone from the CSA looks into it ….its been 2 months now…ridiculous! if it was their money it would be done in an hour!

The system sucks !!!

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