CSE force a DEO one me despite my ex earning more than me

June 27, 2009

Hi i’m a father of 3 and have just been hit with a CSA paymnet for my oldest child who i have been stopped from seeing for the last 15 years by her mother.

No claim as ever been made previous by her due to her having another relationship however due to this breaking down and the child going onto further education i have been hit with a DEO of £350 per month.

Now i have never been contacted by CSA and their excuse is i should have told them my address my answer WHY when i have never had any claim against me before.

My other 2 children who i see regular i pay for with a agreement with their mothers – no problems with this since i set them up but now they are under the threat of me being unable to afford due to the DEO from CSA – do they listen not really they will take some of this into consideration SOME i pay all off it so why some!!!

to do my job i have to drive and use a mobile my expenses are what i already have to pay out and claim back i am no better off so why can they take these into consideration – they can say CSA.

my first deduction for this is going to be on the 15th July and i have to pay £942 out of my salary – i am going to be unable to pay my bills etc do they care NO – when asked about my iving costs they are not taken into consideration so i can live in a cardboard box then????

i have no problems paying for my children however i have not seen this child since she was 1 year old her mother stopped me by hitting me with court orders and threats it far to late now to form a relationship with her as she has been brain wahsed by her mother that i am the bad guy!!!

My feelings in all this is why should i have to pay she doesnt feel like my child i wanted her to be and was stopped – the mother is a midwife at a hospital on nights and earns far more than i do but again this not takne into consideration – how do i feel now to be honest like packing my job in and to be honest my life what is the point anymore CSA are jst jumped up jobworths and i have never campaigned for anything in my life but if anyone out there knows of any groups etc i can join or has any advice for me please let me know?



  • chall says:

    Hi Wayne,

    If you have received no contact from the agency, you should establish when, where and how they made contact with you.
    Could do with more info from you regarding this.

    As you have a case with the agency, the only way your other two children will be recognised, is if their PWC opens their own case – on CS2 your liability will be 15% of your net income for 1 child or 25% for 3, less shared care if 52 + nights per year.

    Your more than welcome to join us in the forum at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk, where we can advise you further.

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