Not received a penny in 9 years from the CSA

June 26, 2009

My ex husband despite having a 50/50 split of assets decided he did not want to pay towards the upbringing of his two children, so after five years of no money whatsoever, when i went to university full time and worked i decided i really did need the support from him and it was about time he paid something.

This is the biggest mistake i ever made. The csa were rude to me, and to call them totally hopeless has to be an understatement. Despite taking him to court and a ruling made he had to pay arrears, he again continued to ignore them, and never paid a penny. In the end i had a huge student overdraft, which was less than he owed in arrears, and now have a charge against my property for this amount which i have to pay back, or i loose my home.

As his children are no longer dependents, yes after nine years the csa never managed to get a penny, i have just totally given up with them. It is just not worth the hassle, because they are totally useless. So in my experience if you ignore the forms, work self employed, and ignore them, you never have to pay. This is just not on, but most importantly not fair on the children.


  • Jason says:

    Stop moaning woman!

    Compared to you, there are 99% of MEN who are 100 time worse off then you.

    You cry like your the ONLY wronged one. I have my own Shite with the CSA (Cock Sucking Asses)

    Just get on with your life!!

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