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Martin Jan, from CSA Birmingham, brags about going to Disney Land

Martin Jan, from the CSA in Birmingham, has sent out an ‘out of office’ reply from his email address to parents struggling to make ends meet bragging how he, and others at the CSA, are off to Disney Land in February next year.

It’s quite common to set an out of office on your email, so people emailing you know they’ll have to wait for you return to get a reply, but it’s also quite common to set a different one for internal and external emails. This way, Martin could have told parents who are unable to make ends meet financially that he’s away from the office and will reply to them on the 2nd of August, and could have told people at the CSA that he’s off to Disney Land, do they want to come along.

But no, instead Martin bragged to people who cannot afford holidays, whose children go without and are struggling in poverty that he, and others at the CSA, are off to Disney Land for a lavish holiday.

Here is the email Martin sent out to everyone who tried to email him, laughing at them for not being able to afford a holiday of their own. How many children would love to go to Disney Land, but their parents can’t afford it BECAUSE of Martin and his cronies? This makes us sick, and we hope Martin gets the message.


11 thoughts on “Martin Jan, from CSA Birmingham, brags about going to Disney Land

  1. Hey Martin, I’m interested in the Disney trip in Feb ! Me and my son Connor haven’t had a holiday in years as you lot at the CSA haven’t been able to get my wealthy trust fund ex husband to provide enough for our son. So, count us in !!

  2. LOL. The idea that the CSA pay for trips to Disney is beyond laughable. This is obviously a social club thing, organised in no way by the Department who are barely willing to pay for paper and pens let alone a holiday! People are being told to bring their own stationary to training courses because they can’t be provided, so don’t always think the worst.

  3. Me thinks Martin just didnt want to answer those emails, and has probably gone since then. So that holiday may well have been his googbye 🙂

  4. This is just ridiculous.
    People have this idea that the caseworkers at the csa are on loads of money. They are on a crap wage just like everyone else!
    John obviously has control of his finances and he may even have a csa case against him! But he definitely isn’t going to Disney because his wage gives him the luxury to do so whenever he pleases!
    Get a grip and get over a harmless mistake.

  5. Well good to see my money is going to a good cause.
    After all my ex just tells you my daughters at school and not in full time employment, even though i helped her get the job.
    And so money still goes out of my account and i’m told i need to sort this with the other parent even though she doesn’t talk to me.
    Then there’s my GF whos hubby owns 5 flats 2 shops has 4 kids and gets nothing because he says he skint.
    Oh he pays 5 pounds a month i forgot, but the bailiffs get that.
    Your all a fucking joke

  6. They have been takin csa for 4 an half years in total on my exs lies an she has been claiming child benefit to for that period aswell I asked them about my money they said case is close now I said its theft he said I’ll have to take advice they have wrongly take money why not do the right thing an give it bk in any other business they would have to answer for such a gross error

  7. What world do we live in where someone can take money out of your account fraudulenty an not give it back or even offer an explanation

  8. Hilarious.
    You haven’t even got the name correct, also I’m going to hazard a guess that the person who’s email it responds from, also volunteers for the sports and social club, which sometimes advertise discounted holidays, I’ll add that the discount is not subsidised by the tax payer or the applicants of the CSA/CMS or any other department before the offended brigade reply.
    It’s an easy mistake to make when setting up an out of office as I’m guessing they could of mistakenly added it to the external box instead of internal, remember the case workers are humans too.

  9. It’s hilarious that you’re highlighting all of the “CSAs” mistakes when you’ve got this person’s name wrong. (Martin is the Surname) and there isn’t a CSA office in Birmingham either. Well done you fuckin idiots.

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