CSA contacting my employer for DEO

June 28, 2009

i have paid for my sons (twins) with no default , up until the point of there 16th birthdays , however although they both left school 2 mnths before that & both did not go to college and took up employment working togethor with the same employer , i have constantly been harrased by the csa over non payment , to which i have been passed from pillar to post.

Each time after explaining my case , and always the same outcome , you owe us money. My case is closed and still no better off , all because my ex continued to claim even though they were working. One of my sons wrote to them backing up my claims but to no avail , they keep telling me we will sort it out , but then after a few months i get a phone call & its back to square one , they do not seem to be interested in the facts of this case from my side , only that i owe them and they want paying.

Now im scared they will arrest my wage or even freeze my bank , and i do not think that i should have to pay this , as my ex was clearly pulling the wool over there (csa) eyes. I have a new baby and commitments , and cannot afford to pay this but im hitting my head against the wall , cause they will not listen.

One of my boys even left home during this period so was no longer under parentil control , but the csa were never informed of this or even the fact they both were working was never declared. How can she get away with this , and i can be penilised for her lies?