Liability order still active even though I have paid up to date

March 31, 2011

I fell behind on my CSA payments to the tune of £14K which in January 2010 I paid directly to my ex partner, she then in turn wrote a letter to the CSA confirming the payment and I began to pay ex then directly. I never heard anymore until recently when I applied for a job where I have to deal with the courts and they do a lot of checks on you and one brought up that I owed the CSA £7k so after several phone calls to the CSA it turns out that they just suspended one of the liability orders.

They have stated to me that although the debt is clear they keep the Read more

After a decade of not paying, CSA says I owe my ex money!

March 31, 2011

This will no doubt be an all too familiar story to thousands of people up and down the country. It is partly my ex to blame and partly the CSA. I’ll keep this short and ‘sweet’.

When my ex and i split up 14 years ago my son was 1 year old and i involved the CSA. Over the last 14yrs it has cost me a fortune telephoning the CSA, chasing them up. Each time the CSA FINALLY caught up with my ex (each time took about 12 months and ME finding out his work details, which is hard when you don’t see or speak to your ex!) he just packed in his job, went on the dole a month or so then got a job and i’d have the whole carry-on again.

I complained a few years back and got £100 compensation. I was told numerous times that my case didn’t matter because i was on income support and i didn’t see the money anyway. I naturally chewed some heads as that is not Read more

Child Support Agency is a waste of space

March 30, 2011

Oh my GOD, where do I start, to say the CSA is shit is such an understatement, I stopped paying them nine months ago after finding out that my daughter who up untill nine moths ago I hadn’t seen for fifteen years ( don’t ask ) the crap CSA ow me two grand and still havn’t payed me back, they are a bunch of uninterested morons (sorry morons) i just wish they were based near me in England and not in bloody Belfast, I would be knocking on their door 24-7, god help all of you that still pay these usless tit’s wages, a complete waste of time…….!

Back dated maintenance to the CSA

March 30, 2011

In february my partner received a letter from the CSA stating that her EX had made an application for maintenance. Her son moved in with his father in 05/2010 and up until now we have been unaware that her ex had made a claim for maintenance payments. The CSA are now claiming that my partner should now make an arrears payment dating back to 05/2010.

On the letter she received it states that maintenance begins at the point she was first contacted, This date is 02/2011. In the past this happened to her when her son moved back in with her after living with his father. It turned out in that case that the CSA had not informed her ex of our application so her ex got his local MP involved and the case was deemed as illegal because her ex had not been Read more

Anyone got any advice on dealing with the CSA

March 29, 2011

Does the CSA live on another planet or what? I work part time as a lecturer we recently got regraded (down) which mean’t I took a 33% reduction in pay. Bearing in mind I may only work 10-15 hours/week and usually spend that much time again preparing unpaid lesson plans. With a take home of £500/month the CSA want to take almost £600/month. They will graciously allow me to retain the 1st £336/month of my salary (that’s great coz my rent is £340/month). I thought they could only take up to 40% of my take home even though Read more

CSA destroying my friend’s life

March 29, 2011

I spoke up on behalf of my friend today. The CSA were supposed to look into making a variation for travel expenses so that he can visit his children. His wife made him move to Canada about three years ago. He was sent over there to find work. When he arrived the company who had promised him a job before he went said sorry no job. When he called her to say he wanted to come back to UK she said ‘don’t you dare’. Then when she arrived in Canada with the children she confessed after several arguments that she had had affairs whilst he was away on duty in the army during their marriage. He was so hurt he said he wanted a divorce.

So she returned to UK with kids and took them to live in Essex. He returned to their home in Devon which was being rented and stayed at his dads. When the tenants moved out she rented a house and claimed benefits even though she was offered the house to live in. She then went on to get legal aid which she should not be entitled to. He works dam hard trying to make a living. Last December all of a sudden his boss kicked off against him saying really weird things about his children that were not true. This forced him to Read more

Never received a penny from the Child Support Agency

March 28, 2011

At the time that I made a claim private arrangements were being replaced by CSA assessments and that private arrangements would cease to be enforceable. I therefore made an application.

I have never received any monies from the CSA but have today received a letter from them. I have telephoned them for the sake of clarity.

The non resident parent is in arrears of 13,515 pounds. This will be deducted from their benefits at a rate of 5 pounds per week a quick calculation reveals that this will take 52 years to pay.

As I could not legally enforce any private arrangement at the time of application the CSA Read more

CSA not collecting arrears

March 28, 2011

My son is 24 years old this year, i have complied with the CSA since they started telling them were his father lived etc. Over the years i have been given letters telling me how much i would be getting etc, but never received anything until the arrears were in excess of £20,000. He has been taken to court and i have basically been granted my arrears deducted from anything he sells, and then eventually when i went to an MP a couple of years ago, within weeks a deductions of earnings order was granted, i received maintenance and arrears paid.

My son then left full time education, so i asked for the arrears payment to be increased to £250 a month as he would be about 68 years old before he paid it all back. Last year I asked CSA to check how much arrears were left to pay, so they stopped deducting from his earnings and told me it was all paid, when i enquired about this further it turned out he still had approx £7000 to pay, they kept writing Read more

NRPs have no recourse with the Child Support Agency

March 27, 2011

Why has the NRP got no recourse with the CSA, I have paid my ex maintenance every month – I have doubts it goes on the kids though! How many people on benefits can run mini cooper S’s with all the extras and have designer clothes, iphone 4 etc. Thats my issue with it all.

My ex decided she would go through the CSA to be difficult. I have to fight to see my kids as if I had them extra nights it would reduce her payments. I would love to have my kids live with me full time, but I’m only the father, what rights do I have!!!

I work an my new partner – not British (not lazy or out to get what they want) stays at Read more

Husband’s lazy ex lives off my money

March 27, 2011

I think most of the women out there are out to finish there ex’s off,,,, luckly my partner is self employed and we have got the csa to take only a small part out his wages ….due to me writing loads of letters etc to csa it wouldn’t of been worth us working if they had taken anymore ….and more to the point the fat ass sits on the sette all day watchs the box and living of the state ….so why the hell should we give her anymore as now the lazy asses get all the money and nothing is taken of there benifits …..

So really it doesn’t pay you to work anymore!

THE lazy cow has never worked in her life and its 37 ? lived oFf my man for 17 yrs and then expects us to foot the bill…. he lost his house thought her gambling as well….when my child was young and i split from my husband I was working 30 hrs a week from Read more

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