I’m taking action against the CSA!

August 31, 2016

I am now at my wits end with this bunch of idiots who call themselves CSA.

I am looking for support now to take action against this so called department of the government. Over 26 years on and off I dealt with the CSA or it’s various names. I am raising of campaign via facebook and direct email of the work and pension minister to now take the CSA to task over these failings.

At the moment I am looking for support via my email address of [email protected] of just email support I can gather to pass on to the minister. next few days I plan to raise a petition to get this government not only to launch a full investigation into the CSA but a full investigation by a independent judge in to this Government department for failing to keep data safe, records up too date information, confidentiality of people private information ie failing to keep data which is against the law

If I return to UK can CSA stop me from leaving again?

August 30, 2016

I saw a girl for a while and we split up. I was planing to move to Aus when I heard she had a baby and I got a letter in the post soon after for a court summons I went and they asked me to get a blood test I said I would and left for Aus. I have been gone for 9 years now if I go back for a holiday can they stop me leaving the uk again.

Can anyone let me know.

CSA can’t keep records updated and its still my fault

August 29, 2016


March to August 2016

I pay my support through my wages direct to my ex partner the way she wants which is no problem at all except the CSA is so slow to alter any details, over 15 years they have made mistakes after mistakes. every time I have moved or done something different I have informed them every time except they can’t seam to keep your details correct, this is mainly simply the fact your case goes from one office to another office and case file do not always follow with office, I live in the Hampshire area but my details have gone from Dudley office, to a Ireland office to Plymouth office to a Liverpool office to a Newcastle office now I am told it’s gone to another office plus Hampshire has moved in their view from South East to South West now told it’s in the midlands come on make your minds up please.

Five years ago I moved in with a new partner and told them but CSA didn’t keep the information but that was my fault, moved out once again told them once again we have no records of the information you gave us yes my fault again payment was completely incorrect so I ended up with amount owing, I have now paid the amount owing but they are still collecting the money, they owe me a lot of money, I live in my currant place since March this year and yes informed them back then and yes CSA again not kept the correct address, I have chased them many time and given them the details but they still won’t change the details my fault again I suppose. Last Friday I contacted the CSA and was told it will be actioned on the Monday and in a few days the money will be repaid direct in to your bank account, no sign by Thursday of the money rung them up again and was told your address still incorrect and on record not been actioned at all.

This is beyond a joke come on CSA pull your socks up!

New CSA charges are concerning me

August 26, 2016

I am deeply concerned regarding the new changes in place and the 20 per cent charge despite being repeatedly told they will give me my exes bank account details and I won’t have to pay the 20% charge I do not trust them.

I’ll start with my story my ex cheated on me and I left i then got told my daughter wasn’t mine and yet a few months later a call from the CSA so funnily enough I lost my job at this time and managed after my grandfather paid over £1000 in letters to see My daughter managed to get my ex to let me see her for a day i then had a phone call from my lawyers informing me that her lawyers had called to say I had kid napped my daughter ended up in court proved all lies wrong and started having access although she refused to turn up for DNA I still had to pay CSA recently my grandfather passed away and I bought a house I have now not seen my daughter for over 2 years for what I can only assume is a very jealous and bitter ex.

Anyways fast forward and my agreement ends with the CSA in November 2016 I have repeatedly asked to pay her money direct she has refused and laughed at me and said I have to to pay the charge and that is as far as I have got now due to the new changes will the onus be on her to prove I am father due to there never being any Dna we weren’t married repeated accusations from her to social services and school that Im not the father yet funnily enough the only people she does say Im the father too are the CSA suprise suprise i will continue to put money in an account and ask to pay direct until it is proven I may not even have a choice and have to continue to pay its all very frustrating and certainly does nothing to help just gives nasty stupid women more of a right to be vindictive and controlling.

I also pay CSA to another ex we have 2.boys unfortunately we had to break up due to me caring for my recently deceased grabdfather so I pay her money cash direct to her and see my boys I am on birth certificate for no problem will this help my case to hopefully avoid these charges or hopefully force my ex to a DNA test so there is 100 per cent proof I also think it’s illegal that they take money before tax and I also do some months a lot of overtime to make back the money I loose paying them so needless to say I have upped my pension contributions and cut out overtime for the following months until my case ends last payment is October 2016 so absolutely dreading November which is a shame as it is my other sons 1st birthday and I am unable to be a proper dad and family due to the amount of money the CSA takes it is such a terrible con and again does nothing to help Just need some advice and help on this matter.

CSA driving me crazy with their lies

August 24, 2016

I am presently paying 4 a child that isnt mine an the other kid im paying 4 is in an out of prison an not in further education, iv had long conversations with CSA but getting knowhere, iv requested all paper work on case and i now have this, they say they sent me a letter in 2007 but i told them i was in prison myself an they asked me 2 prove this which i did, it now transpires that they already knew this as it states in paperwork they was in contact with prison staff, also they have got the name wrong of the child on paperwork they sent me so effectively im paying 4 a child that dont even exist and in my eyes if the name is wrong then the whole claim is void and i should be reembursed,they say they offered me DNA test in 2009 when apparently i denied it even though iv had no contact with them untill recently and then it says i apparently admitted it which iv never done, im really hoping that you could possibly help me resolve this as i have mental health problems and this is driving me crazy, thanks !

Partner’s ex is dodging CSA so she won’t receive a penny

August 23, 2016

This is on behalf of my partner who has never received csa for 12 years. Now that her daughter is 13 and as all teens their demands and costs go up. My partner filed a case with csa back in April 2016, it’s now August 2016 and after months of her ex dodging the system she still hasn’t seen a penny. Firstly he submitted earnings that equated to £141 per month on minimum wage for one child.  Because he’s missed payments they have requested back pay +20% recovery fee. He has since put in new pay slips and the new monthly payment has dropped to £124 which apparently includes the 4mths back pay and fee. He’s still working full time so how can this be right.

Our daughter has suffered at the hands of the CSA’s actions

August 22, 2016

My divorce has taken nearly five years, split over two countries and everything that we once had in possessions and investments divided by the scourge of society, family lawyers. What followed was a phase of parental alienation, the use of legal aid (fraudulent) to bash me harder and amongst the many tools in the box the CSA was brought into bat to investigate non payment of maintenance. Of course these were false allegations but served a purpose for the solicitors that could wield another cleaver in the family courts.

I have never missed a payment to my daughter and never would yet I believe that somewhere nearing Read more

Does owning 3 businesses affect how much CSA you pay

August 21, 2016

I am enquiring on behalf of my girlfriend, she is looking to use CSA against her former boyfriend. He has his own businesses but presumably only pays himself enough in wages to avoid paying much tax.

Would you happen to know if owning 3 businesses would have any effect on the amount of CSA payable? I wonder whether the value/assets of the businesses are taken into account.

I would really appreciate your help in this matter.

Many thanks,

Ex stopped him seeing his son when he got a new partner

August 20, 2016

I myself have never called csa for money off my sons dad Purley because he’s never wanted to bother but my story is about my partner and it absolutely breaks My heart so if anyone could help please please please reply…

The mother took everything away from him when she cheated and he walked in. That’s where it all broke down.. he then pulled the engagement ring off her finger she then manipulated the situation and got him locked up over night and a restraint order on him.. he was seeing his child regularly and all was fine until he got a new girlfriend….

She then stopped him seeing him demanded money that she would spend on other things than their child.. he stopped paying. Regularly I see him break down because he can not see his child! It makes me sick how Read more

Men run rings around the CSA to escape paying

August 19, 2016

I have a 2 yr old daughter who’s father hasn’t so much bought her a pkt of nappies in her life. He works full time and doesn’t even want to see her never mind pay for her. but he is on the birth certificate.

I think it’s ridiculous that to get any help off the csa u have to pay a fee which on income support would Read more

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