When will my CSA hell end?

June 30, 2015

I am at my wits end with the CSA!

My problem has been unresolved for the last two years. I made ANOTHER formal complaint on Friday and am still waiting for my call back (will definitely be within 24hrs) surprise surprise, no call back!

The father of my daughter owes over £3000 in arrears and I have been trying to get it for the last two years.

He has his own buisness, employs staff and his new wife no longer needs to work but I am still fighting!

My first formal complaint in writing was April 2014 (this was because I had first contacted them in August 2013 and nothing had been done).

I received a written reply in May 2014 and was told how much the arrears were and that they were going to do a deductions of earnings and set up a payment plan.

Every time I ring I am passed from pillar to post. I have documented every phone call and they are all the same. My last phone call (before Friday) was in March 2015 where I was told they were waiting for him to provide a tax return and that they would escalate the case.

When I rang on Friday to make another verbal complaint I was told that NOTHING has been done since 3.3.15!

All I want is what is rightfully due to my daughter. I wish my CSA hell will come to an end……..

CSA policy is a joke!

June 30, 2015

So my ex wife decided to tell me twice says after Xmas in 2003 that she didn’t love me anymore. We have two children who were 18 months and 3 years old. She told me to leave the marital home after a year of marriage and the same day , that afternoon she moved my best friend in.

I was husband number 3 and she had 5 children before my two.

She divorced me and it was like a whirl wind ,she obviously was old hat at this process .I signed the forms and agreed to pay £200 a month for our children .She moved 60 miles away and I moved back in with my parents.

Three years ago I met someone new and we moved in together, I still kept up with my payments and never missed on.

Due to the rent we pay, which is the lowest property priced rent, our income is all accounted for like so many others.

My ex wife has now gone to the csa and now demanding an extra £100 a month!

Now I didn’t break up this marriage, I lost everything, my kids, family, home, marriage and even best friend.. So CSA why am I being penalised??

I have never missed a payment and I’m guessing this us jealousy on her account.

She also has 6 different surnames which she goes under… None of this makes sense.

My question is.. Why isn’t each case accessed individually???

Again, I never chose this, she called the shots and then took my children and moved away…

I’m just a mechanic, I haven’t had a pay rise in 8 years and yet everything else has gone up.

Where as she, she has a full-time job, his wage, all her other siblings are non dependants…

CSA, MPs, tell me, sorry advise me what I should do?

I tell you I have a meeting with CAB and to put my case on hold and yet you send me a letter stating this week I’m in arrears by £19…

This government policy is a joke!

What happened to being a free country and everyone being counted, … I’d be better off quitting my job!

Sneaky CSA found a way to keep my payments up!

June 30, 2015

I have been paying CSA for the last 18 years direct from my salary so i know they have been paid & being a merchant seaman & away from home for long periods it suited me , anyway i came across something which i knew nothing about just by goofing around various websites , included in but not part of child maintenance is a carer allowance ” an extra amount based on the age of the youngest child for whom child maintenance is needed. This is known as a carer allowance. This is not maintenance for the children, but we include it because the children need to be cared for by an adult. This carer allowance is reduced by 25% if the youngest child is 11, 12 or 13, or by 50% if the youngest child is 14 or 15. The carer allowance ends when the youngest child is 16.

Well as my youngest as almost 17 i asked about it & got it removed but when i asked if it was getting backdated i was told it only comes into force from when i asked about it , told them i only found out about it & didn’t know about it cut no ice , anyway as a result my payments have gone down but out of the blue & very sneaky in my opinion they said i owed £275 for the DNA test i had , bloody hell i thought that would have been included from the outset as it was over 16 years ago when i had that done & has never ever been mentioned to me before , can they do this as i feel because my payments went down , they had great pleasure in hitting me with this , it is never ending with them i only have a few more years of dealing with them what will they hit me with in the meantime , the person on the phone very arrogant like everyone i have spoken to at the CSA.

Why do I bother with CSA?

June 29, 2015

well after 5 years of being with the csa i have now just started to recieve £2.50 per week. Throughout those 5 years that i have been with them i have kept them up to date on where my sons father worked, his address and telephone number. i have now found out he is starting a new job next week so wonder how long it will take for the csa to do something about it! I have spent a fortune on phone calls to this place as i only have a mobile but thought it would be worth it in the end to get some maintenence never in a million years did i think it would take 5 years for £2.50 a week or i wouldnt of bothered!

Where do I stand with CSA?

June 29, 2015

im enquiring on behalf of my partner. He has a three year old girl who spends 4 nights a week with us or three with us and one with his parents. His daughters monther is now asking for child maintenance however we have her more than she does?

where do we stand as when calculated it says we should be paying her £20 per week even though we provided all her clothing, school uniforms, shoes, food entertainment ect for four days a week/nights a week.\ she claims the tax credit and child support we have no help in financially raising her.

I just want some clarification on where we stand.

My ex-wife refuses to pay maintenance

June 29, 2015

My 16 year old daughter lives with me full time and never sees her mother and my 8 year old son lives with his mother Mon-Fri and lives with me Fri-Mon. My wife hasn’t paid CSA for my daughter in over 3 years however, she has only been unemployed for 1 year, March 2011-March 2012, and still refuses to either pay or pay the right amount. I pay for my son however, i don’t receive any payments for the 3 nights I have him or any benefits, therefore I am expected to care for 2 children with no help from their mother.

I have contacted the CSA on many occasions and have never been given any help. My ex wife also works 9-5, Mon-Fri and claims she only earns £8,000 per year, however I worked out that she’d then be working under NMW for Scotland which is illegal and when I informed the CSA about this they didn’t bother investigating. She can also afford to go on 3 holidays per year and buy a new car but I can barely afford to go for a day out with my children. It is also frustrating as my son wishes to live with me full time but the courts won’t listen to his wishes. Could you tell me what I should do next and how I should get my wife to pay for her daughter?

CSA dismissed their own findings

June 28, 2015

Having contacted the csa about the birth of my son they eventually after 19 weeks gave me a £2 deduction & a £867 arrears bill & they where going to take an extra £87 a week on top of my regular maintenance payments starting from a week after initial letter was sent to me.I couldnt understand where these arrears had come from as my payments are made buy a deductions of earnings(took straight from my wages).After ringing csa bolton up on numerous occasions & being told different information every time i rang i asked to speak to a manager.

The manager then told me i was called once and because i didnt answer they finalized the case,i told the manager that financially i couldnt pay that amount i was told if i didnt like it i had to go down complaints appeal.I complained & numerous phone calls again finally got a case worker to look into the arrears the csa claim i owe them,i finally recieved a breakdown of how the csa claim i owed arrears they had the incorrect information dating back to 2007 when i was off work,i informed the case worker i had a breakdown letter from a previous re-assesment in 2009 with the correct breakdown assesment showing the correct times i was off work,i asked the case worker if i could send it into her as it was proof i didnt owe them money she said “no”.

The case worker re-assesed without taking into account the breakdown letter from 2009 she said i now owed them £707 since then i have now recieved another letter saying i owe csa arrears of £987 having made numerous more phone calls only to be told misleading information i have asked to take my complaint further, after waiting for a letter with jim edwards contact details(as csa wouldnt give me over phone).As the letter never came i was then told to write a letter & put jim edwards name on top & send to csa bolton.i carnt understand why they didnt want the csa breakdown letter from 2009 proving I DONT OWE THEM A PENNY!!

I can’t afford my maintenance

June 28, 2015

i am divorced and have 3 children, two with my ex husband and one with my current boyfriend. My two older children are 16 and 14 and my young one is 18months, i dont work as im a full time mother and i look after my baby all day every day which is a full time job for me. my husband looks after the two older children most of the time but the 16 year old girl is rarely at his house spending most of her time at her boyfriends.

my ex husband has just started claiming benefits off me even though i have no wages or income and no way to pay them. I have the baby full time and can barely afford to feed and cloth her and myself, they are now taking 20 a month from me even though i do all the driving which costs me most of my weeks money and means i cant have fresh fruit for my baby each week and cant afford to feed my children properly. this deeply upsets me because he owns a well off paragliding buisness and does not need the extra 20 a month but i do and i dont eat many nights a week to ensure my baby has enough to eat and so i can see my children, i recieved a 750 bill today for meintenance from my ex and just cannot offord to pay it. I really need help to stop this being taken from me, because i have my children every other weekend and half the holidays and i dont get any money to help me pay for their food or to help pick them up. i really need help to sort this out as it is causing me so many problems when he owns his own buisness and doesnt need the benefits. Please help me figure out how to fix this. 🙁

The CSA has made my life unbearable

June 28, 2015

The CSA now take nearly 40% of my income. The impact of this on my life is intolerable. I have to work 60 hours a week and I have less than you would get on the dole to live on. I feel like my life is now a waste of time. Physiologically I have been destroyed by this organization. Before the CSA put a DOE on my wage I had regular meaningful contact with my children. I was a very active father. Now I can’t even afford the train fare to get to them. I have been placed on medication for depression and have seriously considered suicide.

How much do I have to pay?

June 27, 2015

im currently giveng my sons mother £200 a month and im struggling for money was just wanted to no how much i have to give his mother, i bring home £1200.00 a month wages recieve dla of £500 a month i live on my own with a mortgage i have my son everyother friday saturday night and sunday day, every wed night. im waiting to have a opperation due to a long term problem since birth, i was told that i get help with money whilst im of work having a opperartion from yourself dont no if this is true or not? if you could get back to me with some info id really apprectiate it thank you.

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