Ex refused contact so we didn’t pay

August 31, 2011

My husband and I have been paying csa payments for 3 years now inc arrears that had accrued while we refused to pay his ex as she would not allow contact. Contact recently began back and since speaking with the ex, it has come to light that apparently, as far as she is concerned the arrears were paid up to date back in Aug 2010 so she receives £151 a month now. However, we are still paying £283 which is taken direct from my husbands salary. 2 years ago I worked out what arrears we would be due and I was positive we were paying way over (we are due to continue paying arrears until March 2013) and my husband phoned and got a copy of the arrears and how they were worked out which was very confusing but we just assumed we had worked it out wrong.

My husband will be phoning them tonight. Any suggestions as to what has happened? Is it more likely she is lying although she would be stupid to do so as all it takes is a phone call to prove it or is it more probable the csa has screwed up?

Suspend debt from 2003

August 31, 2011

In Sept 2009 CAS asked me to send infromation on being re assesed which I dis then in May I recived a letter from Belfast saying that I owed £1037.51 suppended debt and needed to pay this in full or make an arrangement to pay amount of £95 amonth or get a loan to pay it off. I spoke to the assesment team in Plymouth they asses me to pay £6.80 a week bearing in mind my youngest child finished school on the 27th May 2011. £6.80 in nothing a week but Csa wanted this suppended debt paying from 2003 I have had statments to say I have a nil balance no word of this supened debt if I had known that I owe this debt I would have paid this from 2003 it is over 8 years.

I have spent over £25 on phone calls starting in Belfast Plymouth Birmingham Glasgow being Read more

Is there anything I can do to stop the CSA?

August 30, 2011

CSA dont care about our situation , ex partners dont care. Who the hell does care about us men! What i really want is some advice as my daughter is too turn 1 year old in 2 weeks and my current situation could quite possibly leave me homeless, but does the CSA give 2 shits , no, does my ex partnet, no.Who does? Cant even afford too buy her anything nice for her first birthday. :/

So i took out a flat for me and what was my girlfriend, we both signed the agreement. 4 weeks later she decided she wanted too leave and go back and live with her alcoholic mother and leave me paying for all this when i cant Read more

Denied contact with my daughter by my ex even though I won a court case

August 30, 2011

I have a child, she is now 6 years old but i don’t know her.

I fought in court for 5 years for the right to know my daughter, which was very costly, and won; however her mother remained hostile and i was unable to establish a bond, she thwarted the courts on Read more

CSA applied for an order of sale on my house because of my husband’s ex partner

August 29, 2011

We have 3 children under 7 and my husband has a son from a previous relationship (greedy woman looking for a willing sperm donor). The CSA have consistently assessed him incorrectly and he still remains on the corrupt punitive CSA 1 system. They have an application for an order of sale on our property for (£4500) which is grossly incorrect.

The CSA are willing to make a hard working innocent family homeless for this small amount. We have offered the correct amount £1800 but they have refused. Our case is on Tuesday next week.

I feel sick as I am being treated like a criminal even though the CSA is nothing to do with me or our children.

Not enough money to live on thanks to the Child Support Agency

August 29, 2011

Dear sirs, the csa take money direct from wages. They also take arrears.

I’ve been fighting for years with them over the amount of arrears, they said i owed them money even though i paid the mothers of my children.

At one time they were taking over £89 per week, leaving me with about £133 to live on. As a result i lost my place were i lived due to rent arrears, I didnt have enough money to live on. I asked and asked them (csa) to reduce the Read more

CSA have destroyed my life with my new partner

August 28, 2011

13 years ago my wife left me and took my 2 kids with her.

The csa got involved and due to me living 100 miles away from them and having my kids for over 104 nights a year it was classed as joint custody.

After 13 years I’ve had a phone call from csa at Falkirk, i now owe over 1500 pounds. I was spoken to like dirt and was told i will pay one way or another.

The last time i ever spoke to them they told me they paid my ex too much money and it was down to me to pay it back. They asked me if i knew who i spoke to, what year and time.

Can anybody help me as i still see my kids every weekend and have a 1 year old with my present partner , they have rung up and blown my life apart once again and say i should pay it back over 2 years at 60 pound a month, please help.

The CSA is doing nothing about my case

August 28, 2011

I am nicola mc blane and i have a case with the csa and i have been waiting since the 20th of may 2011 to get money.

I have been stressing out over this and i think it is terrible and out of order that single parents have to wait this long to get the money off their ex partners. I hope it can get fixed and i will be able to get some money for my wee girl for her nursery.

I think the dads of the kids should pay for their and not bother and also they should have their driving lisence, passport taken away from them if they dont comply with the csa and i wish they would change the system so that single mothers dont have to suffer in the way i did with the ex partner not paying his way for his child.

I am just wanting someone to get back to me about my case and tell me what happening and when i am going to start to get money from my ex partner

Separated for a short time and now I owe money to the CSA

August 27, 2011

To cut a long story short me and my partner seperated for a short time and it turns out after about 3 years i owe CSA £2800 to which they have put a detachment of earnings on my wage of £168 per month now they never asked me what my out goings were i have 3 children and a wife who does not work now im paying out my wage on bills and debts i have nothing left we have £140 a week to buy food, clothes pay Read more

Me and my ex want a private arrangement but CSA will not listen

August 27, 2011

I have worked all my life and pay my way to my kids!

And they have never wanted until 2yrs ago, i was earning a decent wage until the csa got involved and started taking money from source, they have been taking around £650 a month and maybe more if i do over time they take more and leave us with a take home pay of £1016 a month, i have a partner and two young kids, one of which is autistic and needs 24hr care, we also have my daughter at weekends and during the school holidays, but now Read more

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