CSA chase me for 3 years and I am NOT the father

June 30, 2009

Today was the court case. after 3 years of hell from the csa and the woman who accused me of being the father of her twins. This woman was spurned by me and found a more than willing ally in the form of the csa.

With her insistance i ended up with a ccj, a 2nd charge on my property,a liabilty order for 16k,several bailiff threatening letters and all the stress of a broken relationship on top of that with my partner (not the twins mother) and all this because at the time i couldn’t afford the dna test fee. three years on after seeking legal advice i paid and had the test done.

It came back that i was not the father. Three years of crap for a womans word and no proof.

To add insult to injury even tough it says on thier web site that you get the money back for the test fee if you are found not to be the father they will not refund it as i was soposed to ask for it in court. this they told me after the court case had ended!

Is there no end to the depths the csa will stoop to get one over on some one? Is it right a man can be persecuted for three years on a scorned womans word? surely the csa could of worked this woman out? she even named the boy ‘luke stuart green’


  • Shimmy says:

    I am a woman & feel the CSA are a law unto themselves! They do more damage to peoples lives with absolutely no evidence to support their claims.

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