What happens if my son stops seeing his dad?

May 31, 2014

I have two children. My son and his father have had a falling out and is now not going every other weekend from 6pm on a Friday to 6pm on a Sunday.

Does my ex husband have to increase payment for him as there are no more over night stays?

My son is 15 years and still in full time education.

Am I only meant to pay from the time of the review?

May 31, 2014

Hi, i received a demand from the CSA for payments dated 19th May.(after a phone review in April).

The payments have been backdated from February. when i complained i was told that they had tried to contact me by phone in February with out success.

Are they correct or should i only pay from the date of the review letter dated April

Why aren’t our divorce agreements taken into account?

May 31, 2014

CSA – Took 15% straight from my salary. I have to pay the payment to my ex wife because my daughter lives with her when actually my daughter lives in Leeds and is studying in Leeds and not living at home at all.

During the divorce my ex was awarded the family home and I ended up paying the marital debts.

Why isnt all this taken into account when the descision is made?

Hoarding ex won’t help

May 30, 2014

Domestically violent ex husband hiding salaryof £75000 in offshore account, paid minimum wage and rest sent in bonuses to avoid paying child maintenance.

Forced me to opt out of csa or he will take job abroad and I will get nothing.

Income he declared to csa was minimum wage £800/ month.

Please can anyone help?

Do I have to pay for someone in their twenties?

May 30, 2014

Hi I need help as I just had a letter of my ex wife from the child mantince to claim money.

I was married to her for 9 years on witch we claimed together and I paid my way to my daughter now I get this letter and she is now 23 years old.

So can thay do this and how far back thought its only till 16 years old?

I can’t spend time with my baby as I’m working all the time to pay CSA

May 30, 2014

CSA . what a joke this systerm is. for one they dont take into account your out goings and take a percent of what you earn.

This is all wrong because the more you earn the more you have to pay, since when does looking after a baby cost a hundred pounds a week, i dont even spend that much on myself and my other son, so if your working hard to get a better income for yourself and save you cant because they just take more money of you.

If i went on the dole i would only pay a fiver, so its just not fair . i have my other son four days a week . im all for taking responsabilty for my children as i love them very much but my new child is 3 weeks old and has been given so much stuff even his mum says he dosnt need anything , but that didnt stop her butting a claim in.

So now i have to work to jobs in order to pay her the csa money so the time i should be spending with my baby i cant because i now have to work to pay her, babies need love and attention. not material stuff, but hay its ok as now his mum has been spending the money on her self .

So in short i have to use the time i should be spending with my son working in order to pay the csa . i brought myson up on my own when his mum left and i got nothing because she was a sutdent. its all a big con. i now live on the bread line whilst my ex is buying herself new trainers with the csa money /all i can say is greed.

The CSA’s actions might mean me losing contact with my son

May 29, 2014

My ex wife has filled in her annual form, and in this form she filled in he does not stay with me anymore, but he stays with my parents in a house i own.

After the csa contacted me to confirm the change in matters i told them that this was not accurate which has resulted in my ex wife stopping my son coming to me for a long weekend and she has stopped him going to my parents house as we had arranged in our deviorce.

The actions of the csa in this case may have resulted in me loosing contact with my son which has caused a great deal of stress to my son as he will not get the help of me or my parents in his schooling which my ex wife does not help him with enough and has neglected doing with him on numorous occasions one of which was the practice of his sats revision.

This has also but much stress on other family members and i feel as a father the help we can get to access our children is far from what it should be and the help a mother can receive is far superior.

Any help would be greatly recieved in this matter.

We both want to opt out but the CSA won’t listen

May 29, 2014

My ex and i have had it with the csa and have written and emailed them to say we both consider the cases closed and all debts paid in full all arrears written off.

The csa wrote back asking for confirmation stating that money will only be written off up to the date of our letter ,but will not include payments in the period the letters take to get to them, and into the future…what do i have to do?

I dont want a penny now or in the future…neither does my ex…but the csa are intent on screwing one or both of us.

Now they have sent me a letter giving me 30 days to change my mind…what do i have to do or say to get through to them?

Why should I pay for the privilege of dealing with these idiots?

May 29, 2014

Why are the csa unaccountable why can they tell you one thing then change their mind?

How can they tell you you are £9000 in arrears yet when asked refuse to give you the evidence and breakdown of this?

If you are in arrears with a bank/finance company they have a duty of care to disclose the reason for this. Why do the CSA get away with it Is there not some European Court of Rights that can help us with this?

If I was paying £220 in voluntary payments to my ex and she decides its not enough and goes to the CSA who tell me I should pay £220pm but through them and they will now charge me £40pm for the priveledge of dealing with absolute idiotic knobs.

They have to stop sucking away my life

May 28, 2014

I was paying my ex-wife monies when I visited her and to collect my children to take them out for the day. I would pay her cash and buy my children clothes and toys every time(not just Christmas and birthdays).

She found it dificult to accept our maariage was over eventhough we were divorced.

She was taking monies from me and claimingbenefits for herself and the children. She then decided after many years of this mutual understanding bbetween us went to the CSA and said I had never given her a penny.

I know now that I should have paid her by cheque or kept records of my payments but I never thought she would turn nasty.

The CSA are saying now that I have a debtof approx £10,000 and they will deduct amounts from my salary on a monthly basis to pay this off. I didnt pay by cheque or kept records but I do have witnesses to say that I paid her cash on a regular basis. Even my son and daughter are prepared to say they knew and saw me pay but the CSA are taking non of this and insist I still pay.

I left my exwife everything, the house, car and endowements and she has made a lot of money from these but still she is like a bottoless pit and therestill isnt enough for her.

She claimed benefitswhile still taking money from me, she has frodulently claimed from he motor insurance after saying her car was stolen but her can can be found at the bottom of a slate quarry where she and her current boyfriend dumped it.

This sucking of my life away must stop!!

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