They are asking for more than I even earn!

May 28, 2014

Hello there, I need some help or advice please? the other day I received notification from the CSA that they are going to start taking the sum of £471 a month off me through ‘Deduction from Wages Order’ for arrears of £14,239 that they say I owe.

This sum is more than I even earn in some months so I just can not afford to pay that amount.

I’ve tried to contact them to discuss this issue but they refused to talk to me on the grounds that I failed to answer their ‘security questions’ correctly. I don’t understand that either because the answers I gave to their questions were absolutely correct.

I’m not disputing that I may owe them some arrears, I just wanted to know how they got it to such a crazy amount and why they were going to try and take off me more than I earn?

This action will now affect the maintenance that I pay for my 8 year old daughter because I will no longer have the money to pay her, which will then probably end up as yet another CSA case.

I’d welcome any advice or help you can offer, thank you.

Why are paying parents discriminated against by the CSA?

May 28, 2014

I have gone through the complaints procedure regarding the handling of my case I am a paying parent I have gone to the tribunals who said I need to go back to the Chief Executive for a response.

This has taken 3months from the start of my complaint. My partner is my representative so she rang to follow up the call handler thought she was a receiving parent and was lovely to her until he found out she wasn’t then he quickly turned abrupt and arrogant.

So much so that she commented on it why are paying parents discriminated against why doesn’t the government do something about this inefficient, unsupportive, clueless government department.

I’m sick of dealing with these robots

May 27, 2014

I have two beautiful children and they are my life, I have been paying through a private agreement with my ex which I have proof of.

Last year we got divorced and she sold the marital home to her friend so she could then rent it back off her and claim housing benefit, which she was turned down for until she got the local MP involved and then boom she can claim it, its all about the money for her!!!

I then get letter from the CSA stating she has asked them to get involved and take the money through them, I was left numerous messages on my mobile, to which I contacted the CW and advised he needed to contact me on a different number or at work, this never happened.

I was then advised by my workplace that the CSA had been in touch to see what I got paid, so I just waited to see what dropped on the doorstep in regards how much they said I should pay!!! I have been paying my ex £80pm of which she has never complained about.

I didn’t receive any letter for 2 months and then that was after the CSA sent all my personal details to an open fax machine in my office at work that is used by over 25 other people including Temp staff and contractors!! CLEAR BREACH OF DATA PROTECTION…

I have since received my letter after I have sent in a formal grievance/complaint regarding this breach, to which I have received a letter stating they will look into it and contact me within 15 days.

I got a call yesterday to actually go through my details so they can work out how much I should be paying because as per my letter I need to pay £152pw as my ex has told ive only paid her £376 ever and also I only have by children 1 night a week when I have them a min of 2 nights per week and have since we split.

I advised this to the CW at the CSA who said can you prove you have the children more than 1 night a week, to which I advised NO as I didn’t think I had to!! he then said even if you could I doesn’t mean we will change it anyway it’s up to us!! and we will base it on that.

I then advised I have a 6 month Son living with me to which he said I had to prove as well.

I advised that there is no way I can pay that amount of money as that would leave me in debt and unable to pay for my mortgage and provide for my son and my 2 children when I do have them, that apparently is unfortunate!!! and the money is going to be deducted from my salary at source anyway so I have no say anyway.

I worked out while listening to this robot.. after all my out goings which includes the money I have been paying my ex I will have £47 to live on for the month that wont even pay for the petrol to go and pick up and drop my children off.

I asked regarding the complaints I had put in but the CW seemed to skip over that, as if the breach in DPA is a common occurrence and they don’t care.

I am sick with worry that she will hide my kids from me as she has done this before when she spits her dummy out, and with the money they are starting to take I will be getting myself in debt and am scared I will lose everything.

I don’t know what to do or where to turn, I’m considering ending it all, but I love my children so much I could never do that to them, but I’m on the brink of having a meltdown.

Any help or advise would be greatly received.

Thanks for reading/ listening

Both the CSA and Child Benefit are blaming each other rather than helping

May 27, 2014

My daughter is 18 she was going to college last november but stopped and gained employment. I am paying child support but I am struggling with my finances.

I contacted the child benefit because the CSA said thier payments are based on this, basically if the mother is in reciept of benefit she is entitled to csa payments , I explained to both that she is not attending college and they should check with the college but the csa and the child benefit are blaming each other and not taking and steps to investigate.

The csa said they might just ask the mother, i explained this would not return any honest answers. It seems unless I go to my MP there is no one to fight in my corner. Both seem very unhelpful because it is easier to continue taking the money rather than investigate. Please advise.

He owes me thousands so why must I pay him?

May 27, 2014

I seperated from my ex husband over 10 years ago. we have 2 children. Despite an ongoing case he did not pay maintainance as he should amd as a result is now in arrears to the sum of £30,000.

I complained in 2008 about the lack of follow up on the case despite providing CSA with his address and placve of work. They were are aware that there was equity in his property (at least £50,000) and advised that they would be apllying to take the case to court which still has not happened and i have not recieved a penny.

My son is now 17 and resides with his father, i had kep[t him with no maintainance from his father from the age of 5 to 14, i never received payments for my daughter who is now 20 yeras old. i have recieved a letter this morning to inform that now his father is attempting to claim maintainance from me despite him owing me this sum of money, how can this be right?

I have spoke to various people this morning who gave me conflicting information hence the complaint and i plan to seek legal advice.

Firstly i was told that5 following an assessment of my earnings once it had been decided what i have to pay i wouldnt infact pay anything as this amount would be taken off the money that he infact owes me for the very same child that he is attempting to claim for. i was advised this by 2 memebers of staff who are dealing with his claim.

I then contacted someone who had dealth with my claim from years ago and was then told that this was wrong and that any maintainance payments would be paid to my ex husband and not taken off the amount he owes me. i was also advised that my outgoings would not be taken into consideration when i have a mortgage to pay. i was also advised today that i had recieved payments for the arrears in april may and june which i did not know anything about and that these paymets were for the sum of £268 a month but now say this amount is wrong and has been recalcuated and therefore will nopw only be £21 per month.

I have not recieved any communication at all from the csa to inform me of any of this or any uopdates on the case.

So firslty i want to compain abouyt the lack of correspondance from the csa and the total lack of commuication in order to update me regarding the case. i have chased this for a number of yeas and got sick and tired of getting no where hence the lack of myself contacting you in the end.

Secondly could you please clarify that once the assessment takes place will the amount be deducted from the arrears that my ex husband owes me r will the money go to him.

Thirdly if it is assessed that out of his wages he can only afford to pay me £21 but has equity in his property what would the next step be in order to move this forward and take the case to court?

I can not see how it can be justfied that he owes me thousands of pounds for my son but the i have to pay monthly maintanance to him for the same child that he owes me the money for how can this be right.

I have requested the csa to ring me back to clarify this information but as usual never recieve a call badck from them, i am totally dissatisfied with the service or the lack of it. i would be grateful if you could clarify my concerns as a matter of urgency and advise a way forward as you can imagine this situation is very stressfull.

I need to know what my rights and options are as soon as possible regardig the above concerns, he has not paid and the case has been left for over 10 years then i recieve letters stating if i do not respond it could end up in court, 10 years of my ex husband not responding has never resulted in him having to go to court this process is totally wrong.

To add in the letter dated in 2008 it stated that if they were to start recieving regular payments from him that they would look at and qadvance payment is this still an option, i was also advised that a warning letter had gone out to advise that here would be a hearing date at court within a few months which never happened.

This cas has been with reinforcement and still nothing happened. now i am advised that even though he owes the arrears the case is closed as my son now resides with him,i was also adives that i wo9uld be contacted once the re assesemnts had been complete which never happened.

Why are the CSA holding the money that I need?

May 26, 2014

I had been receiving regular minimum payments up until September 2012 , but then for no reason they stopped.

I was told numerous times they would restart , and the CSA confirmed they were receiving money from my kids father , but as of today April each caseworker promises a ring back but nothing happens.

Seven months of £20.10p is a lot of money to disappear. 🙁

The CSA are prolonging my payments on purpose

May 26, 2014

This May my boy is 20 years old yes ive been paying the csa for twenty bloody years at £61 and in the past £100 a week not forgetting arears of about £4000 which was not my fault.

What i cant work out is the csa are very quick to send me a payment scedule but they have not sent me comfimation of when it will end.

I have phoned them and all they say is oh we will get on to it striat away but have they no.

The only thing that worries me is as im in full time work the book keeper has to take it out of my wages untill further notice and she has not heard anything yet if you ask me they are just prolonging the situation on purpose im sure.

Can any body advise me what to do?

My scrounging ex has poisoned my children with lies

May 26, 2014

CSA a joke, my partners oldest daughter has changed college courses that many times she is not interested in them but her mother keeps making her do them so she gets the higher rate of maintenance.

This keeps the payments going for three of them, his ex does not give the kids the money and spends her time shopping and buying herself expensive clothes and handbags, etc, he has not seen his children because she poisoned them against him with pure lies.

He walked out after her affair and left her with a £200,000 house and when I met him almost a year later he had nothing, we have spent the past 7 years to build up things and only now are getting on our feet properly.

I do not object to him paying for his children but what I do object to is the CSA do not take into consideration any expenses you have keep your home travel to work to make the money that she holds her scrounging hands out for.

I would not object so much if they at least took into account your rent and council tax it would be something but absolutely nothing he gets his wages and then she gets her £400 a month bang just like that.

I cannot believe that the amount of men that are being treated like this have not stood up, manned up, all go together and signed petitions to get this sorted once and for all, the CSA have got away with ruining people’s lives for too long and this new thing that is coming out Options can only make it worse COME ON MEN ALL GET TOGETHER and do what the do in America be a nation that sticks up for itself.

How is this fair?

May 25, 2014

Hello all im writing this to put my story across as i think im been treated so unfairly.

My husband and myself split over two years ago’ after a seventeen year marriage, we have three children together,shortly after the split our thirteen year old decided to go and live with his Dad.

His new family consists of his new partner, her three children and there child together aged around eighteen months.

For a long time i was paying £44 a week but as he wasn’t working i recieved £5 a week as there child and working tax is not taking into consideration but mine was!!!

For over a year i struggled to pay but had.. on my request a deductions of earning order in place (just seemed sense at the time as i new it would be paid and i don’t like dept)My X however has now got a job however isn’t paying me as he should, hes paying when and if he chooses too by card.

He’s in arreas and i’m getting myself into dept, this month i paid £234 yet haven’t received a penny for the last three weeks, due…. today i recieve the news that for the csa to chase him up, im gonna have to pay!!!!!!!

Could someone please tell me how this is FAIR!!!! oh and to make matters worse ive been told i cant cancel my deductions of earnings order that i agreed to!!! HELP!

Why would the CSA believe her?

May 25, 2014

I have being around £333 per month since July 2012I have no issue paying this for 3 children since August 2013 one of my children who was 13 years of age decided to leave her mums and came to live with me.

I informed the csa of the change in circumstances as required by law within7 days I applied for child benifit which I was awarded for around 10 weeks the child support was than contacted by myself asking again for a reduction in my assessment as I had one child with me thrre answer was that there has being no change as the x had lied to them and said my daughter was still living with her.

I than sent the csa a letter and informed them that my daughter had gone back as required by law as she stayed with me for ten weeks I did get no reduction in all that time my daughter only stayed at her mums for two days than went to live with her nanna too.

My x never notified the csa to say my daughter was not living with her as required by law my x this week informed the csa my daughter had gone to live with her nanna.

As my x has fraudentley claimed csa payment from August last year have I got a claim from my x through the civil courts to claim the money back. I am in contact withe nanna who will support me in my claim and provide evidence I believe I am owed around £110 per month since last august.

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