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Do I have to pay for someone in their twenties?

Hi I need help as I just had a letter of my ex wife from the child mantince to claim money.

I was married to her for 9 years on witch we claimed together and I paid my way to my daughter now I get this letter and she is now 23 years old.

So can thay do this and how far back thought its only till 16 years old?

3 thoughts on “Do I have to pay for someone in their twenties?

  1. Your daughter is 23 so no csa money can be claimed for her unless they are going after arrears?

    You need to speak with the csa to find out what this is about and give them any evidence that you have. Rules changed that a pwc can claim child benefit (this is what csa go by) up until the child is 20 but on an approved education course excluding higher education and some paid apprenticeship but had to be signed onto that course before their 19th birthday.

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