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They have to stop sucking away my life

I was paying my ex-wife monies when I visited her and to collect my children to take them out for the day. I would pay her cash and buy my children clothes and toys every time(not just Christmas and birthdays).

She found it dificult to accept our maariage was over eventhough we were divorced.

She was taking monies from me and claimingbenefits for herself and the children. She then decided after many years of this mutual understanding bbetween us went to the CSA and said I had never given her a penny.

I know now that I should have paid her by cheque or kept records of my payments but I never thought she would turn nasty.

The CSA are saying now that I have a debtof approx £10,000 and they will deduct amounts from my salary on a monthly basis to pay this off. I didnt pay by cheque or kept records but I do have witnesses to say that I paid her cash on a regular basis. Even my son and daughter are prepared to say they knew and saw me pay but the CSA are taking non of this and insist I still pay.

I left my exwife everything, the house, car and endowements and she has made a lot of money from these but still she is like a bottoless pit and therestill isnt enough for her.

She claimed benefitswhile still taking money from me, she has frodulently claimed from he motor insurance after saying her car was stolen but her can can be found at the bottom of a slate quarry where she and her current boyfriend dumped it.

This sucking of my life away must stop!!

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  1. The CSA can only claim payments from the date you are first contacted concerning the claim for child maintenance.

  2. You must contact them buy letter,email or whatever method apart from calling them.
    Never trust them by calling.they will deny everything.
    Have a paper trail for everything and include your mp. Get every thing signed for.
    They can only start charging from when the ex opened a claim against you.
    So dont take any of their shit? Challenge them and threaten them will legal action if they try to take it from your salary…read this from a csahell posting Aug 2013

    DEO is a corrupt and illeagal way the CSA collect alleged payments they say are due to PWC from NRP.
    Get your payroll dept or HR to look at a copy of the Employment rights Act 1996, Part 2, deductions by employer…

    13 Right not to suffer unauthorised deductions.

    (1)An employer shall not make a deduction from wages of a worker employed by him unless—
    (a)the deduction is required or authorised to be made by virtue of a statutory provision or a relevant provision of the worker’s contract, or
    (b)the worker has previously signified in writing his agreement or consent to the making of the deduction.
    (2)In this section “relevant provision”, in relation to a worker’s contract, means a provision of the contract comprised—
    (a)in one or more written terms of the contract of which the employer has given the worker a copy on an occasion prior to the employer making the deduction in question, or
    (b)in one or more terms of the contract (whether express or implied and, if express, whether oral or in writing) the existence and effect, or combined effect, of which in relation to the worker the employer has notified to the worker in writing on such an occasion.

    A DEO is not a staturary provision, Inc tax and national insurance is. also, when your employer also takes the £1 to cover administration just inform them they are making money off the back of your children and thats child trafficking, highly illeagal.

    Sorry about the spelling.I copied and pasted this from another posting.

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