The CSA’s actions might mean me losing contact with my son

May 29, 2014

My ex wife has filled in her annual form, and in this form she filled in he does not stay with me anymore, but he stays with my parents in a house i own.

After the csa contacted me to confirm the change in matters i told them that this was not accurate which has resulted in my ex wife stopping my son coming to me for a long weekend and she has stopped him going to my parents house as we had arranged in our deviorce.

The actions of the csa in this case may have resulted in me loosing contact with my son which has caused a great deal of stress to my son as he will not get the help of me or my parents in his schooling which my ex wife does not help him with enough and has neglected doing with him on numorous occasions one of which was the practice of his sats revision.

This has also but much stress on other family members and i feel as a father the help we can get to access our children is far from what it should be and the help a mother can receive is far superior.

Any help would be greatly recieved in this matter.