Hoarding ex won’t help

May 30, 2014

Domestically violent ex husband hiding salaryof £75000 in offshore account, paid minimum wage and rest sent in bonuses to avoid paying child maintenance.

Forced me to opt out of csa or he will take job abroad and I will get nothing.

Income he declared to csa was minimum wage £800/ month.

Please can anyone help?


  • Spicer Dicer says:

    If you have evidence of his avoidance, living beyond his declared means, then supply this to CSA and they will be able to use it in their calculations.

  • gonk says:

    sorry but some of the vile name calling above to this woman is out of order. I pay and hate the csa for its attitude towards nrps, I loath my ex for using my daughter as a cash cow, but I also understand there are a lot of arseholes out there that go out of their way to avoid paying towards their kids.
    This kind of attitude and running down of people posting on here just fuels the csa lovers and pwc who use it for their own gain and give this site a bad reputation.

  • jo says:

    If you have not made a claim then new claims does mean a private arrangement, unless you can prove DV which entitles you to a free claim as csa are now bringing in charges. Like the first reply you had, you can have him on a lifestyle inconsistent with income but you need strong evidence to back this up. If he decides to work abroad then you can get REMO on him but this will cost. If he’s paying UK tax then it shouldn’t be a problem unless he’s got a clever accountant. Make surw your also getting all that you are entitled to so you’re free of his blackmail and manipulation. I agree with gonk, why should those unwilling to support their kids get away with it and decent nrps hounded!

  • JimJam says:

    Well to be frank,
    you were happy when he was offshoring his money when you were still together, and benefiting from paying less tax etc – you can’t have it both ways!

    he has no incentive to repatriate his cash – no incentive whatsoever and nor would you if the boot was on the other foot

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