Why should I pay for the privilege of dealing with these idiots?

May 29, 2014

Why are the csa unaccountable why can they tell you one thing then change their mind?

How can they tell you you are £9000 in arrears yet when asked refuse to give you the evidence and breakdown of this?

If you are in arrears with a bank/finance company they have a duty of care to disclose the reason for this. Why do the CSA get away with it Is there not some European Court of Rights that can help us with this?

If I was paying £220 in voluntary payments to my ex and she decides its not enough and goes to the CSA who tell me I should pay £220pm but through them and they will now charge me £40pm for the priveledge of dealing with absolute idiotic knobs.


  • KMcQ80 says:

    ‘Why should I pay for the privilege of dealing with these idiots?’
    Because it is government policy to give the public sector taxpayer’s money to employ the unemployable.

    (Helps to keep the unemployment figures down.)

  • jo says:

    They have to supply you with a breakdown, throw the freedom of information act at them. Never ring them and request a breakdown of arrears in writing, send this recorded and threaten them with your mp.

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