I can’t spend time with my baby as I’m working all the time to pay CSA

May 30, 2014

CSA . what a joke this systerm is. for one they dont take into account your out goings and take a percent of what you earn.

This is all wrong because the more you earn the more you have to pay, since when does looking after a baby cost a hundred pounds a week, i dont even spend that much on myself and my other son, so if your working hard to get a better income for yourself and save you cant because they just take more money of you.

If i went on the dole i would only pay a fiver, so its just not fair . i have my other son four days a week . im all for taking responsabilty for my children as i love them very much but my new child is 3 weeks old and has been given so much stuff even his mum says he dosnt need anything , but that didnt stop her butting a claim in.

So now i have to work to jobs in order to pay her the csa money so the time i should be spending with my baby i cant because i now have to work to pay her, babies need love and attention. not material stuff, but hay its ok as now his mum has been spending the money on her self .

So in short i have to use the time i should be spending with my son working in order to pay the csa . i brought myson up on my own when his mum left and i got nothing because she was a sutdent. its all a big con. i now live on the bread line whilst my ex is buying herself new trainers with the csa money /all i can say is greed.


  • Spicer Dicer says:

    I have to live in Central London in order to earn a decent salary, that increases my living costs significantly. My ex lives in the depths of middle england where her rent for example (3 bedroom house) is less than half what I pay for my tiny 2 bedroom flat. I guess I could downgrade but then where would my kids stay when they come to see me, travel costs for even my short commute are extortionate (not taken into account).
    When I raised this the CSA suggested I move, if I move then I have to change jobs, equivalent job out of town pays more than 30% less, I would pay 30% less to the children but my disposable income would go up massively. As it stands today I have no disposable income.
    So, if I follow the CSA’s advice the only people to lose out would be the children. The system is beyond a joke…..

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