I proved the CSA wrong in court

May 31, 2010

I have been disputing an assessment made by the csa covering an 18week period from aug 2006 to dec 2006. To cut a long story short, the csa said I didnt reply within 28 days so the interim assessment stands. (even though it was 40 pounds a week above what i should have been paying).

I know i sent my reply in time and that my documents were lost in the csa system somewhere (this was later proved) the csa decided to take this money by deo, on top of the csa that i was already paying. The csa are faceless people on the other end of a phone line who couldnt care less that the extra money they are taking from you for 1 child seriously affects the well-being of the child or children now living with you.

After 3 court appearances – the second one the csa forgot to turn up, the third one the csa rep stood up in court and tried to obtain a liability order against me even though i had already paid the arrears. it was one of the best feelings in the world when i could debate face to face with 1 of these people, instead of tearing my hair out on the other end of a phone line, and then it was even Read more

Going to the press about the CSA

May 31, 2010

A libility order has been applied for but the CSA have changed the amount 3 times in four court hearings and at no time have i been given a written explanation. They have failed to administer a change of circumstances where they received written notice immediately and failed to allow me housing costs of which they were advised.

Those two errors alone make a difference of 5 and a half thousand pounds!!! They also refuse my appeal, although they do this on the telephone as they will not put this in writing. My only option is I feel to go to the press.

I would suggest we form a data bank of all cases where the CSA are failing and advise the press that they are invited to be the initiators of brining this glaring waste of public money to full public attention.

CSA mistakes with my case

May 30, 2010

I have a 5 yr old daughter, I split up with her dad when she was 6mths old.

I have worked full time all my life since the day we split up. I have had a battle on my hands for him to pay towards my daughter, at first he was paying 20.00 a week and then stopped for 6 weeks. I told him numerous times if he could not come to permanent agreement with me the CSA will have to be contacted, he ignored me so I contacted them.

After 4 yrs of endless phonecalls and letters, and after recieving numerous letters that were Read more

Been paying privately, but CSA still want money

May 30, 2010

My daughters partner has 2 children who his ex wont let him see. He used to pay csa but 3 years ago, they had an amicable agreement that the csa would stop and that he would pay her in cash every month and that is what he has done ever since.

The past year she has met someone and has got engaged, so my partner feels it would be better to go back to making payments through csa for everyones benefit. He contacted the csa to make the arrangements, his ex was not very happy about this but he went a head with it. The csa have contacted him today saying he has to pay 350 pound a mounth in back pay, as she has said he has Read more

CSA want money when child lives with me!

May 29, 2010

I have an 18 1/2 year old son. His mum applied for housing and benefits back in the about 1997. The benefits staff got her to sign papers applying to the csa.

I left my employer of 10 years to avoid paying £80 a week from a £140 wage packet to the csa.

About 8 years ago i remarried, a year afterwards my son’s mum threw him out with his clothes in 3 black bags. I moved him in with me.

The ex has been claiming all the benefits she is allowed to and now has applied for a bigger house. she has not told them that my son is and has been living with me all these years.

Now, the csa are after chasing me for £15,000 reduced to £8800 if I pay soon.

They some how found out my new address, luckily the house is on my new wifes Read more

CSA caused my wife to miscarriage

May 29, 2010

Hi i lived in Sweden in 95/96. I had a relationship with a woman which split badly after i found out she was having an affair and proceeded to marrie the guy. I returned back to the uk in 96 carried on with my life, got married had two children 18 months and 3 years old. 8 weeks ago i was summoned to court over maintenence payments for a child i never knew i had who was born in 97 to the swedish girl i mentioned above.
The swedish goverment has just taken her word that the child is mine with no biological proof from the date of his birth in 97. The csa said i cant challenge this as it has been decided in a difrent contry and the maintenence order is official.

I am told that i must now pay £420 per month for his first 18 years. The child is now 13, I owe 13 years at £420 per month and £420 a month from now until he is 18 years old.

My wife workes part time and gets a mixture of working family tax credits, child benefit and her pay. She owns her own home and has done since before we were married.

I am unemployed but do not recieve any benefits due to my wifes mixture of benefits. The csa dont Read more

How do I complain to the CSA?

May 28, 2010

I have been waiting since last June for a breakdown on my account as to how the have come the amount of arrears on my account.

The letter i got last year said i had to pay them off within a year and would be paying until june 2010, I disputed the amount as i made payments to my ex direct which i was advised she told them this was for something like not child maintance so this would be counted as arrears. I also had a 2 spells of unemployment last year so should not have been paying anything but they have added it as 5o pound per week. I had have been on the phone asking for break down of dates they have etc and even went through it over the phone and and the women agreed that the arrears are too high and she brought it down to ₤800 that i owed.

I have now been paying and extra ₤108 per month for the past 11 months which comes Read more

Single parents unsure where to turn for support

May 28, 2010

CSA advice could help thousands of families to claim financial support after a recent survey revealed many households are confused by the protocol concerning maintenance payments following separation.

The poll questioning more than 900 single parents with dependant children revealed that nine in ten of those surveyed believe both parents have financial responsibility for their youngsters, whether or not they live with them full-time.

However, a third of people were confused about where to go for independent CSA advice.

Of those parents who were unsure how to seek maintenance, 27 percent were not aware that a Read more

Paid our CSA arrears and now they’re asking for more

May 28, 2010

I have paid exactly what the CSA requested by direct debit. when I no longer had to pay due to my children not being in full time education they stated I was £1,700 in arrears.

we refuted this claim as we had paid religiously by direct debit and asked for a face to face meeting. The CSA did not offer us a meeting despite promising they would do so and then started taking money straight from my wage under a deductions of earnings.

Now that we have paid off this arrears they still continued to take money out of my wage. I therefore contacted them for a breakdown of my account and to stop taking the money.

this request was made on 5-1-10 and I am still awaiting the breakdown. I have been in regular contact with the CSA (i.e. me phoning them) but despite this and people promising they will take actions and phone Read more

CSA has no interest in tracking down my ex

May 27, 2010

I am a mother of 2 who has spent years chasing after my ex-partner for child support. He flits from job to job ignoring the csa letters, and dening where he lives. In all the time i have been involved with the csa i have not had a regular payment system in place even when they took the money direct from his employer the last time i found him. In december i was able to track him down to his new place of employment and had proof of his work paterns, employer and residence.

The csa could not be more disinterested, i have posted evidence which they lost i have phoned time amd time again, i get no letters from them, and as yet no case worker has taken up my case my case even though one did ring and introduced herself. When i rang to speek to her i was told i did not have a case worker and i must have been mistaken. I have done all the leg work for them and handed them the Read more

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