Paying my wealthy ex wife while my family goes without

November 30, 2012

I have just started my CSA HELL!!!! read this:

I divorced in 2002 signed a consent order although not on the mortgage, I eventually settled for seven thousand five hundred pounds, my ex wife then a few weeks later for in excess of one hundred thousand pounds, taking Read more

I work at the CSA and have been filming my colleagues

November 30, 2012

I work for the Child Support Agency. I am based at Clearbrook House Plymouth

I am sick to death of the way most of my colleagues treat other human beings, including my manager. My colleagues talk about this site and some are obsessed with checking the posts just in case they are mentioned. I started work here thinking I was going to help others it soon became apparent that I work with the most obnoxious fools I have ever met. So anyway I have been video recording my colleagues for a few months now whenever possible. Most of the evidence I have on video is enough to merit immediate suspension and then dismissal.

I will upload my evidence possibly to a rather well known infamous web site it all depends on how interested they are.

Had to move house to pay the CSA

November 30, 2012

For the past three years i have been paying csa for 4 children, and when this started they also wanted £12,500 arrears on top of the normal csa payments.

I contested the arrears, and they said that i should have been paying csa for two to three years before hand, which i was not informed of or even had any contact from the csa. So now found myself having to pay £171 normal monthly payments, which i have no issue with, but then £171 on top for the arrears, as a result of the huge drop in wages which the csa had placed a wages order on me for.

I contacted the csa to say that we where in danger of losing our home as a result of the amount they where taking from our income, only to Read more

CSA is taking our child benefit to give to someone else

November 29, 2012

I am trying to sort this all out for my husband who has 3 girls from previous relationship.He has always paid for them and kept doing so even when the eldest lived with us and upentil the two eldest were we no longer entiled to,just because didnt want make things difficult for the youngest who only had roughly a yr left to pay for. But in april this yr the csa contacted us and told us we we no longer to pay anymore as she had been claiming monies she was not entitled to we told them there was one left to pay for but they said no do not pay anymore!! even our accountant at work doubled checked.

We stopped paying got a rebate for the monies back then in july the mother made a claim for the youngest which at first we ignored as been told so many time that was it no longer need to pay, however told this is new claim and we had to do it or be taken to court so we did then they persued for my wages eventually after lots of letters and phone calls were now paying £360 a month for an 18yr old they are taking all moneys in to concideration and as i belived under the 2003 guidelines they not alowed to do that!! They told me they just reopened the original case which ive argued with them about cos that is not right.

So at the momment they are taking from my husbands wages, our child benifit which makes me so mad!! and charging my husband £250 a month roughtly for me refusing my wages(they told me thats what i need to contribute from my wages to free his up to pay for his daughter) my argument is what about our daughter they are taking from her to give to someone else!!!

Help thanks tasha x

Can we get payments out of the mother for when she was the NRP?

November 29, 2012

My husband has 2 kids and until 2 years ago he was the resident parent for the oldest child for a total of 8 years(5 days per week) while getting access to the younger one 2 days per week – more on holidays etc. My husband paid an agreed monthly amount to his Ex Partner for the younger son but never received any payment for the oldest one in his care. I never Read more

CSA are patronising and condisending

November 29, 2012

I am writing to you with great hope of you being able to help me.
Since 6th June 2011 I have been fighting an impossible battle with the CSA. As you can imagine this has been a very stressful 17 months, as I have been up against a very large Government Organisation all by myself with no professional help what-so-ever.

I have found that on at least 95% of my telephone conversations they have been both patronising and condisending towards me.

I split with my sons father when my son was 8 months old, he is 17 years old next month. I have had approximately 6 payments up until my son was 12, when he went to live with his maternal grandparents in 2008 (which means the payments then went to them) however on 5/6/11 my son came back to live with myself, my husband and his two younger siblings. On 6/6/11 I contacted Read more

What the Csa really is

November 28, 2012

I would suggest to those of you who consider the csa not to be working correctly,to consider this.The csa is operating exactly as planned and that it only appears to be not operating correctly.I consider it to have been designed to operate causing this type of confusion on purpose.The csa has been designed to take cash quickly and to resolve any issues of wrong doing very slowly and this is no accident.

The proper terminology for this way of operating is known as a (one way service system)

Do any of you really think any MP,s or any one at the csa give a crap about child poverty well they don’t. Lets look at a family of four on state benefits.The DWP will pay them less cash each month then the csa Read more

Almost two years for CSA to pay money they owed me

November 28, 2012

I have a 50/50 arrangement in place with my 3 children and have had this for sometime, because I could not prove this the CSA was taken over half my wages each month from my employer.

It then went to court and I got a 50/50 court order and final got them off my back, however on 19th January 2011 they send me a letter saying they owed me 104.06. I received that money last week and we are now in November 2012.

I have been treated like a second class citizen for over 6 years, all because I wanted to see my children as much as my ex-wife.

Every day I write the book

November 28, 2012

I remember hearing that first buff envelope as it slapped heavy onto the tiled floor in the porch all those years ago. It sat amongst the bills and other meaningless mail; seemingly innocuous aside from those three words in heavy type just above the window that bore my name – “Child Support Agency”. I should have recognised it as an ugly seed that would grow and expand to fill three ring binders full to bursting; a litany of incompetence and maladministration that would accumulate over the next 16 years.

I had obviously heard of it, and knew its reputation, but believed at the time they were trying to do a difficult job in difficult circumstances. My head was a mess anyway; I could barely stick one foot in front of the other as I tried to cope with my ex-partner’s sudden decision to take my little girl hundreds of miles away let alone process what was happening to me.

I dutifully filled the forms and provided all the supporting evidence. A key issue at this point was the inclusion of a loan from my employer for my train season ticket (this was common practice for many London workers) which was paid back over following months. This wage slip, which Read more

Do the CSA have an internal fraud department?

November 28, 2012

Back in January i recieved a call from a CSA employee pretending to work for ICE, he used ICE passwords and strung me along for a day or two untill I realised and contacted ICE direct who said they had never heard of him. Following complaints i recieved a letter in May stating my complaint was upheld.

They also said sorry, if i was not happy with the outcome to write again, now as this detective work by me had cost money and calls i complained again, still no response yet i did recieve what the CSA deemed a transcript of the call, several pieces of this call are missing. Could or would the CSA edit a transcript to suit themselves???


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