Can pay CSA direct to child?

February 28, 2010

Can anyone tell me – do the CSA accept the child maintenance being paid into an account in the child’s name to stop the feckless, lazy PWC using the money to fund her social life and find a father for her next child? My husband to be is happy to pay for clothing, holidays and activities for his child but his ex wants the cash. How can it be right that she’s better off not working than we are with both of us working and living in my house with a mortgage? I get no maintenance from my children’s father and am proud to be self sufficient.

CSA want me to pay arrears when I wasn’t working

February 27, 2010

have always worked and paid CSA payments. Unfortunately two years ago I lost my job, I received JSA for six months and the CSA deducted the Flat rate of £5 per week from my benefit.

When my benefit ceased, I called the CSA and told them, they confirmed that I didn’t need to pay anything as I no longer received an income.

Eighteen months later, I receive an Enforcement Letter for £1500 worth of arrears. They can’t really explain what these are for and they have records of the phone call I made confirming that I didn’t need to pay. Now they are Read more

CSA want money for when I was out of work

February 26, 2010

I have today received a phone call from the CSA relating to £3,500 of maintenance arrears they claim I owe to the mother of my 4 year old daughter. This claim relates to a period between March and September 2008, a six month period when I wasn’t in work. This figure has been based upon my previous contributions when I was in full time employment which were approx £600/month.

The last communication I received from the CSA was approx 18 months ago advising that based upon my income levels my monthly contribution was £0. They claim to have written to me on numerous occasions but have had mail returned Read more

CAB trying to help me against the CSA

February 26, 2010

I’ve finally found a site that isn’t orientated to the parent with care. everywhere you look its if you dont pay well take you to court. ive been threatened with my license and passport and bailiffs.

i paid no problem for years n lost my job in 2006 i went self employed for 18 month n granted didnt pay. i then got a new job and the letters started comeing in again. first of all it was i owed £1200 this was paid at £90 p/w by deo for approx 4 months. i heard nothing after that for approx another 4 months. thinking i was in credit i let it run as no contact was made with my employer then low n behold a letter lands on my doorstep saying i owed £4500. this then rocketed to £5500 they now take 40% of my wage im in the security industry how the hell are you supposed to live when youre weekly bills come to 55% of your wage ???

ive been to the CAB and theyve asked me to get together tax reports etc for the last few years which ive done and another appointment is booked in 3 weeks. any savings ive had are gone. the CAB said theyll put together a letter does anyone know who this is to ????

the CSA have properly fucked me up………….


How can I reduce my CSA payments?

February 25, 2010

I made voluntary (BACS) payments to the mother of my daughter when she moved to a new house. This was to make the new house comfortable for my daughter. The payments were made as a loan.

I am currently suffering from financial hardships and have asked for the repayment of the loan but the mother is refusing. Can I recover this by declaring these voluntary payments to the CSA?

My father has never seen his granddaughter – CSA do not care

February 25, 2010

the csa have been taking money direct from my wages for a few years now and the arrears are paid off.

so that one less thing to worry about.. at the start of all this several years ago the csa got in touch and asked if i was my daughters father. i told them i hope so. they sent me forms to sign and i had to send loads of crap to them so they could work out what i owe and should pay…

now this is where i kick off.. i asked the csa about 2 weeks in to the agreement if they could help me or assist me in getting my name on the birth certicate and access to my daughter. they said we dont deal with that we just take money and pass it to the mother.. so i seeked a solicitor for advice and stuff.. she explained that she can sort this but will cost £150 for a letter to be Read more

CSA take from my kids to give to someone else’s

February 24, 2010

i met my husband 2 yrs ago when he was going thro a divorce the house was just being sold.

his ex wife got 17.000 out of the house and he got 8,000. he was left with loans of £30,000 worth of debt from loans that were to do up the house that was sold and a family car. he had to go bankrupt as he could not afford the payments!

so we had a rough start then it seems her word is better than ours. we have his children every weekend but cos she told the csa we dont we dont get 1 quid back in every seven. why her word is better than ours i do not know!

then things got worse this yr – my husband is self employed so sometimes he dont works for weeks at a time but as soon as he starts another job we always catch up our payments often leaving rent or other bills. but the real sting is that she recieves tax credits for her kids but think csa think its ok for them to take some of my kids tax credits and give it to her. WHY? my kids now have to go with out, we pay 75 quid a week for his daughter to wear summer shoes all winter cos she is up the pub every weekend with her new bloke.

i have no problem paying for his kids but my kids now have there money taken, how is that fair?

the csa are here to wreck any chance of people being happy ,what should i tell my kids sorry u gotta be cold this winter cos his ex wants to go to the pub !his kids dont have nice new clothes or shoes family buy them clothes cos they are fed up with her not buying them suitable clothing !the csa have made us be in debt and hateful towards the ex which is wrong we want to be a big part in all our childrens lifes we would love to take them out and on holiday but unlike my ex we cant go out at all cos the csa make sure she comes first not her kids or my kids but her

CSA issued my former employer with a DEO

February 24, 2010

My case was closed in Oct 2005.

in Nov 2007 my employer received a Deduction of Earnings Order for arrears. Anyway this was taken from my wages, the order finished in Aug 2008. The CSA contacted me mid 2009 saying they had not received the money from my employer. I gave them details of my previous employer and sent them copies of my pay slips showing the deductions.

Just been told today that they will be serving a DEO on the company I work for now! They know i have paid but because they did not get the payments from the company I worked for at the time they are taking the money again! and there is nothing I can do about it.

Kerry Katona’s husband, Mark Croft, avoids CSA

February 23, 2010

It seems that it’s not just, the average people on the street, who are having problems with the child support agency. Kerry Katona’s husband, Mark Croft, is also ducking the CSA it appears.

According to news reports, the CSA turned up at Kerry Katona’s house last week looking for Mark Croft to question him about money he allegedly owes them for a child he fathered before he met Kerry.

According to ‘a source’, the couple slipped away from the CSA investigators and instructed a child minder to make their excuses.

The source was reported as saying:

Mark got their childminder to go to the door and tell the CSA staff he wasn’t in. He told her to say that he hadn’t received a letter about a visit. They then handed over a copy of the original letter demanding the meeting.

Mark Croft is accused of lying to the CSA about his earnings, as he told them he earned nothing last year, which means he had no CSA maintenance to pay. However, he was shown on TV stating that he took 20% of Kerry’s salary last year, which was Read more makes me sick

February 23, 2010

this site is a smack in the face for parents raising kids alone. you are giving the absent parent ways to avaoid supporting their children. Why would you do this? Maintenance is to ensure the child does not live in poverty and can be supported in a warm, comfortable home with clothes on their back. If these parents didnt leave their children and refuse to financially we would have no need for the CSA.

what this site is doing is ensuring absent parents pay as little as possible by fiddleing their tax returns – ILLEGAL!!!

You should be ashamed..

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