CSA lie in order to get money for women who use children as a weapon

November 30, 2016

It all started back in 2011 when my husband got a letter stating he would be required to pay csa each week for child x. He wasn’t aware there was even another child that “was his”. He called them immediately to ask why they were deducting x amount from him for this child when 1 he wasn’t aware there was a child that was his and 2 there was no evidence proving he was the father. The csa told him they had tried to make contact several times via phone and letter but had no response so they take this as he is the father and have the rights to act.

Well on there system it apparently says he ignored there letters etc but in reality he had never had a single letter from them until they wrote requesting he pays x amount. We have been battling now for over 5 years with this awful company for a dna test to which they say we have to pay for as he has already “refused one” utter rubbish!! He’s never even been offered one. Now, the mother is awful, she tells everyone the child is his, she herself is refusing a dna test and has told us take her court! She knows we cannot afford this but because she had all the power she gets away with it.

He already pays csa for 1 child who we see regularly who we know 100% is his but this one he’s never had contact with, never seen him, only seen pictures on social media. Csa refuse to help him but social services said he shouldn’t be paying a penny for that child until a dna test proves he’s the fathers. They are bleeding us dry, have now wrote to him saying he has nearly £1000 in arrears which isn’t his fault. They are ready trying to say he was employed during a time he wasn’t, that’s another issue were in the middle of sorting out.

The other mother has said she will end her csa claim but we have told her not to as the mother with child in question will just get the lot. We have also been warned if child x turns out not to be his he won’t get any money back what he has paid. Utter nightmare, why do women use kids like this!! I’m a mother myself and would never use this company.

One-sided CSA don’t care as long as they get money

November 29, 2016

My partner pays csa, is not allowed to see the children so why do the csa company only concentrate on one side, I have never heard of such a one sided thing in my life, you don’t seem interested in the children’s welfare just money, I also know people who are self employed and don’t pay a penny, you don’t chase them, you only chase the easy catch, the csa needs to be blown up and started again, with some very fare rules unlike what that have now, only interested in the money, don’t care about mostly dads who can’t see there kids for years, can’t say anymore cos nobody listens anyway!

CMS are now ignoring my calls as well as making me suffer!

November 28, 2016

The cms are now not answering my phone calls and when they do We are only following government guidelines Which it’s not because they have a moral obligation to be fair and to show fair practice It’s just a nightmare the whole contact vs support payments A code of practice which every company is governed by and a standard of practice which are both government legislation Cms are in breach of both Of course all parents have to provide it has to be amerceable and affordable Being employed a home owner and paid taxes and regular contact counts for nothing because it’s a law to its self Then the child support reforms needs amending Putting able parents out if employment for excessive chargers is not what child support is about The principle of chikd support is children’s needs If an employed father cannot provide because a company can deny a living wage Then the children suffer they may gain with pwc having my living wage Is that fair on my children to be denied Xmas birthdays or even a holiday because daddy is a bank My kids know I’m poor but they can read can engage in activities that don’t cost money riding a bike local urban farm the local park or the beach But that does not give them treats or rewards The lack of dignity the lack of respect If you cms want prosecute me then ok Enough is enough Your action against me is fraud being instructed by dishonesty Says your cms is dishonest.

£55 reduced to £33 per week with £22 removed from the bill I’m not arrears and I’ve paid all action is fraud Dismiss my local mp involvement the judges decision in a tribunal Letters of grievance stating your companies action against me is abuse.

£84 a month has risen to £378 a month in two an half years My wages have not grown by this much £7.77 and a 140 hours a month contract.

I’m suffering and my mental health is being effected by cms lack of moral obligation That my children are people not numbers to exploit money from me for the hostile abusive ex partner who has out hatred into my children’s heads Who has denied reasonable contact with each other Threat of being arrested if I go and see my children My son and daughter sing denied contact on their birthdays with their dad Because the hatred in the mother but can exploit my wages backed up by the cms.

Profit seeking CMS should be abolished

November 28, 2016

I’m tired of the excuesess it’s law you have to pay £5,000 out of a 15,500 a year income With no benefits or support It’s being used as another way to alienate parents from their children Backed up by hostile vendictive women The law states an oblingation of paying chikd support nothing about increasing it to abusive practice of fraud or dishonesty If the pwc refuses a direct payment plan or mediation then it’s just being used as another weapon of hatred towards nrp Xmas my kids will be more resentful of not getting presents from Santa than the ex and cms getting my living wage The system is an ass the mother is an ass And should be prosecuted for instructing a company for financally abusing me and my children Ok I should pay so should the mother when I have care she does not pay ??

It’s a tax on fathers to socially outcast them from children It has nothing n to do with children it’s a tax on low income workers being denied funds that they work for to spend on their children The mother can spend my income on her self It’s to put children out of poverty Ok I’m in poverty by your abuse To be informed that we cms is not governed by the consumer transaction act or the fair financal act or even the children act of 1989 We’ll the act is morally wrong It’s just another form of child abuse The process of appeal does not work the process of communication with cms does not work But stealing a persons living wage does How does money come before children’s needs with both parents That’s not about children it’s about profit The cms need 24% out of £378 a month I paid £90 was a charge And I’m still in arrears of £2000 even though £1500 has been a charge for them stealing my living wage

Again that’s about profit not children I’m a father and I’ve offered payment It was refused because I’m on a low income and I want to keep contact with my kids go to work and still be in the home I’m buying for my regular contact with my children By cms actions against me I’ve failed to pay for my home my Staturty bills And it’s all being shouted at being discriminated against I’m not a criminal so why and how does this company think I am I’m a father who has fought for contact in family court And now the financal abuse will stop me having regular contact The system of living and working a full time time job for less than part time wages When the pwc can claim £1000’s in housing and benefits It’s not a balanced or fair system it’s being abused and it is corrupted by dishonesty Is it moral to work for nothing Is legal to be denied a voice It’s not democratic and is against my human rights and is also child abuse if no money in my household how can I provide for another household It’s just stupid the law of chikd maintenace is stupid The duress and stress of being out into hardship Which in effect will pass out in normal living Because it’s nasty and boring to keep saying no sorry kids no money Food bills and the right to a life Cms 0-100=£7 100-200=£15 £200-£850 Is whatever they say I don’t earn £295 per week after tax Staturty tax has to be paid It’s just another stealth tax cms needs to be abolished on the grounds it’s abuse it’s morally wrong it’s chikd abuse And being instructed by dishonest ex partners to increase the void of being with our children If the cms want a 1950’s system the man the breadwinner we’ll let us earn a wage And if that was the case the mother would be the outcasts 5 kids to 4 dads That’s was not socially accepted back in the 1950’s either The cms constantly lie and are dishonest We lost your information or no we cancelled that and made a new contract We’ll without informing by letter then that contract is useless or repudiation It’s like serpents head just keeps coming back with more bs and more dishonesty I have no faith in its ability to pro form it’s task of being a fair and balanced system It is backed by two debt collection agencies To exploit as much as possible by dishonest means Now I just want to give up if I’m just a bank and a man with no voice To a bitter ex pwc who can use it in a coercive and controlling then it’s immoral and should be abolished.

Fraudulent CMS are robbing me of a living!

November 27, 2016

I’m now up to a parliamentary ombudsman in health and social services Over the conduct of Cms towards myself I earn a my own living don’t ask the state for a penny I don’t claim I earn a wage to pay for a home I’m buying So I’m an easy target to be exploited by a dis honest company Being instructed by a dis honest person using the system in a coercive and controlling to de fraud me of a living Child support is an obligation not a punishment Two debt collection agencies to attack money that does not exist Is a very stupid law it’s immoral it’s illegal Cms is in breach of their own contract by being disorganised and shambolic It’s just a fraudulent company.

CSA made me sort a private arrangement, now I don’t get a penny!

November 26, 2016

I was persuaded by the CSA to make a private arrangement with my ex for the backdated pay he owed, which was 6000 pounds. CSA said its better if we make a private arrangement. So against my better judgement I allowed him to pay me at a slower rate through a private arrangement, I also allowed him to just pay me 2500 and let him off the rest to protect his relationship with his son,(So he didn’t get angry) As soon as I made this a private arrangement, he sought legal advise and was told he didn’t have to legally give me even a penny now it was a private arrangement So after paying me 1200 he never gave me another penny. The CSA should have warned me this could happen, I thought I was still protected by them.

Ex not interested in unborn baby and only wants control

November 25, 2016

I’m desperately needing some help! I’m currently pregnant (unplanned)& haven’t been with my partner since I have found out! I offered him a contact centre where he could visit our child without me so he has his own private time he’s refusing and saying I’m a bad person for that and that he’s taking me to court because every Saturday is not ok! He claims that he wants to be able to come to my house to see baby which I’ve already told him no as me and him can not be in the same room as each other as at the start of my pregnancy he threatened to take my child back to his home country! I honestly Do not know what to do! He’s not interested in the baby at all it’s all about control and it his way or no way!

I can’t even get a second job because CSA will screw me twice!

November 24, 2016

If I get a second job income the tax man takes his cut the chikd support takes its cut What more voluntary work ?

So how can get back the money I’ve paid The system of massive taxation on low income just abuse on all sides Not in my children’s best interests to put me hardship For pwc to buy them with gifts The most important is both parent have a right to be housed and a income to provide But that would be common sense but no profit.

Unfair CSA creates its own laws to discriminate against hard-working fathers

November 24, 2016

In the two and half years I’ve been dealing with cms They have discriminated me for being a father a worker a home owner The chid support reform laws are not in line with reality how can a company for the provison of children need to make profit out of misery Misery meaning a man does not get to be a 50/50 equal share if the pwc denies it The system is not a fair or balanced one Children need providing for by both parents but how is it justified to take a weeks wages before household and housing costs ??

Putting nrp in hardship is not putting children out of poverty because the nrp is put into hardship The system would be fairer if 10% If the state did not pay out in housing benefit working and family tax credits family allowance and child support payments which is £2000 plus per month and a part time wage on top and siblings paying rent Where the nrp is a bank we want you owe It’s not sustainable to deduct 30% of a persons wages and still be positive after all bills debts loans are paid out The fact is it’s another weapon to stop fathers or mothers having equal contact with children I just don’t see how this law has not been banned since it’s against human rights the fair financial act Being a home owner I need to earn a living to pay for my home How if the cms say a doe £378 which is more than 40% Of my wages It’s my companies fault they are putting me in hardship Sorry that horse shit If a cms instruct my company to punish me if not cms will charge £1000 to failure to comply ??

Oh your company needs to make sure I don’t fall in the less than 60% of my wages Confused They now say to me your recording us we have to disconnect this call If they have nothing to hide then why ?? Cut me off I went to a tribunal stating by them my payments are reduced due to contact costs my arrears on that amount before the reduction

6 months doe then 6 months direct debit no 11 months doe from my wages A letter from my local mp a agreed and written Dismissed not enough money I earn a wage I make the effort to be with my children my ex doesn’t It’s just a game that will cost me my home job and contact with my children Stupid law it’s a generic system we abuse every body Xmas my kids don’t get presents from me the nrp because it’s about money profit Not about children A single father of three children has less than £750 a month to live on and pay housing cost bills and how does food oh yes a food bank when I work full time pay taxes For two decades and been a home owner for 6 an half years That means nothing to these scammers who class all as a means to tax another excessive tax on Denying children basic needs warm clothing food holiday presents Because we nrp are classed we are not pwc when we have children in our care the law should be state either parent is denied contact or using children as a weapon Then the children law should be invoked But no 9 times family court Mediation if she fails attend then nothing But I can prosecuted I’m tired of stupidity stupid law stupid people The law states to be treated as a decent and ordinary person so how can the punishment driving licence home wages contact with children So my kids don’t like being in a car or being in my home or no treats or activities Because the law says your not aloud Sorry kids I’m a victim of the system your mother will provide for you I can not I cannot provide for myself Teach kids about money according to the natwest advert Yes your mother is instructing a company to steal my living wage so you cannot have anything Sorry kids But mum can spoil you with the greed she needs The company is dis honest the arse an elbow don’t know what to do Sick of wasting my time work for nothing but taxes The state can provide me instead

CSA threatening ex even though I closed the case!

November 23, 2016


I ACTUALLY CANCELLED THE CHASING OF THE ARREARS AND THE CLAIM FOR CSA FOR HIM IN 2007 AS IT WAS CAUSING SO MUCH PROBLEMS WITH FOR MY DAUGHTER – and now IT HAS STARTED AGAIN!!! I RANG and was told that it was nothing to do with my arrears, it is other liability…eh?? for the exact same amount and he has no other children – and i have never been on benefits??? and they wont speak to me!!!

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