CSA driving me to breaking point

March 13, 2020

These people are driving me to breaking point
I’ve been paying child support approx 6/7yrs now
CSA is trying to tell me I owe them £1400!!!!
Now csa set the cost and up till 2 yrs ago came out off my wage so basically my employer took it from my wage and meant to pay them
Since then I’ve gone to pay direct
Now I’ve sent them proof off payment showing bank statements
So how the hell are they getting this .??? I’ve been on the phone daily to them this needs sorted because they now adding this on to my monthly payments when as far as I am concerned I’ve already paid everything they have asked for???
Am getting nowhere with them
They now putting me back on to DEO which am fighting hard to get stopped and they won’t stop it
Am worried about this because if money is owed I can only assume it’s from my employer for all my payments show on wage slips at that time n since I’ve proven I have paid showing bank statements
Can anyone point me in the direction I need to go n get this sorted any help is appreciated

Another CSA Nightmare!

March 12, 2020

I have 3 children. 1 whom I have a family based arrangement and 2 that are calculated through the csa due to a phone call during an argument with the ex.

My 2 children on csa radar are 9 and 6 and as far as me and ex were concerned she made a mistake ringing them and we continued with our direct pay agreement of £100 per child per month aswell as a third family based arrangement. Last year although they recieved my pay slips from HMRC’s they miscalculated what I should be paying and sent letter although at this time I had been homeless and letters sent to previous address.

Everything was fine between calculation in may 19 and Dec 19 until an argument caused my ex to make claims to the csa I was apparently earning more than I was. Since then it has been a nightmare. I have sent numerous evidence of court orders bank statements and evidence of my family agreement. Since November the figures I owed and should pay changed weekly until recently i received a letter to say they had done a mandatory reconsideration and not only back dated 1 month from the report from my ex but right back to May 2019. They however have not accepted my evidence can be backdated to May but only the date of the phone call. This has added £1100 of arrears claiming I should have been paying double what I was paying.

CSA mistakes left me homeless

March 6, 2020

This all startewas all agreed and sorted. gave my d after my divorce ex and my sons a 4 bed detatched all paid for etc. all i had but the deal was in those times as simple as that and i felt it was behind us and life could move on. (she actually sold it within 12 months and spent the lot then , you guessed it. hit the benefit trail.. and who was it will be paying for it? the csa didnt recognise these settlements . no debating. end of. then in the early 90’s i recieved the forms on a friday morning. in big type it said. it is in your interest to fill the foms in quickly as until there recieved you have an interim assesment. that weekly amount was £385 pr week. ! i was on at the time £250 aq week gross. i returned the forms that day so the csa in belfast had then mo0nday morning. they opened that letter 36months later and in the mean time were now chasing me and made me pay over £55,000 over next 10 years ruining any life and career in the process. my actual amount after assesment was 43 per week. they ovedr charged me by nearly 48,000 all of which was there mistake . not according to them it wasnt. i was made to pay and very aggresively. im still being chased for money even now over 25 years later. im 55 years old and have had so many jobs its a joke. no pension no life , nothing. its all down to this benefit reduction scheme they call child suppot. its nothing to do with there welfare at all. thatcher called single dads the scurge of the country and said it would change the use of benefits as a route to a council house and benefit scroungers. well 40 years on and its if anything worse than ever.

The last time the csa did there evil deeds was 5 years ago. was paying and had been for past 3 years at 380 per month leaving just under 900 a month. lived in a single room , car was worth nothing. had no social life just weekends in front of tv alone as always. then october wage slip arrived. the payment doubled. (overepayment cant be refunded sound familier?) its just a way they can slam people who are already paying to make up for there total incompetence and make there performance targets! i begged them for help which of cause was repayed when novbember wages slip…. double again? they were not interested . thought i couyld be worse? it was. december,christmas eve. wage slip arrived. took treble amount!! was homeless 2 weeks later sleeping in a shed . the csa said it was my fault as i should have paid my rent and the fact my car couldnt be taxed or insured that month and got towed n crushed so could even make it to work . they even taunted me saying id walked out on my job so would not be entitled to benefits!! there evil and cruel ….the only way i survived was in the few weeks before i used to chat to lady in birmingham (was in leicester at time) we were just friends with same problems i guess. well one cold morning after 3rd week of this hell i woke to see an angel lookingt down at me. she had traked me down after worrying when id dissapeared on line….. even though she had nothing herslef she said i was welcome to her sofa for however long i wanted and to birmingham i went. 5 years on and were together along with her autistic son we live a simple quiet life. until today as its started again…..ive tried more than once to do it by the book paying the so called support but they cant and wont stick to it and have given in trying.im really starting to doubt my ability to go through it again after all these years of abuse and poverty. i dont think ive the backbone for it , all that makes me try is for the angel who rescued me . she deserves happiness . thanks for reading my story which of sorts has the potential of a happy ending although after all the years of poverty living ive a pension fund of £0 so no retiring for muggins , keep smiling as always.