Not been paid in over a year and my court case has been dropped for a third time!

June 28, 2017

I have been in touch with the csa yet again as ive had no payments for over a year,my daughter will be 21 this year,so the money im owed is arrears,17 years worth!!any money I have had in the past has been from not paid voluntarily.

my ex keeps job hopping or getting paid casual,just last month the csa were preparing the case for court for a third time to go for a committal.

have just found out today this will not happen because yet again my ex is on the dole it could be months yet if I see a penny.

he currently owes me over 7000 at my wits end.

How can I get CSA to conduct an audit of lying ex’s books?

June 27, 2017

Help. My ex partner was made redundant july 2016 and started his own business and says he only earns $37k a year. This is just not possible given his expenses such as about 1 million in property, car loan ect ect. he could not afford to live on that amount. The csa have taken his word for it twice, and wouldn’t let my childsupport be reduced by the additional $70k he got in a redundancy so he went for that year only paying $220 a month and I now have to pay $640 a month. I only have a house worth $460K and I he also makes me pay for all expenses for the children on top of childsupport. I am at my wits end, he is clearly lying about his income but he is self employed so i can’t prove it. He is propably doing cash jobs as well. I need to know how can i force an audit of his books or something…..

Even with proof of payments, CSA still screwed over my partner!

June 26, 2017

My partner became a self employed taxi driver and started paying his ex cash fourtnightly for his 2 daughters. This was written down in a communication book which was signed by both my partner and his ex. Unbeknown to my partner, his ex had gone to csa saying she wasn’t receiving any money. Csa contacted my partner telling him he had to pay. He explained to them that he was but as his ex told them he wasn’t they took her word. They asked him for his accounts for past year. Again he explained to them that he’d only just started working so he didn’t have a years worth. So csa plucked an amount out of the air and said he had to pay it. He earnt no where near what they said and refused to pay it and asked them to take into account what he had already paid. We asked his ex for copies of the communication book which she sent, conveniently leaving some pages out, but me, not trusting her, took photos of the pages she had numbered. Csa ignored this and said they were taking him to court. The next we knew we had bailifs turn up.

This was 3 years ago. My partner has since had a brain tumor and mental health issues which ment that he was unable to take any further action on this and has been paying the debt company £5 a week ever since.

So even with proof he had paid his ex, he still got screwed over by csa.

CSA failed me and my family in the 90s and I demand answers!

June 23, 2017

I am looking to make some sort of complaint to the CSA for the way they handled my case back in the 90’s. I was born in 1981 so am now an adult but when my father left I was only a child. Following the breakdown of the relationship between my mum and dad, my dad would occasionally give money to my mum to pay for myself and my older brother. Then the CSA got involved although they never actually managed to get my dad to pay anything, apparently they were unable to locate him.

After I had turned 18 my mother did receive some arrears payments of around £20 a month for a short time but this is nothing in comparison to what was owed. I have recently tracked my father down and through a combination of the electoral register and the land registry found that he has been living at the same address since 1991 so I have no idea why the CSA were unable to locate him.

Also the property he is owns is now worth approx. £1 million and it feels so unfair that my mum had to struggle to bring us up with no help from my father whilst he was living a nice comfortable life with his other family. I have tried contacting the CSA but they have stated that my mother as the claimant will need to contact them but it is me that wants to make the complaint. The CSA failed me and my family in the 90’s and I want some answers, why couldn’t they find him when it only took me a matter of months. Any help would be appreciated on where I go from here.

Don’t expect any sense of fairness

June 22, 2017

Don’t expect any sense of fairness whether you are NRP or PWC, I have been both. my case stretched 21 years, and the final outcome after 21 years of inaccurate assessments, case closed, lost files, system harassment, threats of bailiffs, prison, passport withdrawal, etc. is that my ex wife has offered me the opportunity to pay her a lump sum payment of £ 10k – but for me, I don’t receive a single penny for being PWC.

As a result, my son has banned her from seeing my new grandson, he hates her completely, and the 10k, that was for my daughters mortgage deposit so only one winner, except, I feel that I have my dignity, I’ll put this behind me, destroy the boxes of files and stop waiting for brown envelopes, oh, and anyone from Vertex, Serco , the isa call centre, hopes of you getting new employment, very slim

We are the CSA and the claim stops when we say so

June 21, 2017

On the 24/10/2008 I contacted the CSA to tell them I was starting a new job on the 01/11/2008.

I started work for them and they said they couldnt pay me in December 2008.but the owner would be back in January and would put money into the company and i would get my wages and exspenses which where just over £1,oo.

I phoned the CSA and told them they said we dont care pay the money .Jan 9th 2008 company went bust.phoned the csa they said youve still got to pay ! I filled a claim in to get my money back and recieved zero. At the end ofmarch2009 csa sent a statement to say I owed £2,400 . I rang csa and asked why they had continued to asses me when I had told them about the problem . Answer we are the csa and the claim stops when we say so ! I explained again and said I was claiming benifits ! Answer we dont care youll have to pay all of it!For 8 years sending me statements and ringing me up I stopped for 2 years because of this ! I have a letter dated13/12/2016 to say following the revision of the revised assessment on your case we have worked outthat £0.00 a week is payable from the 24/10/2008.

Farthers have committed suicide for less than this!
No compensation nothing!

I hate the CSA so much

June 20, 2017

I have a 4 year old son. From the day I found out my ex partner was pregnant. I was so proud to be his father. I went and purchased boxes and boxes of nappies, I purchased clothes, wipes, milk, and when he was born, he couldn’t of needed nothing else.

Shortly after my son was born, me and my ex partner broke up. However, This did not stop me from providing for my son as I should and this did not stop me from seeing my son on a regular basis and having a close bond with him. I would give her money religiously every month without fail.

I have her pretty much as much as my wallet would allow me to give. But she always wanted more. She always complained that she was unable to pay her bills and the money I was giving her wasn’t enough.

I have her £200-250 a month and I don’t earn much. I earn just over £1,000 a month. I still have to do my food shopping, pay my rent, put fuel in my car and cover all the rest of my bills. But she didn’t care. She wants the shirt off my back and the food out of my mouth.

About a year ago, I found myself temporarily unemployed and I explained to her that I cannot give her no money until I got back into work. She got so angry at the fact I went from not giving her as much as she wanted to not giving her anything, she’s called the CSA and opened up a case against me.

I’m a good father and I have no issue with providing for my child, however I do have an issue with paying a government agency that is going to take a cut out of the money.

I hate the CSA so much and more than anything want to get them off of me.

I have another child now. But they say that they will not take my other child into consideration if I my current partner does not come forward and give evidence. However if she does this, it may interfere with her benefits, and I’m struggling to pay as much as I am for both children at the moment.

I feel the CSA does not play fair. Please somebody help me, how do I get the CSA out of my life for good??

If son takes football scholarship, do I continue paying maintenance?

June 19, 2017

I pay child maintenance direct to my ex wife and was wondering when I should stop paying as I pay direct to her. My child is hoping to be offered a residential football scholarship next year when he will be 16 yrs old. Does this count as further education and mean I should continue with paying or does it mean I should stop. If he is offered this scholarship he’ll stay on site mon to fri and come home at weekends?

My children’s father owes me a lot and CSA won’t do anything

June 16, 2017

I have 2 boys age 16 years’u split form their sperm donor when they were 2 this greedy man had money but for the past 16 years ive had nothing but abusive txt’s when ever i asked him to help with the cost of anything they needed.when the boys were 10 i was asked to change from child support to child tax & when i dud i was refused apparently the sperm donor had a claim in bearing in mind i had not had a penny from him.. i reported him the same day & then i went straight to csa..all he had to pay was £40 a week for 2 feed & clothe 2 boys..i recieved again abusive txts & the threat that he was packing in work which he did after.

18 month.. then i had not another penny i was struggling to raise these boys without a penny from him then a year later out of the blue i recieved a txt from him saying he had a chance of a job and can we come to an arrangement it was just after xmas i was drowing in debt & still am… i said to him give me wot the csa were tking because i was scared incase he said no if i had said i wanted more & £40 A WEEK WAS better than nothing .. i started a 16 hour job so i had both boys dinner money my travel costs to & from work school trips × 2 to haircuts every 6 weeks clothes shoes trainers after 3 year i had to give my job up to be my parents careri’m still recieving £40.a week to feed clothe support 2 boys & in december 2016 maintenance was stopped cos apparently he gave up work.. ive just found out that this vile man was working as a crane operator on the oil rigs and my maintenance should of been £200.a week not £40. I PHONED CSA WHAT A WASTE OF TIME cos theyre not interested i cant stop crying 3 year at 40 quid while he was avin 2& 3 holidays a year he has no mortgage no debt & i cant find anyone that can help me recover what he owes unless hes physically abused me i have no contact with him i feel ill knowing what ive sacrificed for these boys who leave school this friday and i’m proud to be their mother & only provider but this man is’nt getting away wuth whatt he owes…please i just want to know who i should contact ti help recover what he owes… ive been on loads if sites & had no response i’m pulling my hair out through it.

CMS are so slow at pursuing my cases

June 15, 2017

I have 2 cases with csa one for my oldest child- this case is a arrears only case now as she’s over the age of receiving support- that case has been ongoing for 16 years, csa have lost the first 7 years of that case totally. My case has then spent a lot of time stuck- I’m not really sure how that happens. The nrp has changed between jobs and benefits making him more difficult to pin down but the gaps in trying are laughable, he was once assessed to pay default payments of £30 pw it took the csa a year to tell me or the nrp about this assessment! The csa obtained a liability order almost 6 years ago and to this day have done nothing with it. My case with csa ended august 2010 my arrears finally made it to cms February 2017.

My second case is for 3 children and was opened 7 years ago again I’ve not received any payments on this case apart from when the nrp has been in receipt of benefits. one of the times he ended his claim for benefits he was assessed to pay the default amount of £50 pw as he was non complient arrears accumulated over a 9 month period (no enforcement action was taken) he went back onto benefits and had £5 pw deductions for the few months following. Ended his claim for benefits, didn’t respond to phone calls or letters and so the csa concluded he had no income and put a nil award in place from 2013-2015 when that case was closed- I don’t believe they have done any reassessments. I don’t understand how a nil award can be put in place the csa have never managed to speak to him so he’s not provided any proof (I however sent photos of his Facebook business page) and my new cms case has used his 2015 tax return to access he should pay £73 pw. The arrears from the closed csa case have still not been transferred 2 years later. No enforcement action has been taken on this case no liability orders ect. The cms have admitted that between 2015-2017 nothing has been done to collect the arrears of either case.

I’m currently on stage 2 of the complaints process but don’t seem to be getting very far.

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