Parents who work 6 months out of the country avoid payments

August 25, 2008

I have fought for over 7 years now for a regular payment from my daughters father and without any joy I have chosen to give up.  My ex partner is able to claim back all his tax from the United Kingdom as he works on the ships for 6 months of the year but the csa said they cannot touch him as he is outside of their jurisdiction as he is paid from an australian account.  I know a lot of people reading this will be getting an idea and also be congratulating him for this but to be honest I never stopped him visiting, never say a bad word to her about him and I dont depend on the money it was for her to be set into a savings account for her future.

I find the law very complicated and frankly I am exhausted trying to understand the logic behind it.  I had letters telling me I was to get maintenance payments for years and I never received anything so I hope they help other parents who may need this support in the future.

I just wanted to let you know that there is a large loophole there in the system and I feel it is totally unfair that someone can walk away with all that money and not have to pay a penny towards the upbringing of a child.  My ex earns around 70000 a year tax free.  He is able to live 6 months a year in the uk and not pay a penny because the law says so.

I appreciate any commments – good or bad

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