CSA can’t even add up when it’s in front of them

January 31, 2009

This latest story from the CSA is another classic example of incompetance. MrDaz spoke to them about his DEO, where they’ve been deducting money for arrears, and asked them to explain why they were still deducting money from him when their previous statement said it would change in November 2008.

The woman’s reaction is priceless (as you can listen to the phonecall on the website) as she explains how he’d been paying £58.75 in arrears per week for 23 weeks, making a total of £900 paid off. Of course, £58.75 x 23 weeks doesn’t make £900, it’s £1,351.25.

So dispite having the amount paid on the computer in front of her, and the number of weeks it has been paid, the numbers are still made up by them.

They lie, they cheat and they steal. Listen to them admit it here.

Questioning Paternity and requesting DNA

January 29, 2009

Hi,  I am in the process of writing a letter to the CSA with reasons why I am requesting a DNA test.  Now I note that many people have taken years to get these robbing agency to agree to do the test and wondered if anyone could please give me some advice as to hit them.

The child is 5 years old now (I know it has taken a while) and I did request it when she was first born but being so young and naive I was shot down and made to feel ashamed for even asking them as the mother just rejected the possibility.  I now have a family and have tried in vain to see the child and things were fine (as long as it was on her terms and I have to drive 1.5 hours just to pick her up) until last year.  She now keeps rejecting me contact and the last contact I had with the mother all I got was just pay the money and forget about seeing the child.

I now have 2 other children and not only myself but all the children involved need to know if she is mine.  The reasons for me questioning paternity is that when I got with the mother I was told she could not get pregnant (I know I know!!)  After 5/6 months she fell pregnant and 2 weeks after she finished with me.  During the the first 6 months of pregnancy her due date changed, now being so young I believed this could happen.  Having worked on the dates (that she gave me) the child had to have been concived on the 10th Dec 2003 but we were annoucing she was pregnant 6 days later.  Now looking into this I believe after a baby has been concived it takes between 7 and 10 days for the egg to travel down and it is approx 7 days AFTER that that you can get a positive test (that being with todays tests). At the same time I worked with 2 people that had known her for about 4/5 years (one being a very good mate) and both highly suggested I get a test as she wasn’t the most faithful to anyone.  The child doesn’t have anything in common with me (ways / looks etc) and there are other reasons but the main ones are above.

I am not hoping the child isn’t mine but I feel there is a 50/50 chance and feel that all the children involved need to know and ASAP.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


Court case won in Scotland

January 22, 2009

We the Dead Beat Dads won a court case for a member in a Scottish court where they tried to issue a Liability Order on him for the third time. A busy two days where we had a day to go through his case then fight it out in court the following day. The courts had adjourned it twice as our member awaited his DPA Prints which the CSA failed to furnish him with twice.

They tried to just have the Liability Order granted because the Sheriff could not get involved with how the assessment had been calculated and because it stated on the paperwork he owed about £8000 in arrears. We pointed out that the Sheriff cannot grant the Liability Order  because (1) if the Sheriff cannnot question how the asssessment was calculated how can they be satisfied the debt was owing and (2) the CSA had not provided any proof that he was the Liable person. The solicitor acting on behalf of the CSA tried to say that they do not have to provide proof he is the Laible person, so we threw in the innocent until proven guilty under the constitutional rights so that got the Sheriff round to our way of thinking. They then tried to come back at us stating that our member had not brought this up in the past two cases, so we had to provide proof how the CSA operate. i.e prey on peoples ignorance, we also asked if they would like to listen to recordings from different case workers and how they deliberatley ignore letters sent in informing them of change of circumstances as we provided a copy of a letter from our member dated back to 1998 when he told them he was disputing parentage but they chose to ignore that fact.

When the Sherrff was shown all of this the CSA tried coming back by stating that was irrelevant and we should concentrate on the liability order, so we hit back with you cannot just choose certains parts of the law to suit yourselves, the Agency failed at the first step, he requested a DNA test be done, you ignorerd that fact therefore you have no proof he is the father let alone owe any money, you cannot expect a liability order to be granted on the grounds of hearsay therefore section 33 is not admissable at this stage.

The sheriff ordered them to do a DNA test but seeing as his kids are 17 and 18 they will refuse that, which will mean the case will be closed so the sheriff stated if that is the case then the CSA must not bring it back to court.

We still got a smirk from the solicitor as we walked out,

CSA are persecuting me

January 21, 2009

I am a man of limited means but up to recently i had always paid child support
I first started paying child support in 1999 i have also always paid them what they asked me to and had regular statements from them confirming this.

19 months ago i had a letter from them telling me that from 2000 i should have been paying 7 times more money than they actually asked me to pay, i was beeing stretched to the max to pay what they had asked me for the last 7 years not only that but because of them not telling me to increase the payments it now ment that i now owed over £20,000.00 from the past.

On opening the letter and reading this i phoned them up only to be told that if it was not paid in 7 days they will start taking legal action
3 weeks after recieving the letter another came through the post telling me to pay per week what i had been paying and i still have the letters to prove this so i just assumed there must be some kind of mistake on their part.

3 months on a summons arrives on my doorstep for the sum of £12,000.00 i could not believe it how the hell they thought i could lay my hands on £12k just like that i dont know they obvisly dont live the life that mine and many others live

So 6 weeks later off to court i go and the csa got a liability order on my home, i went to court armed with paperwork to dispute thier case only to be told i am not allowed to show my eveidence.

So from then we have had 2 visists from the bayliffs hammering 7 shades of shit out my front door and on one occassion blocking my exit on the way to work early on morning.

The csa have nowplaced a restriction on my home which has really stuffed up my credit rating which is really causing major problems which effect the way i have to pay supplier connected with my job.

Still not being able to pay for a solicitor i have tried to get advice from a few legal associations but everytime i been to court i have still not been able to show my evidence so i write to the csa appeals panel i get 2 replys wrote on the same day by the same person one telling me that my appeal can not be accepted and the other telling me my appeal will be read and completed in under 10 weeks.

Before getting a reply from the appeals committe i recieve a summonds to go to court very soon now but this time they want to send me to prison and get my driving licence taken off me for 2 years which driving is one of the main points off my job as well as having a disable wife who needs transporting to the drs and hospital frequently, then 2 days after that i get my reply from the appeals comitte telling me that i have lost my appeal.

In totall disbelive i sit down in floods of tears reading the case notes they returned to me as to how they reached thier decission in the middle of this mass of paperwork i find another persons case file, in shock i read on only to find that the other man (who’s name, addresss, nat ins number, his daughters mothers details and his financial arrangements,

I sit there with my mouth open to the floor instead of being upset i’m now fumeing mad only to read on to see that they have used some of his financial arrangements for his daughter have been included in my case file for my 2 sons.

The thoughts off piss ups and brewerys springs to mind but this just goes to show the absolute in compedence of the csa. So that means that they are trying to get me sent to prison with some infomation from someone elses case file what the hell am i going to do i’ve been to the citizens advice only to be told that i need a solicitor that specialises in csa law.

I would very much like others to post comments on this and if any body has any advice they can offer would be greatfully recieved, after my court case and if i’m not sent to jail i will put my e-mail address and name on here and if anybody out there is in the same situation i will gladly help anybody with what i have leant through this the worst time of my life

CSA are persecuting me

January 1, 2009

Some advice  if your wife wants you out of her life then she has the backing of the Government laws and all to make sure she has the rights to do this regardless of the rights you or children might have.

The Government created the CSA to ensure that women who exercise these rights do not cost the government anything , No the person that is going to pay the cost of those rights is you MAN.

So Equal rights means if a woman wants to she can use the system very well , must be why divorce rates have soared from just 3000 a year in 1973 to 150.000 a year in 2008.

So how much longer will this go on until Good men and Good Women will see this as a leading political Agenda item  and we have some legislation that stops this breakdown of marriage and the family and we have a true family friendly politician , one that will actually stop legislation that supports the persecution of fathers and ruins the life of children.

Someone tell me how we start a new political Party and I’m up for it .

I’ve been persecuted by the CSA for 17 years I’m 50 years of age and the CSA are still stealing money from me and my children will never see a Penny of it – Now that’s what they call Child Support !!