CSA made 17 errors handling my case

April 30, 2010

I found you by typing ‘CSA Complaints’ into google, glad I did as I sometimes think its just me suffering at CSA stealth methods of extracting as much money from me as possible. After 12 years the darling CSA has been attacking my salary with avengance and a DEO all because my ex wife says she did not receive money from me for 2 years dating back 12 years.

I have battled against them using my MP, Solicitor and finaly the Independant Case Examiner who in May reported 17 errors in the CSA’s handling of my case. they had until the 15th July to respond, guess what, they did not.

D Day is Thursday this week when the ICE say they must now tell me what they will do.

What a bunch of lying cheating bastards they are, I wish you luck.

John Birch, Wallasey, Wirral

CSA makes a mistake and I have to pay them back

April 30, 2010

For years the CSA have been chasing my ex. Finally after 7 yrs he has paid back all that is owed.

Problem now is that CSA informed me that he NOW refused to fill in updated maintence detaills so they told me if he didnt do it they would make the assesment on his behalf. They informed me weeks later that from april this year he had been delclaring himself unemployed but they have dicovered he was in fact in full time employment, so i was backdated 800 pounds from april. I phoned them as i always do and asked if this was correct and that the 800 pounds was mine, they said it was.

Apparently he kicked up a fuss at the csa office about his new maintence Read more

Child Extortion Agency sending me to prison

April 29, 2010

I have just recieved my court date where I will in all probability be sent to prison for 42 days. I was with an ex partner who had 2 children by me (never proven by DNA) but we split up.

I was paying CSA money but when I was told by her friend that the children may not be mine after all due to the fact she had been seeing her brother for years while she was with me! So I stopped paying, when she stopped me seeing the kids shortly after.

I have been to court twice and told I still have to pay and that its up to me to sort out a DNA test. But they refused to tell me where she lives so I couldnt sort one out without costing thousands in court which Read more

I want DNA proof before I pay CSA

April 29, 2010

I met a woman in 1999, she had a child on 13/02/2000. she told me the child was mine, which I accepted. A few month down the line, she told me that the day we first slept together, she slept with someone else the day before, and the child in question my not be mine. We seperated a few months later, she contacted the CSA, and the CSA contacted me, and said I have to pay the childs mother £5 per week, I told this to the csa that befor I pay the £5 per week, I want a DNA test, to prove Read more

Can I pay the CSA by cheque?

April 28, 2010

I have always paid any child maintenece due in a timely fashion (usually a week or so in advance) vie cheque.

Back in November of last year I was told that the CSA no longer support cheque as a payment method and that I had to set up a direct debit or pay by way of a deduction from earnings order.

I told the member of staff that I had left my wallet in the car and didnt have my bank details on my. I asked if they could call me later that evening.

I then called the CSA and without giving my details asked if i was able to pay by cheque to which I received a resounding yes! I infrmed them of the conversation I had just had with a member of staff (and provided the name) only to be told that Read more

Please help me with the CSA

April 28, 2010

Its a sad but true story, in 1999 i was found to be dad, through court, 8weeks later lost my job, £53.65 a week, letters didn’t reply made a mistake took a job after 9months then the letters started to drop.

In 2004 said i owed £1,200 started paying £28 + £4 arrears. In 2006 stopped paying c.s.a would’t tell me if child in full-time education. In 2008 got letter, with two children on, one mine other ex had with someone else!

DEO was going to be in place, £336.55. Then 7days later £336.55 outof my wages. Wrote an phoned, no joy, then got a case worker to look at it, he backed it an inceased it. Cut a long story short, appeal to central appeal unit, it was found casework should not have increased it, the Q.C was no longer Q.C, child benfit stopped when child was 18 which was 11months Read more

I need help dealing with the CSA

April 28, 2010

My ex wife contacted the CSA on 15th October and started a claim against me at a time when I was on long term sick leave from work. I returned to work on 27th October 2009 having been off work for 15 months. The CSA rang me on 7th November and I explained I was, as yet, in receipt of NO income and they told me this would be a NIL claim. I did not receive any further contact from the CSA until 23rd march 2010 when they rang my mobile number. I was staying with my parents at the time on Wirral (I live in Lincolnshire) as I had received special leave to help my mother recover from a hospital appointment. They rang my mobile but the signal is always weak at my parents address. I stated I was moving to another part of the house or garden to get a better signal. In moving the line went dead. There was no number to return and no-one even bothered to to recall me. I had hoped there would be a message on my answerphone when I returned home but again nothing. There was no letter at all.

On returning last Friday from being away on a work course in Harrogate I collected two letters from the CSA. The first stating I had to pay £46 per week. the second letter stated how this money would be collected and that they stated “we’ve agreed that this money will be collected from your salary.” I have NOT agreed anything. they then state I will have a total of over £1288 collected from my salary over Read more

CSA tell me they can take what they want

April 27, 2010

In July 2007 i recived a a letter out the blue from the CSA informing me that i had a child and was required to pay for this child.

Shocked, im married with 2 step children and 1 new born child, i rang to ask where this child had come from. I was told that i had to take a DNA test or just pay up! so 1 DNA test later, seems this child is mine from a woman i dated for a few weeks who was unable to have children! I found myself at the mercy of this CSA who i’d only ever read about in the papers.

1st i received copys of payslips from my previous job at royal mail. Then i had a phone call telling me they would take £27 aweek from my wages. I then got a DEO through the post and they started taking £70-80 a week from my wages. when i rang they said i hads arrears and they could take what they wanted and hung up on me.

Ive never had anything Read more

CSA mistakes putting my children on the street

April 27, 2010

In September 2008 i started a new job supplied all my details to CSA without fuss or fight. in November 2008 i received a letter saying that i did not have to pay CSA as my ex was not resident in the uk and not working for a bristh company, then in may 2009 i was contacted by CSA to say i was over £1000 in arreas. no appology nothing. i had no debt with anyone till CSA reared the ugly head. Then i incurred more debt as they never sorted it out then either. So despite having all the details they need the CSA are running me into debt but have yet nearly a year later have not taken any money off me.

Cheers for actually putting me in debt CSA and thanks for trying to intimerdating me by telling me how quick you can recover it. Also thanks for putting the children first. You say you’re concerened about the children’s welfare, your seeking payments for one child but dont give a toss about the 3 you’re not far off leaving on the street

CSA increased payments and did not tell me

April 26, 2010

I have 2 children aged 2 & 3 with my ex partner we have not been in a relationship since my 3 year old was 6 months old.

To cut a long story short it was not a pleasent relationship she was not a very nice lady she is 10 years my senior with 3 older children. since my youngest son was 3 months old I have been allowed any contact. I always paid maintenance direct to her sometimes £300 or £400 a month.

Since the breakdown & her non acceptance of the relationship being over she contacted CSA, which I have been paying £225 per month for both children which I have no contact with at all. Since then I have gone on to have a daughter with whom I live with and her mother. So I contacted CSA to inform them I have a daughter living with me. They lowered my payments to £214 per month.

Then this week I have a letter from CSA saying from june my payments will be Read more

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