CSA letter shows up out the blue despite private arrangement

May 29, 2019

I have just received out of the blue a letter from the new CSA say that I owe £6668 . I can’t believe this as my son is 26 now I have a good relationship with him now . My ex is a really nasty person and years ago we agreed I pay her with cash o cheque for his maintance but I can’t prove this to the CSA as it’s her word against mine can the CSA go back well over 15 years for this payment I don’t owe think I’m in for a long legal battle..

I’m being victimised by others for being a biological father

May 17, 2019

I find it very interesting that I have done a DNA for a disputed paternity case and I have paid the CSA and yet I have become a victim of very serious hate crime for being a biological father and had so much shit thrown in my face by other people who have nothing to do with me or the DNA and yet they have literally invited the world to kill me for being a biological father and now I’m homeless because of other people interfering with my life when it’s not their business to interfere with my private life at all. This includes the local authorities in Cheltenham, the DWP and other people who have caused ASB towards me and yet nobody has ever been evicted from their homes. So much for doing a DNA for a disputed paternity case and now I’ve done the DNA and paid the CSA, I’m being victimised by everyone who thinks I have to talk to them to make them happy again when they are too busy stirring up the hornet’s nest. How interesting is it to be a victim of hate crimes for being a biological father.

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