It takes too long for CSA to pass money from ex to me

September 29, 2017

They get my x husband money for me out of his wages on the 26 of the mouth and it takes me to get it till the fourth of the next month to get it in my bank my bank takes 3 days to clean I can not make out why it is taking so long and then when I phone them about it they always tell me something different every time I am so sick of it.

CSA take payments from ex but don’t pass them to me

September 27, 2017

I began the complaints procedure with the CSA approximately 1 month ago, as payments were being made through my ex’s Employer to the CSA, yet these payments were not being passed on to me. At that time 8 weeks of payments had not been paid in….

Consequently I am £43 down on my money per week. This is a large chunk of cash to try and all of a sudden budget around.

I have had to borrow money from Family members and Friends. Of course this needed to be repaid asap. So that made myself and my Son even more short of money.

It then got to the stage where I could not afford to get to work. I was supposed to start a new job 2 weeks ago yet due to this situation did not have the Bus Fare to go. I lost the job.

We are now living by selling my belongings in order to eat. Including my Cooker and other household items. I have not eaten for 4 days. At all. The very little money we have is going on Electric and Food for my Son. I cannot borrow any more money from anyone and cannot find another job due to not being able to afford to travel. (I live in a remote Village in and do not drive)

I have contacted the CSA almost daily. I have been told a whole manner of things ranging from “You should see these payments as a bonus,” “We can’t find the payments,” “It’s the fault of your ex’s Employer…..” etc etc.

Today (26th September) a lady called Lyndsy has phoned with an update.

Apparently by Friday my payments should be on their system. Not paid to me of course, but ‘on their system…’

I am told this weekly. It doesn’t materialise.

I asked to take the matter further and was met with a brick wall. She said I could “contact the Ombudsman or MP if I want” Which I have now done.

I am at a loss. Both financially, career wise and to be quite honest, it’s putting a strain on me, my family and my friends.

CMS say I owe and have no proof of this

September 22, 2017

I too have been sent a bill for £4k. This is due to the parent being on benefits and the secretary of state was paying her the csa money.

I have had to dig into it where they have got this from. The CMS just told me tough you owe £4k and that’s it.They have sent me no proof or anything.

I have rung the CSA and every body I could think of. The CSA told me they know nothing of this as their records closed in 2008 and they have nothing from before that anymore. I have now been told they think it is somewhere between 1995 and 2000.

They still cannot offer any evidence why they paid, I don’t even understand why they paid as I was paying the mother direct every week.

They have asked for letters and Bank statements for proof.

How many people keep letters from 1995- 2000.

The csa case has been closed since 2014 and yet now they decide to send me a bill for £4K without proof.

Makes you proud to be British when your own Government screw you over.

What can I do now my ex won’t help pay for our daughter?

September 21, 2017

Me and my husband are now divorced and he is not giving me any money to help with my daughter up bring I pay for all her clothes ,food ,collage things and run round after her with no help from my ex husband picks up a least 800 a month and is not giving my daughter anything is there any way of getting him to pay her she is 17 but will be 18 in November but is in full time education

What should I do after one night stand says I’m the father?

September 20, 2017

I aim to keep this short as I’m so fed up of talking about it.

I had a drunken one night stand, woke up naked in a randoms bed. Later thought about the situation and realised I had been stupid I instantly found her on facebook and told her that I couldn’t remember using protection and offered to pick her up to take the morning after pill and she said no it’s fine I’ll sort it… 12 weeks later (now in a relationship with someone I can see my self being with for a long time) I find out off a mate she’s pregnant and talk to her saying wtf why haven’t you even messaged me, her reply was something along the lines of I didn’t even consider you as a contender.. keeping my cool I get her number and call her finding out she had 2 other one night stands that same weekend (making me feel even more disgusting seeing as it was the first time for me to have one) and they have both been pestering her to abort it, me trying to be mature over the mater was like ok next steps.. she said she wasn’t happy with us taking a DNA test untill it was born, I recently find out I’m the fartger.

No I’m not happy about the situation and am going to pay support but my real problem is I don’t want anything to do with this kid and she hasn’t stopped harrasing me and messaging my friends and family. Most of my family are in my side but she’s been pulling my mum’s strings all she can think about is this kid growing up without a dad but this girl has a new boyfriend now how would it be fair on the kid for me to go in and out of its life all the time I don’t want that I don’t have time and it’s not fair on the kid! I feel that it’s better for him not knowing me rather than knowing me as the dad who never wanted him.. it’s ruining my relationship with my girlfriend and it’s tearing me apart it’s so hard!

Yes I take full responsibility for not wearing protection but in my case it looks like she was out to get pregnant from the start, I feel robbed of my sperm. Money can always be made and yeah I’ll be broke for 18 years but why should I have to have anything to do with something IV been trapped into.. ahhhh see it just goes on and I want it to go away, any advise appreciated

CSA are plucking silly numbers out of nowhere that I can’t afford to pay

September 18, 2017

Me and my boy’s mum had a bad patch at Christmas 2016 she stopped him seeing me the only thing i felt i could do to get my boy back was to stop paying her and it worked she let me carry on seeing him but after that she got csa involved and waned back payments that was fair i thought i have always payed my way with him i but csa pulled a silly number out of a hat that i was to pay back i wrote them a letter saying i could not afford it will all the arrears on top i also told them my income and out goings showing i could only afford to pay £10 of arrears on top of what my standard payment should be and waiting for them to get back to me i carried on paying her the standard amount finally they do come back to me with an even bigger number i dont know what to do now.

I have been victimised by everyone!

September 14, 2017

For the last SEVEN YEAR’S I have been deliberately VICTIMIZED AGAINST BY THE UK GOVERNMENT which includes the DWP and Job Centres throughout the UK so I cannot gain employment anywhere within the UK. I have lost over three quarters of my home, I have also lost over SIX YEARS of potential earnings along with my home, I have also lost my remaining cat which had to be put to sleep because someone threw a rock through my front room window shortly after my sister passed away in 2011, I have suffered physically, mentally and severely financially because of my Nephew’s threats to kill me after appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show in 2010, I have suffered from a heart attack in Cleveleys last year due to excessive amounts of stress caused by his allegations that I sent him 35 letters which I knew nothing about, I have had to sleep rough under a disused railway bridge in Cheltenham for a few months, I have also lost over £1500 in forklift training courses which includes refresher courses and losing over £145,600 in potential earnings along with my personal belongings which includes new items in my home too.

I have therefore lost literary everything because of Ronnie Brimfield who has four kids of his own, he hasn’t done a DNA, he hasn’t paid the CSA but made threats to kill me and invited others to kill me too. I was lied to by Wendy O’Neill who lives in Churchdown, Gloucestershire where she was having an affair behind her partners back, and got pregnant by me because she lied to me, lied to her partner and I have suffered from severe depression and I have lost literary everything because of her LIES. I have every right to refuse to talk to BASTARDS who’s destroyed my life along with my home as well as making me homeless TWICE and causing me severe stress where I am the VICTIM OF HATE CRIMES because of them bastards in Cheltenham, Churchdown, Ashchurch, known as Kevin Tovey, Christine Gore, Geoff Gore, Richard Gore, Stephanie Lorna Oneill who is an ENTRAPMENT CASE KID by her Mother’s lies, Don Oneill, Ronnie Brimfield, Anna Brimfield, Shane Brimfield and I am being victimized by corrupt bastards in authorities who are deliberately interfering with my emails so that I am unable to gain employment anywhere and losing me over SIX YEARS of potential earnings because I refuse to talk to BASTARDS which is my legal right to refuse to talk to them.

Therefore, I have suffered many years of potential loss of earnings because I am entitled to refuse to talk to BASTARDS who’s destroyed my life along with my home too. If you know anyone in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Churchdown, Ashchurch, Tewkesbury and know these BASTARDS who’s destroyed my life, tell each one of them to drop dead and stop ruining my life because I am entitled to earn a decent salary without being VICTIMIZED AGAINST BY CORRUPT BASTARDS IN the UK government including the DWP and Job Centres throughout the UK because of these BASTARDS who’s ruined my life..

CSA questions as income increases and we buy property

September 12, 2017


My husband has an open case with the CSA from his ex, who has spent the last 7 years hiding his son from us and using every single tactic she can think of. We managed to take her to court and get orders for contact but she just waits and few months and moves house without telling us. Every time we report her, she lies about why she moved. Its a nightmare. She has moved and hidden him (she’s single and in casual relationships so she just ups sticks and moves randomly) 4 times now. Sometimes we spend months tracing her. We traced her recently having lost her again – we started action and we were finally getting somewhere when she made false allegations that we had attempted to drown our son. All this time, she happily takes hundreds of pounds a month and gloats that she spends it on nights out and at one point, she was dating some bloke and she kept laughing at us and saying they were using the money to get married and go on holiday.

So, we have some worries. We work extremely hard and I have spent the last 7 years studying to be a doctor, my husband started a company and it has been going for 4 years this year. The problem is, the more we earn, the more she wants. Even when we pay every month, she asks for recalculations and more and more money.

My husband is due a payrise and we daren’t give him one because they’ll take a load more money. We are preparing to buy a house and we are now bricking it incase she can try to take it or want half of it because his son is still under 18 year old.

In hindsight, do you think that we should hold off buying a house until he is 18 years old? Similarly, should we keep my husband’s salary lower until he is 18 too? Or is there a way around this? What if i just buy the house in my name? What if we move abroad and buy in Aus or Canada?

We wouldnt mind paying CSA but she wont let us see him and whenever we have found him, he looks terrible and she looks a million dollars with a brand new car. She is very clearly spending our money on herself whilst he is in tesco trackies and £5 trainers. We ask the CSA for proof that she spends it on our son and they say we are not entitled to that. We made a complaint to social services after she made the false allegations against us and explained that this whole thing is tactics and we are worried that our money isnt looking after him and he has virtually nothing but they refused to look into it. They also refused to take any action against her even when our son and her admitted that we never tried to drown him and she made it up.

We just feel stuck. We are young with two children ourselves. Our kids are 7 and 9 years old. Weve been married 8 years. I earn around £70k and my husband earns around £25k. I’m also worried that she will be able to get hold of my earnings under the new proposed law on partners wages for CSA. We dont have any CSA arrears.

Does anyone have any advice for us at all?

(slightly off topic, but are there any decent orgs or activist groups that look at how we can reform the CSA to stop the bullying? My dad was taken to the cleaners and lost his house over the CSA because my mum lied to them – i had evidence she had lied because i was 14 but they wouldnt listen to me because i was a child. My Dad’s best friend had his savings account cleared of £21k one day when i was about 16 (2006) – the CSA terrifies me. I am also entitled to CSA from an ex but i dont claim it because i dont want it. What can we do to reform?)

CMS are using me as a bank and have put me and my kids in financial hardship

September 11, 2017

Hello please help

I’m at my wits end with Cms

17 months doe

From 84 per month in 2014

I fell into arrears started paying the end Nov 2014 the amount was never 84 or 33 per week which I had in writing from the cms

2015 the payments where never enough kept increasing

2015 I had a verbal agreelection to pay 10% of my income in child payments this was accepted I paid both rejected the payment said I was a default payer and 378 in a doe was taken from my wages Unreasonable contacted Cms they said it was would reduce to 250 this was a lie Jan 2016 378 was taken again Letter from local mp stating that payments are putting me in hardship By losing 400 I had to goto a food Bank Cms not concerned I paid the doe it went to 250 then 228 I went to tribunal that took 5 attempts The judge said he could do nothing about the doe but if the Cms had agreed that 33 per week should be paid It took three months for Cms to reject the judges de cecion And Cms increased payment 295 I phoned m wrote to them pleaded to reduce the payments and to come off the doe Grejected refused and had to carry on the doe I paid the statory amount 295 I asked for an audit about how much I owed and how much arrears The audit tool 6 months and was in correct missing payments They said I had to provide proof that I’d paid ?

Bit silly since it was a doe from income

2017 I asked to come off the doe

That said not in my children’s best interests to stop method of payment Then finally they agreed to standing order said if paI’d 6 payments of 230 all arrears and debt ? Would be frozen another lie i paid 4 payments of 230 a letter stating 230 for 30x more payments I stopped paying because I felt that Cms had been dishonest A lenter August 2017 said 87 per week till next year 50% of my income I’ve been off on sick leave for 6 weeks and another till 15 next month If a famiky based arrangement is what the government is looking for then how and why can I be criminalised by Cms Makes no sense I work offered to pay towards my children’s needs and I own my own home and regular contact Cms see me as a bank a means to make profit Has nothing to do with children needs Putting me in hardship is also putting my kids in hardship The audit said I earned 15500 I did in 2014 2015 and most of 2016 they said reduce my income by 2500 I did but the doe was 295 so I reduced my income but the audit did not show it I asked for working tax ,13,100 Was too much So how can 430 be fair reasonable The pressure of my vindictive ex using Cms as another weapon to deny the kids contact Stress over money I earn a crap wage with no help or support Two years of contacts costs where rejected because I said it never existed it did not reduce my bill But the added up that to my arrears Now 4000 in arrears even though I had been paying 10 standing orders to a fba 17 does 4 standing orders Ice nowhere courts nowhere Cms nowhere Threats and threatening letters plenty I will lose my home because it’s priced me out of employment Now another does 320 till next year I feel like giving up It’s abuse abusive practice fraud dishonest lack common sense integrity And Cms are in contradiction to its own mission statements Help I’m drowning in brown letters stupid phone calls Stupid people This whole action is repudiation.

CSA destroyed my family and left me unable to help my daughter

September 7, 2017

If ever CSA destroyed a family it was my two children and I. All they cared about was the money not the welfare of my children which were kidnapped by their mother Without a trace. I went to the child support office to get help and guidance. There answer was: Sorry, we cannot help you because if we give you the address and something happens we are responsible. You will have to find them then we can do something. This was in 1996 when household computers were not affordable. I hired a private detective to find her which took months. Finally, I found where they were so I go to the child support office worker and give her the info and their words were: “We cannot do anything because they have been living in that state for 6 months so legally they are residents of the state and we cannot make her and the children return.

I would have to go the the west coast from here the east coast hire a lawyer get a place to stay and take her to court to return the children. The ramifications of me doing that would have been losing everything. So what was I bringing them back to homelessness and jobless which the courts would have never given them to me. The CSA and the NJ Family Courts did nothing to help.This was 21 years ago and recently I found out that my daughter had been molested by her older step brother for years and the mother and family knew this and did nothing to seprerate her or lock him up. He is still there. Upon my finding out and her being of age I went to California and today she has been living with me for a month now.

I don’t know what to do next other than keep my daughter with me.I don’t trust the system and the crime they help perpetrate.

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